1870: Britain’s First Victorian Bicycle Club! (22.5.2023)

If the ‘Playing Fields of Eton’ produced the victors at Waterloo – the slums of London, Manchester and Birmingham (which produced the working class Army of Wellington) certainly could NOT produce those who could ‘pedal’ a rather crude bicycle (by today’s standards) and safely navigate this device whilst travelling much slower than ten miles an hour! Still, once the ‘class’ parameters were firmly established – what was such a progressive organisation to be called?

Cracker (2006): How the US Supports Terrorism! (11.2.2023)

The original series of ‘Cracker’ came to an end with a one-off ‘Special’ set in Hong Kong during the 1996 events leading to the UK handing-back the former colony to Mainland China in 1997. Ten years later, the main actor – Robbie Coltrane – was given the chance of yet another one-off episode – now involving early smart-phones and the internet! This 2006 episode is entitled ‘Nine Eleven’ and examines the US-sponsorship of international terrorism – but declared war on the very same terrorism it has supported for decades following the 911 terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Buildings in New York! Despite the US using the right-wing as a means to attack and destroy all Socialist regimes and movements – the US government provided money, arms and ammunition to the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) – a traditionally ‘left-wing’ movement which followed Marxist-Leninism during the 1916 Easter Uprising! Yes – the US provided the means for Irish terrorists to kill British soldiers patrolling the streets of Northern Ireland! So much for the so-called ‘Special Relationship’!

Cracker: The ‘Fake’ Left and Its Betrayal of the White Working-Class! (4.2.2023)

Marxist-Leninism emphasises the correct dialectical assessment of material conditions. This is because the workers are the product (mind and body) of their material environments. Only by ascertaining the conditions of reality can a scientific basis be developed for a worker-friendly reconstruction of existence. Without this ability – there is NO ‘Scientific Socialism’! As a rule, Marxist-Leninism rejects Anarchist violence and any form of opportunistic terrorism, as these isolated acts ultimately achieve very little (other than pointlessly killing the innocent and equally oppressed) and end-up with the ruling classes blaming the working-class and taking punitive measures against it! On the other hand, the ‘positive’ discrimination hypocritically employed by the Bourgeois State to favour minority or under-privileged groups often drives continuously ‘oppressed’ White working-class males into the grip of the far-right – through a ‘I told you so’ mentality! We are all victims of predatory capitalism because we are all members of the same working-class it ruthlessly exploits! The Bourgeoisie tries to separate us into disunited and pointlessly competing special interest groups – all antagonistic to one another’s wants and needs! This is exactly the ‘LYING’ that Hitler encouraged which fuels the far-right and is now justifying the US-derived Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine!