Erasure: The 1394 Story of Eleanor Rykener! (3.2.2023)

On the Original Video (Linked to this Description) the Above Segment appears at the 22 minute – 23:10 Minute Mark!

Eleanor Rykener was born ‘John Rykener’. We know this because of surviving Court records in London. Eleanor Rykener appears to have been interrogated over a number of weeks between December 1394 and what we now term ‘January 1395’. However, at this time the Julian Calendar was still in use in Great Britain and New Year’s Day would not have been until March 25th – and so in reality – and acting in accordance with the norms of the time, we can say that Eleanor Rykener was arrested and interrogated between December and January – ‘1334’ (Old Style) – with the ‘New Style’ Gregorian Calendar not coming into usage in Great Britain until January 1st (the ‘new’ New Year’s Day), 1752 (with ‘eleven’ days ‘removed’ to balance up the seasons during September, 1752).

There was no ‘Referendum’ – no democratic ‘Vote’ to decide this change – it was the effect of the middle and upper classes wanting the seasons more properly ‘set’ – so that they knew when to fox-hunt and play cricket! When the toiling masses of Great Britain took to the streets in violent protest to this unwanted change to their daily lives – the British Parliament simply deployed the ruthless British Army to crush the discontent – and life carried-on as normal. Not only this, but this undemocratic change was applied across what was then the huge British Empire! Interestingly, when Socialist countries such as China (1911) and the USSR (1918) – adopted the Gregorian Calendar as a ‘secular’ device to encourage ‘Internationalist’ communication, exchange and trade – the capitalist West (led by the US) declared this change to be an act of ‘despotism’!

As Eleanor Rykener survived the Black Death – she (despite being born a ‘man’) was apprenticed to a woman ‘Master’ to learn the art of embroidery. Indeed, the surname of ‘Rykener’ may well derive from the German ‘Ryker’ or ‘Riker’ – translating as a person who has become ‘rich’ and therefore ‘powerful’ (exactly how sections of the peasantry became successful merchants and developed into the political class of the ‘Bourgeoisie’). Due to this association, a person named ‘Ryker’ in the Netherlands could translate as someone being a ‘Richard’ (or a possessor of wealth) in English. One more association should be considered. a ‘Rykener’, however, could imply a ‘servant’ of someone who possess immense wealth. In other words, the surname ‘Rykener’ appears to be a ‘verb’ (or ‘doing’ word) in English – and could well suggest an individual who was good at ‘serving’ the rich.

As the Bourgeoisie is currently pushing the LGBTQN+ agenda – a great deal of information can be found online about Eleanor Rykener. This Bourgeois support, of course, is only for the LGBTQN+ community that openly supports the Bourgeois capitalist agenda – and does not extend to any pink elements that dare to support Socialism or openly oppose capitalism. As the political far-right is merely an extension of the mainstream Bourgeoisie, this situation leads to the bizarre situation of the pink community aligning themselves with the disinforming rhetoric of the far-right, and, for instance, habitually supporting the Neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine, or parroting the anti-China and anti-North Korea racism that emanates from the Bourgeois Establishment.

The purpose of Socialist (Communist) dialectics, however, is to seek-out historical evidence and generate a ‘Scientific’ analysis of the situation – whilst firmly rejecting the exploiting and oppressive ideology of the Bourgeoisie! The Bourgeoise Establishment has not always supported the pink community, but has actively striven to ‘remove’ all evidence of pink behaviour from the history books, whilst portraying pink behaviour as being only a modern invention and the perverted outpourings of sick minds! This is the Bourgeois practice known as ‘Erasure’ – designed to brainwash school children into thinking a vital element of the human sexual past did not exist! The case of Eleanor Rykener – who was caught having sex ‘in the wrong place’ in London – with the Churchman named ‘John Britby’ – is proof amongst many others that gayness and transgenderism has existed for hundreds and thousands of years and that Marxist-Leninists should get used to this fact and jettison any conservative notions toward morality they may (or may not) be harbouring.