Invalidation of the Worker – Part II (4.12.2017)


My original article entitled The Invalidation of the Worker – A Study of Disability in Capitalist Society was published in October, 2013. It is logical to assume that as ‘Austerity’ has continued unabated, thousands of disabled who were alive to read it then, are nolonger with us now. The proliferation of articles that over-simplify and misrepresent ‘disability’ are common place within bourgeois society. Most miss the vital point of economic exclusion, and focus instead upon misguided notions of bourgeois individuality – making such puerile statements as ‘if only disabled people were viewed as individuals and not their disabilities’, or ‘disabled people should not be viewed as dysfunctional able-bodied’, and so on and so forth. It is not that there is no truth to statements such as these, but that this kind of narrative is entirely bourgeois in nature, and as such, does not address the central reality of economic exclusion. Why should a person with a disability be categorised as ‘disabled’, when ‘able-bodied’ people are only referred to in that manner, within a temporary discourse which distinguishes the non-disabled from the disabled (privileging the former and disempowering the latter). In reality this situation is a matter of Marxist-Leninist critique, and involves the exclusion of the disabled community not only from bourgeois society, but also from proletariat society. This discrimination manifests as economic and cultural impoverishment due to a permanent exclusion from the work-force. This has to be remedied as part of an ongoing Revolutionary struggle that rejects Trotskyism and fascism, and aims at the accomplishment of the ‘right to work’ in a suitable toiling environment. This means that the ‘right to work’ should be divorced from the immediate principle of blatant profit generation, and be redefined as an agency of psychological and physical self-development which is also a ‘Human Right’. All discrimination currently deployed by an indifferent bourgeois society should be immediately outlawed, and ‘new’ social, economic, political and cultural structures designed and put in place. Traditional unions should implement anti-discriminatory policies to tackle negative attitudes toward the disabled workers, held within the minds of their able-bodied membership. Finally, tha small number of disabled people who do work must be understood to be ‘privileged’ and something of a bourgeois ‘fetish’ that has no bearing on the experience of the majority of disabled people.

Any assessment of disability is incomplete, if it does not acknowledgement the total and permanent exclusion of people with disabilities from the job market, and therefore from the equal and fair ‘right’ to gain ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’ through participation in the process of earning a living and financially caring for themselves and a family, etc. The situation surrounding disability is made so opaque within the economies of the developed West, that whatever enquiry is made into the matter, it is invariably made by the able-bodied, and riddled with the very discriminative thinking that causes the problem in the first place. Many able-bodied people are so illiterate when it comes to discussing disability that they are not even aware that a problem exists, or hold prejudicial viewpoints to explain why disabled people are lacking in their particular work environments. This type of discrimination cuts through all classes and ethnic groupings, and possesses the potential to ‘unite’ disabled people of both genders, from incredibly varied backgrounds, but the problem exists of disabled people being condemned to a state of isolated individualism, where society forces them to sit outside of mainstream life, viewing themselves as somehow deficient and unworthy of inclusion. Another issue is that the term ‘disability’ includes a vast array of psychological and physical problems, that can stem from severe cognitive and behavioural issues, to an individual having poor eye-sight, or deafness in one ear, for example.

Unionization is lacking amongst disabled people in general (due to the hyper-individualism they are forced to endure), and because amongst certain strands of the disabled intelligentsia (evident online) there exists those who reject any notion of leftwing politics, and espouse a rightwing political rhetoric. This rhetoric, aligning itself with the far-right, explains the tens of thousands of disability deaths relating to the Tory (and LibDems) ‘Austerity’ measures since 2010, as arising from the presence of ‘migrants’ in the UK. This distorted and fascistic thinking imagines that benefits and medical services have been withdrawn from the disability community and re-diverted to migrant communities, and suggests that disabled people should ‘unite’ with the far-right and participate in attacks upon these migrant communities. The fact that the political far-right routinely targets the disabled community appears to be lost on these kind of mistaken individuals. Since I wrote ‘Invalidation of the Workers’ in 2013, the UK has been found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (2016) by the United Nations for the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people (due to the sudden withdrawal of benefits, social services and medical treatment). The UN Report noted that the behaviour of the British press was reminiscent to that of the Hitlerite media operating in 1930’s Berlin, for its vicious rhetorical attack upon the disabled community, and for its unquestioning support of destructive Tory and LibDems policy. In a recent report, Oxford University has linked ‘Austerity’ to the deaths of 30,000 people in the UK, whilst an article in the rightwing Metro newspaper suggests the real figure is nearer 200,000.

Disabled people are in reality a ‘collective’ that has been disempowered and disenfranchised for centuries. Although they are made to exist excluded from the work-force and in a fabricated state of psychological and physical isolation, they cannot be ‘forced’ into a work-place that does not exist to accept them, as the work-place of the able-bodied is default set to treat the disabled worker as a liability to the firm, and a potential loss in earning power and profitability. It is this type of fascistic thinking that interprets a disabled human-being inhabiting a wheel-chair as being a ‘fire hazard’ and an ‘offense’ under Health and Safety legislation. This is in the same category of institutional discrimination that includes anti-discrimination legislation that is ‘voluntary’ to uphold. People with disabilities require ‘civil rights’ legislation – the kind promised by Tony Blair in 1997 prior to his reneging – and instead beginning the modern era of political attacks upon the disability community. It is only through a substantial change in the law that the permanent barriers to people with disabilities entering the work-force will be removed. Simply stopping benefits does not solve the problem, but it does lead to immense levels of poverty, starvation and suicide.

Shigenobu Fusako [重信房子] (b. 1945) – Japanese Communist Revolutionary


Original Chinese Language Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: Shigenobu Fusako is an extraordinary woman and a credit to Japan and the Japanese people.  Japan should throw-off the shackles of US neo-imperialism, and join China on a Socialist path. Shigenobu Fusako’s daughter is called ‘Mei Shigenobu’, and her father is believed to have been a Palestinian.  Although broughtup in Palestine – and involved in Revolutionary activity – no criminal charges have been brought against Mei Shigenobu – who can speak both Japanese and Arabic fluently. She spends much of her time travelling and lecturing about the appalling conditions that the Palestinian people are forced to endure at the hands of the Zionist Israeli Authorities. Due to her support for the Palestinians, the Israeli Embassies (and Zionist supporters) around the world, routinely complain and hinder Mei Shigenobu everywhere that she goes – but like her extraordinary mother – she does not let this bullying prevent her from her Revolutionary path.  ACW 8.1.2016

Shigenobu Fusako (commonly known in the West as ‘Fusako Shigenobu’) is a Communist Revolutionary currently in prison in Japan), who founded the Japanese Red Army (in Lebanon in 1971) as a means to pursue an armed uprising in the Middle East (on behalf of the Palestinians against the Zionist Israelis), in Japan (as a means to over-throw the monarchy, capitalism and US neo-imperialism), and the world (as a means to liberate the international working class from the oppressive shackles of international capitalism). This Revolutionary Movement (which was separate and distinct from the Japanese Communist Party) was particularly active during the 1970’s, becoming well-known around the world.


Shigenobu Fusako first started taking part in peaceful protest marches motivated by nationalist tendencies, but her father explained that nationalism had nearly destroyed Japan during WWII, and was too limited to save Japan as an isolated entity.  Instead, he advised his daughter that she should abandon nationalism and instead embrace the ‘internationalism’ of the Revolutionary Left (i.e. Marxist-Leninist).  Shigenobu Fusako began the study of Scientific Socialism and took-up the cause of armed rebellion, particularly with regard to directly confronting US neo-imperialism outside of Japan, and left to support the Palestinians in their righteous battle against Israeli Zionism. Following the JRA’s attack (together with Palestinians) on (the Israeli) Lod Airport in May 1972, Shigenobu Fusako wrote a poem to her daughter stating:

‘The greatest righteousness is unfilial, and family members will be punished as a consequence, never forget that this is the function of (Revolutionary) destiny.’

Shigenobu Fusako is considered a genius in leadership.  As a student Revolutionary in Japan and the Middle East, she soon rose-up through the ranks, gaining positions of authority and responsibility.  Following her return to Japan in 2000, (and her subsequent arrest and imprisonment in 2001), she is known to have successfully organised the other detained prisoners at the ‘Metropolitan Police Detention Centre’, to form a ‘Prisoners’ Union’.  It is said that she also persuaded some police officers to agitate for better working conditions – such is her charisma.  Although some people have speculated that she is dead due to ‘disappearing’ in the 1990’s, she is still alive in a prison in Japan.  As she was born on the 3rd of September, 1945, and is now 71 years old (in 2017).

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

Original Chinese Language text:

重信房子死了吗 重信房子的火箭筒照



二十岁时,开始参加学生运动,一开始只是采用和平手段的抗议 。但父亲对她说:“不流血的革命是不会成功的。”并教育她“跳出民族主义的圈子,成为国际主义者。”从此重信房子才走上暴力革命的道路,坚信“武装斗争是最大的宣传”,并义无反顾离开日本,去当时反美斗争的最前线中东。罗德机场袭击事件后,重信末夫还写过一首诗送给女儿,内有“大义不孝,大义灭亲,尽天命”等字。



Why I Voted ‘Out’ of the EU

images (17)

The opposing of fascism is the duty of every progressive leftist (Socialist or Communist).  Following the end of WWII, the newly de-Nazified countries of Western Europe were inclined to form a Socialist Bloc designed to share resources and assist one another to recover from the devastation of war. The USA, however, which had just voted in a rightwing (Christian) President (Harry Truman), had other ideas.  The staunchly capitalist US, whilst issuing hardship grants to returning ‘white’ US soldiers (and excluding ‘Black’ US soldiers from this aid), immediately began a policy of intimidation of the European States.  This involved the threat of withdrawing all US investment and the immediate calling in of all US loans.  At that time, this US policy would have rendered Europe bankrupt.  As matters transpired, many European States developed Socialist policies within, but stopped short of uniting in a region-wide ‘Socialist Bloc’.  The US was of the opinion that this natural ‘leftwing’ trend of Europe was coming very close to sympathising with the policies of the Soviet Union which had suffered at least 27 million casualties defeating German Nazism during WWII, and as an ally of the West, was greatly respected.  As a consequence of ‘liberating’ many countries of Eastern Europe from German Nazi occupation, the Soviet Red Army created the conditions where workers took power in these countries, which then became natural allies of the USSR.  As a response to maintain their capitalist hegemony, the US launched a rightwing counter-initiative in Western Europe which saw ex-Nazis given prominence in a post-war project to ‘unite’ the European countries around predatory capitalism, and to create a ‘European Superstate’, the citizens of which would be so brain-washed with greed, that the message of Scientific Socialism would fall upon death ears.  The European Superstate project, therefore, has its roots in German Nazi ideology, and can be correctly viewed as having its ideological roots in fascist Germany’s ‘National Socialism’.

Although the USSR dissolved in 1991, the ‘European Union’ – as a mouthpiece for US foreign policy – now pursues the US propaganda of racially hating modern Russia, whilst extending membership of the EU into former Communist countries.  This US policy of predatory capitalism has demanded that European workers must be stripped of all ‘Socialised’ unionisation, welfare provision, and free medical provision, and that all ‘nationalised’ industries and utilities must be placed into private hands and run for ‘profit’.  Not only this, but as the European workers have no rights, they are ‘forced’ to migrate to other areas of Europe in desperate search for low-paid jobs – a demeaning process that degrades the living conditions for all workers, and leads to resentment, aggression and racism.  This is exactly what the US intended post-WWII.  Its policy was to create such a ‘toxic’ wasteland of predatory capitalism, that the workers would not be able to understand the greed-infested quagmire they occupied, or workout how to get out of it (through the instigation of ‘Socialism’).  Modern Germany, due to its Nazi past and US policy, run the EU through the pretence of ‘democracy’ in Brussels.  The point of the EU is to ‘legally’, ‘politically’, ‘socially’ and ‘culturally’ prevent the workers rising-up in the name of Scientific Socialism, and creating a fairer world for everybody concerned.  The keeping of the workers in a disempowered state of being, is the primary function of the European Union.

The EU is a fascist superstate that seeks to ‘de-Socialise’ Europe as part of an ongoing post-WWII US foreign policy.  Contrary to the statements of the arch racist Nigel Farage (of UKIP), the EU is not, and has never been a ‘Communist Bloc’ but is the exact opposite.  The far-right in the UK have had to face the counter-intuitive prospect of opposing the EU on the grounds of ‘racism’ (UKIP, BNP, BF, and NF, for instance, all oppose foreign workers in the UK), when the very same EU is pursuing exactly the same policies that Adolf Hitler would have approved, and which create the fertile soil which sees fascism emerge from the scapegoating of ‘foreigners’ – a classic Hitlerite policy.  So moribund of ideological direction is the British far-right that it must ‘reject’ EU fascism to maintain its own sense of distorted, domesticate hegemony.  Adolf Hitler stated that ‘lying’ is a required part of fascist politics, and that ‘dishonesty’ must be employed wherever and whenever it can in the pursuance of establishing rightwing rule.  The point of this is that Farage and others actively collaborate with the US project of demeaning the ‘worker’ at every turn, so that no mass movements can occur that will usher in Socialism.  This is why UKIP agree with the EU policies of privatising the NHS (UKIP is a capitalist party, after-all), and the dismantling of welfare provision.  The formal improvisation of EU law is the next stage of worker disempowerment, although this tendency has been creeping through the UK for quite sometime.  Innocent until proven guilty (UK law) is slowly morphing into ‘guilty until proven innocent (EU law), and explains why Tony Blair abolished Legal Aid for ordinary people – he did not want EU hegemony challenged in British courts. I, and millions of others voted ‘out’ in the EU Referendum – not because we agree with the arch racist Nigel Farage, but because we do not agree with him.  We, the British people, reject the US and Nazi fascism of the EU, and the fascism of UKIP.  It is ‘we’ the working people of Britain that will decide our future, and no one else.  We have this right and we protected this right on June 23rd, 2016 by rejecting the EU.

Problems with the Left ‘Out’ EU Referendum Campaign (2016)

The Communist Party of Britain (CPB), and its newspaper the Morning Star, presented the economic and legal argument for leaving the European Union (EU).  Briefly stated, the EU is a constitutionally ‘capitalist’ political entity that ensures, through is regulatory laws, that all Socialist entities such as nationalised industries, free healthcare provision, social housing, and unions, must be either ‘privatised’, ‘prohibited’ or ‘abolished’.  Once these Socialistic entities have been ‘privatised’, EU legislation prevents any re-nationalisation, or re-socialisation to occur.  With unions weakened to the point of impotency, the EU ensures that predatory capitalism has a free hand throughout Europe.  The UK being a member of the EU, the Communist left is of the opinion that the British cannot elect a Socialist government, and even if a Socialist government were elected, it would be prevented from carrying-out any Socialist reforms.  For instance, none of the damage inflicted on the UK by the Thatcherite, Blairite regimes, as well as Nick Clegg and David Cameron, could be reversed because such a reversal would be prohibited by EU law.  The Communist left argument is that British welfare and its NHS are being ‘privatised’ and its unions marginalised because of EU legislation, and that for this to be reversed the UK needs to leave the EU – the source of the UK’s anti-left political agenda.  This situation is compounded by the fact that the EU insists on the free movement of migratory labour that is not regulated or protected by worker’s rights or effective unions.  The Communist left has always adhered to a staunch anti-racist (internationalist) position, and has continuously stated that all people are welcome to visit and/or work in the UK, but also acknowledges that workers stripped of all their rights and being ‘forced’ to travel for work is undemocratic and a direct assault upon the working class.  Workers being forced to fight one another for ‘scraps’ from the EU capitalist table, ultimately does not benefit the working class.  The insistence upon the agency of a mass migratory work-force by the EU to fuel its free market capitalism, adversely effects all the communities concerned.  This includes the communities that workers have to leave, and the communities that serve as economic hot-spots that attract workers.  Whereas the political rightwing reacts to this situation with xenophobia and racism (which unjustly blames the migrant), the Communist left responds with correct, dialectical assessment of the situation that empowers ALL workers concerned.  This is intended to lead the workers into developing solidarity and collectively fighting for workers’ rights.

By way of contrast, the ‘Brexit’ (i.e. ‘Britain out’) campaign, disconnected as it was from the Communist left, possessed no sound and dialectical historical analysis.  Although many people supported Brexit for legitimate reasons, it is also true that the lack of a sound ideologically worker-friendly basis, opened the Brexit doors for the racists to barge through.  Despite the Communist left providing a correct and sober analysis of the EU being against the interests of the working class, Brexit had no leftist ideology to hold it together.  This in part was a situation created by the BBC and other mainstream media outlets, that routinely gave (and continue to give) blanket coverage to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – a notoriously racist party that draws its key support from the political far-right.  UKIP has no discernible policies other than the incoherence of xenophobia and racism.  As a result, UKIP (a clear fascist manifestation of capitalism in decline), has been used to obscure the Communist left from the attention of the majority of the British workers, and high-jack the political agenda regarding the EU for the far-right. This demonstrates how the British bourgeoisie would rather support a fascist organisation, than disseminate Communist ideology that empowers the workers.  UKIP does not represent or empower the workers, but rather assists in the establishment of further manipulating and misleading the masses.  Whereas Brexit should have facilitated a broad range of reasons for leaving the EU, instead the British media kept the county’s attention firmly fixed on the racist message of UKIP and its far-right allies (such as Britain First, the BNP, and the NF, etc).  So appallingly bias was the Brexit message that those on the left formed ‘Lexit’, or ‘Left Exit’ of the EU.  This situation demonstrates the marginalisation of the left.  So excluded is the left by the UK mainstream media that it was compelled to form its own social media-led campaign to try and get its message of non-racist solidarity across to the general public.  The Communist left was part of the broad lexit campaign and contributed its Marxist-Leninist ideological foundation.  Workers do not need to fight one another or resort to racism to secure good working conditions.  All workers need to do is understand that the EU is a class enemy, unite together and through voting, negotiation and the threat of withholding of labour, change the situation for the better.  Racism is an ideological tool of the bourgeoisie and the far-right (anti-worker) politics it encourages and supports.  The problem with lexit was that it relied on the Trotskyite left for support and this tended to ‘weaken’ the good and clear Marxist-Leninist analysis provided by the Communist Party.  Trotskyites, although referring to what they do as ‘leftist’, in fact pursue a thoroughly rightwing agenda that is antagonistic toward Marxist-Leninism, and which seeks to mislead the workers down blind allies that only benefit the ruling elite.  Another ‘weakening’ issue surrounding the broad left campaign to leave the EU was that the Parliamentary Labour Party decided to back the ‘stay’ in the EU campaign, as did 90% of the Labour affiliated unions.  This demonstrates a terrible error of judgement on the part of the Labour Party, which put capitalist, cooperate interests above those of the workers it claims to represent.

On the face of it, the left campaign to leave the EU was a disconnected and contradictory effort from start to finish.  By contrast, the Brexit campaign more or less focused on British xenophobia toward migratory workers –and nothing else, whilst the ‘stay’ campaign focused entirely upon greed, fake internationalism, and the maintenance of class privilege.  Despite all of this disorganisation and chaos on the left, however, it does seem that the British working class decided for themselves and delivered a truly ‘crushing’ blow to the capitalist establishment that is still wheeling from its effects.  It seems that Labour MP Peter Shore’s message from 1975 finally sank-in!



My Letter to SF Leather on Behalf of Turkish Workers

SF Leather

Today, I received a personal message on Facebook asking for my assistance in a workers’ dispute between former employees of SF Leather in Turkey, and the Management of this leather processing industry. SR Leather makes products for the well-known Mulberry brand. The message I received reads:

‘We are the dismissed workers from SF Leather Company in Turkey. SF Leather Company fired when we became a union membership. We are now picket line in front of Ege Free Zone, Izmir. After the dismissals, SF Leather Management forced to resign workers from their union membership at the plant. %90 of production at SF Leather is for Mulberry brand. Mulberry is producing luxury bags at SF Leather. But wages of workers at SF are minimum wage. Working time is very long. We want you to send a mail to Mulberry and demand to;

  • -Reinstate the dismissed workers
  • -Respect workers’ rights and freedom of association

Solidarity, The dismissed workers from SF Leather Company. For sending a mail to Mulberry;

This is the email I have sent on behalf of the Turkish workers:

Dear Company Secretary

I write from London (UK) in connection to the recently dismissed and denial of basic rights of the workers formerly employed by SF Leather (in Turkey).  consider these dismissals to be illegal under National and International Law, and immoral under any measure of common decency, and call upon the Management of SF Leather to immediately:

1) Reinstate the dismissed workers

2) Respect workers’ rights and freedom of association I

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles

Buddhist-Marxism Alliance (UK)

This is the reply that I have received:

RE: Please Re-instate the Dismissed Workers of SF Leather
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 1:04 PM

Thank you for your email.  We are fully aware of the situation at our supplier SF Leather in Izmir, Turkey.  We understand that the matter is now following a legal process and it would therefore be inappropriate for Mulberry to comment on the details of the case.   However we are working closely with the SF Leather management team to ensure that they are compliant with our Global Sourcing Principles and particularly, in this instance, the right to Freedom of Association and Employee Representation.

As a global brand and manufacturer (with two of our own factories in the UK) we take the responsibilities and rights outlined in our Sourcing Principles extremely seriously and we expect a very high standard from our suppliers, carrying out regular 3rd party factory audits and implementing corrective action plans where required.  I can assure you that we are taking this matter very seriously and we look forward to seeing a favourable resolution in place.



London TUC March 18.10.14 – Workers United!


The bourgeois state was shook to its boots yesterday when tens of thousands of workers took to the streets of London on Saturday to protest every aspect of the dictatorship inflicted upon the people, since the so-called election ‘victory’ of the coalition of the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democratic Party. Ironically, the last time the UK had a coalition government was during WWII – which saw the Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Parties temporarily uniting to fight the forces of international fascism – this can be compared to the 2010 ConDem Coalition instigation, which has seen exactly the same fascistic forces applied to the Socialistic institutions of the UK, which has led to a resultant increase in the suffering of the masses already living under capitalist oppression. The National Health Service (NHS), already suffering from decades of neglect, down-sizing, rationalising and brutal cuts, has been finally privatised by the current rightwing administration, at exactly the same time that Welfare cuts have forced workers into ever desperate levels of impoverished existence. These acts of terrorism against its own population by the ConDem Coalition has been compounded by the continuation of the Thatcherite policy of selling-off council houses and the refusal to build any new stock, and the cutting of legal aid for workers (and the very poor) so that they can no longer take on the bourgeois system through its judicial system in an attempt to divert the worst excesses of the greedy profit-mongers.

DSC_0733  DSC_0734  DSC_0771  DSC_0747

Teachers, lawyers, academics, cleaners, cooks, road sweepers, musicians and many other comrades, concerned individuals and groups, gathered together under the TUC banner along London’s Victoria Embankment, (and around the impressive Communist presence) from around 10am onwards – before the UNITE trade union led the march off (at 1215pm) on its way through the streets of central London, and on its way toward Hyde Park – where many and varied inspirational speakers addressed the crowds – explaining why the workers are campaigning for better pay and fairer rights. Amongst the different branches of the various British leftists movement was the New Communist Party of Britain (NCPB), Bradford Socialist Students, the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), independent NHS campaigners.  Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (NHS Not Trident protestors), Stop the War Coalition, Left Unity, Revolutionary Socialism 21st Century, People’s Assembly, Communist Party of Britain (and its various branches including London, Oxfordshire and Plymouth amongst others), Royal College of Midwives (RCM) – who recently went on strike for he first time in their 130 year history, UNISON, UCU, and a plethora of leftwing student bodies representing Marx and Lenin.

DSC_0730  DSC_0761

The Communist Party exhibited excellent discipline as its members marched shoulder to shoulder in front of a banner calling on the British people to ‘Rise Up’, whilst under a sea of red flags waving in the morning breeze coming off the River Thames. As usual, the bourgeois authorities wasted hundreds of thousands of pounds policing the entirely peaceful event – with a strong police presence which increased to a new paranoid high around the area of the Savoy Hotel – where lines of police officers formed a ‘Cordon sanitaire’ around the entrance to Victoria Embankment Park with the intention of protecting the already rich and privileged from the righteous anguish of the people. The majority of police officers are from the working class and they should abandon their service to the bourgeoisie and join the Communist movement in its effort to lead the proletariat to revolution and the building of Socialism.

DSC_0752  DSC_0773

The current rightwing mayor of London – Boris Johnson – issued an edict demanding that as soon as the march moved from its start-line, an army of workers employed by the authorities should move in with brushes, dustcarts, refuse lorries, road sweepers and copious amounts of disinfectant, immediately behind the last members of the protests – who happened to be the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) – effectively sweeping the very dust from beneath their feet! This action was obviously designed to intimidate and harass the comrades of the leftwing movement who were trying their best to represent the poor and oppressed through lawful (and peaceful) protest. This demeaning process was witnessed by hundreds of people scattered over the various bridges the marched moved under and through – shouting their support and waving banners and flags – as the march moved through a routinely crowded Trafalgar Square a group of elderly pedestrians standing behind the barricades (designed to keep the protestors out of Trafalgar Square) clapped their hands with joy as they saw the fluttering red flags, voicing their support!

DSC_0738  DSC_0743  DSC_0732

The TUC march evolved around the common principle that ‘Britain Needs a Pay-rise!’, which is particularly poignant at a time that sees the young, the old, the vulnerable, the disabled, the workers and unemployed, pregnant women and those suffering from illness and disease, as well as many others (such as workers with such low wages that they have to depended upon food-banks), are suffering from cuts in policing, fire brigade cover, prison services, state benefits, disability benefits, housing benefit, income support and incapacity benefit, maternity services, medical services, local services and amenities, advice services, transport, access to free education, access to free travel, adequate housing, employment opportunities and social services, watch the top 10% of the wealthiest people in Britain receiving pointless tax-cuts that they neither need nor deserve! The richest strata of the UK get to keep a little bit more of their money (which they do not need) so that they can use it to buy shares in the previously nationalised industries that this ConDem Coalition – (acting in cahoots with the anti-Socialist tendencies of the European Union [EU] they pretend to dislike) – has ruthlessly dismantled and privatised. The majority of the British people are forced -through the false policy of ‘austerity’ – to suffer immeasurably, and be plunged back into a state of poverty that has not been seen in the UK since the Victorian times. As workers’ rights are linked to pay, thousands upon thousands heeded the call to take to the streets of London on Saturday and voice their righteous opposition to this backward and regressive set of policies that this current national government has inflicted upon the working people of the UK. Workers united – we will never be defeated!

DSC_0749  DSC_0750

DSC_0751  DSC_0781

DSC_0741  DSC_0772  DSC_0756



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