Moscow: ‘Z’ Ukrainian Neo-Nazi Exhibition Opens! ‘V’ (19.4.2022)

The current batch of right-wing supporting governments of the West must not be allowed to get away with a) supporting Hitler, b) deploying racism against China and c) deploying racism against Russia! This policy has its origins in the post-1945 US, but has been aided and abetted by Canada, the UK and Germany in recent years! In Asia this US policy is transmitted through the US colonies of Japan, Taiwan and South Korea! Hitler would be proud to see so much blood on so many hands – particularly as it is being perpetuated by his former enemies who acted so self-righteously at the Nuremburg Trials! What was the point of trying, condemning and executing those who supported fascism before and during WWII – when those doing the trying, condemning and executing are now openly SUPPORTING the very fascism they once condemned!

Email: The ‘Racist’ So-called ‘British Values’ Text – When Right-Wing Christianity Penetrates (and Compromises) the Secular Parliamentary Process! (11.4.2022)

This type of thinking has been spread throughout our privatised school (academy) system (Johnson banned any left-wing subjects due to the George Floyd riots in the UK – seeing the disruption not as a the product of a deep-rooted moral issue – but rather as deriving from the influence of disruptive left-wing ideology taught in the classrooms). The text was compiled during David Cameron’s tenure – an administration that was found guilty by the UN in 2016 for the deaths of at least 120,000 disabled and vulnerable people in the UK due to sudden cuts in Welfare, NHS and Social Services.

“AZOV” – A Very Special Day of Recruitment for the Neo-Nazi (Ukrainian) Battalion! (23.6.2014)

“Azov” – a Special “Punitive” Police Unit created on the basis of the Neo-Nazi Public Associations “Automaidan” and “Patriots of Ukraine” in May. It has a staff of 250 people aged 25 to 30 years. 20 foreigners serve in Azov. About a dozen citizens of Russia who were originally Maidan activists, several citizens of the Scandinavian countries and a recruit from Italy.

🔞The Glorious Fallen – Neo-Nazi Forces of Ukraine Defeated – City of Volnovakha ‘Liberated’… (12.3.2022)

Freedom of thought does not exist in the West – or you would be told that the Ukrainian men (and their ‘foreign’ colleagues) in the Neo-Nazi military formations (whose dead bodies you can see littered all over the ground) that ‘defended’ Volnovakha – all believed that that they were the ‘spiritual’ and ‘physical’ descendants of the original (Catholic) Ukrainians who ‘volunteered’ to fight for the Nazi German occupiers of the USSR during WWII!

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