China: “Do NOT Confuse Hegemony of Navigation with FREEDOM of Navigation!” (5.5.2023)

State Councilor and Defense Minister General Li Shangfu called on Sunday for regional countries to stay highly vigilant and firmly reject the actions of some countries outside the South China Sea, which exercise “hegemony of navigation “in the name of “freedom of navigation”.

He warned that those countries just want to “muddy the waters” of the South China Sea to “rake in profits”.

The defense chief made the remarks in his speech delivered at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, a day after United States Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told the security forum that the US will continue to work with allies and partners to uphold “freedom of navigation and overflight” in the South China Sea.

Taiwan Resident Arrested Over Alleged Separatist Acts! (26.4.2023)

The national security bureau in Wenzhou has finished its investigation into Yang’s case and has transferred it to the Wenzhou procuratorate for examination and prosecution, it said.

In August, the Wenzhou national security bureau detained and investigated Yang, who the statement said has long been engaged in “Taiwan independence” separatist activities.

Yang, born in 1990, is a native of Taiwan’s Taichung. He helped set up the “Taiwan national party”, with the goal of “promoting Taiwan to become a sovereign and independent state and join the United Nations”, according to a previous official statement.

China: Mother’s Mean Age at First-Birth to Keep Rising! (11.4.2023)

The mean age of women at first marriage was 25.7 years old and that at first birth was 26.8 years old in 2017, both much higher than the legal age for marriage, said the NHC, citing data from the National Bureau of Statistics.

The NHC said financial burden, children’s care and women’s worries about employment have become the main factors restricting fertility.

The commission promised that it will improve supporting measures with relevant departments to create a good social environment for marriage and childbearing.

Union of Eurasian Peoples For Justice – Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Exposing the US-Backed Hitlerite State! (2.6.2022)

Again, from my own experience and impression: the firepower of the AFU on all fronts has already been largely suppressed. The enemy is also experiencing “shell hunger” – because the ways of supplying AFU ammunition are also being fired upon! Therefore, Russian artillery firing into Neo-Nazi controlled areas is receiving less and less effective return fire. When the Neo-Nazis do manage to find some ammunition (and a battery to fire it from) – they often fire not at Russian positions – but at chaotically at civilians centres!

Perhaps the Neo-Nazis feel it is safer this way: it’s harder to quickly find and suppress their fire due to the senseless shelling they are deploying. This deranged thinking, however, fits-in with the task of all terrorists. They cannot win, so they simply kill whoever they can reach with whatever weaponry they possess. If America gives them long-range weapons – it will not help them turn the tide of the military operation – but makes it possible for them to kill more civilians at greater distances! That’s all. Thus, now Ukraine is a terrorist organization – and the United States is a State sponsoring terrorism.

All this “terrorist” (Neo-Nazi) activity deprives the so-called political leadership of Ukraine of the right to be treated as legitimate politicians and representatives of a Sovereign State. They are leaders of a terrorist organization who must be convicted for their crimes – or they can be liquidated – just as terrorists are liquidated.

When the Russian military warns that in the event of an escalation of terrorism – strikes will be carried out on decision-making centres in Kyiv – then perhaps, they are referring to an operation which eliminates the leaders of this criminal gang! That is the “President” all his “Advisers”, “Deputies” and “Ministers” who control the Kyiv regime for the West!

This is an ongoing and developing situation!

The Russian-Ukraine Clash is a Contradictory ‘Capitalist’ Conflict! (5.1.2023)

Capitalism, fascism and religiosity must be all swept away through the mind-focusing power of Marxist-Leninism! Supporting Russia should not be taken as supporting ‘capitalist’ (or ‘Pan-Slavic’) Russia – and opposing Ukrainian Neo-Nazism should not be seen as rejecting the working class of Ukraine! These are the contradictions that capitalism causes and which Socialism solves! What ‘capitalist Russia does not recognise is that although many ‘Bourgeois’ (capitalist) countries politically oppose Russian hegemony and self-determination within its own geographical region – large sections of the working class in those ‘Bourgeois’ countries actually ‘disagree’ with the policies of their national ‘Bourgeois’ governments – and hold viewpoints either friendly or indifferent toward Russia’s actions! Modern Russia does not want to acknowledge this reality just as it does not want to discuss how much better life was for the average Russian (and ‘Soviet’) citizen under the Socialism of the USSR! Again, if you are of a mind to dig deep enough – you will find the machinations of the Catholic Church and Russian Orthodox Church with all their primitive phobias, prejudices and insane anti-logical ideas! Religion is poison! As for the Protestant Churches – these are all supporting the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Refugees that are being invited into our Western countries – to live as our neighbours!

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