Moscow: ‘Z’ Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Exhibition Opens! ‘V’ (19.4.2022)

With the West Supporting and Encouraging Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – These Hitlerite Symbols are Becoming Common-Place in the US, UK & EU!

Translator’s Note: The current batch of right-wing supporting governments of the West must not be allowed to get away with a) supporting Hitler, b) deploying racism against China and c) deploying racism against Russia! This policy has its origins in the post-1945 US, but has been aided and abetted by Canada, the UK and Germany in recent years! In Asia this US policy is transmitted through the US colonies of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea! Hitler would be proud to see so much blood on so many hands – particularly as it is being perpetuated by his former enemies who acted so self-righteously at the Nuremburg Trials! What was the point of trying, condemning and executing those who supported fascism before and during WWII – when those doing the trying, condemning and executing are now openly SUPPORTING the very fascism they once condemned! As usual, the ‘land of free’ and their fellow cronies – are attempting to ‘block’ or suppress any genuine knowledge about the Neo-Nazism they are supporting permeating into the West via the testimonies of those who have either been the direct victims – or who have witnessed first-hand the barbarism of this ideology! Many of the internet links are being blocked by Google and all the other search-engines acting in the service of capital! However, as it is impossible to block everything and everyone forever – the truth does seep through the gaps in this haphazard attempts at manipulating the thought processes of the West! Hopefully, there will be a ‘new’ Nuremburg Trials with those Western leaders suppressing the truth today – tried for their complicity with Neo-Nazism! Indeed, such an event might well serve as the final chapter in exhibitions like this! ACW (19.4.2022)

An Exhibition entitled “Ordinary Nazism” has opened today in Moscow (it will run from the April 19th – July 17th, 2022)! The Victory Museum will show trophy banners and symbols of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism, encouraged by the US, UK and EU (Germany) in the form of modern books, cups, plates, lighters, cutlery, DVDs (featuring animal cruelty, rape, torture and murder), photographs, badges, flags, clothing, weaponry, propaganda, music, educational materials and IDs, etc, that celebrate Hitler and the murderous cult of Bandera and Shukhevych (amongst others) – as well as documenting the crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis from the first half of the 20th century to the present day. This includes details of how the West has deliberately built, strengthened, financed and armed the most recent and destructive phase of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism through bringing the ‘illegal’ Maidan regime to power! This far-right trend maybe viewed in the broader context of the West supporting Neo-Nazism throughout Eastern Europe. With tens of thousands of Ukrainian Neo-Nazis now running free as ‘refugees’ throughout the West – these Neo-Nazi symbols have become ‘normalised’ with school children encouraged to wear T-shirts and wave flags carrying these Hitlerite identifiers! Schools are even suggesting children raise money for the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis by baking cakes with these Hitlerite symbols used as decorations! /Photo

On April 19, the exhibition “Ordinary Nazism” opened at the Victory Museum. More than 200 original exhibits tell about the history of the emergence and development of the Ukrainian version of Nazism from its inception to the present day. This was reported by the press service of the museum. The age limit of the exhibition is 18+. Visitors were presented with dozens of photographs and documents showing the atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists during the Second World War, as well as the mass crimes of modern neo-Nazis against the inhabitants of Ukraine in 2014-2022. The central part of the exposition was a poignant installation dedicated to the dead children of Donbass. In the exposition, guests will see authentic exhibits from Germany in the late 1930s – early 1940s, which demonstrate the emergence and development of Nazi ideology, show the bloody massacres against the inhabitants of Ukraine committed by the Nazis and their henchmen during the Great Patriotic War. Among the rarities are the criminal cases that, after the war, were brought against criminals responsible for atrocities against humanity on the territory of the Ukrainian SSR. The “Nazism Today” section contains dozens of material evidence proving pro-Nazi sentiments in modern Ukraine – these are books, uniforms, propaganda paraphernalia of Ukrainian nationalists, objects with Nazi symbols. The materials of the exhibition will show the inextricable link between the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), which participated in the destruction of the civilian population during the war years, and the modern nationalist organizations of Ukraine, which revived the ideology of Nazi Germany. The exhibition includes materials from the funds of the Victory Museum, the Donetsk Republican Museum of Local Lore, the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History, as well as a special RIA Novosti project “Donbass. Genocide 2014 – 2022”. Many unique exhibits are shown for the first time. The exhibition will run until July 17, 2022. Age category 18+.

Russian Language Articles:


‼️🇷🇺В Москве открылась выставка “обыкновенный нацизм”
В Музее Победы покажут трофейные знамёна и символику украинских неонацистов, современные книги, возводящие в культ Бандеру и Шухевича, документы о преступлениях украинских нацистов с первой половины XX века по сегодняшний день. /Фото

В Музее Победы 19 апреля открылась выставка «Обыкновенный нацизм». Более 200 подлинных экспонатов рассказывают об истории возникновения и развития украинского варианта нацизма с момента его зарождения до наших дней. Об этом сообщила пресс-служба музея.

Возрастной ценз выставки – 18+. Посетителям представили десятки фотографий и документов, показывающих зверства украинских националистов в годы Второй мировой войны, а также массовые преступления современных неонацистов против жителей Украины в 2014-2022 годах. Центральной частью экспозиции стала пронзительная инсталляция, посвященная погибшим детям Донбасса.

В экспозиции гости увидят подлинные экспонаты из Германии конца 1930-х – начала 1940-х годов, которые демонстрируют зарождение и развитие нацистской идеологии, показывают кровавые расправы над жителями Украины, совершенные нацистами и их приспешниками в годы Великой Отечественной. Среди раритетов – уголовные дела, которые после войны были заведены на преступников, ответственных за злодеяния против человечности на территории УССР.

В разделе «Нацизм сегодня» размещены десятки материальных свидетельств, доказывающих пронацистские настроения в современной Украине — это книги, форма, агитационная атрибутика украинских националистов, предметы с нацистской символикой. Материалы выставки покажут неразрывную связь Организации украинских националистов (ОУН), участвовавшей в уничтожении мирного населения в годы войны, с современными националистическими организациями Украины, возродившими идеологию нацистской Германии.

В выставку вошли материалы из фондов Музея Победы, Донецкого республиканского краеведческого музея, Российского государственного архива социально-политической истории, а также специального проекта РИА Новости «Донбасс. Геноцид 2014 – 2022». Многие уникальные экспонаты демонстрируются впервые.

Выставка будет работать до 17 июля 2022 года. Возрастная категория 18+.

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