Email: What Ukrainians See When They Look-Out Their Windows! (16.4.2022)

My Sympathies Are with the Ukrainians If This is What They See!

Dear Gillian

Following on from your ‘Let’s Get Serious About Socialism!’ video from Texas – I thought this is in a similar ilk:

Poroshenko On Come-Back Trail!

Of course, the Western media appears to be suffering from a widespread mental illness – a type of  ‘Covid’ of the common-sense – which is (and has) painted a reality of Ukraine that only has a nodding acquaintance with reality! Most Ukrainians, unless infected themselves, do not recognise this reality as happening outside their front-doors! This is what these ‘unaffected’ Ukrainians talk about on their Telegram Channels:

1) Nobody wants the Western-supported Neo-Nazi Junta in West or East Ukraine – except the easily-led and the mentally-ill!

2) Nobody particularly wants the Russian Army in Ukraine!

3) ‘2’ is good because the Russian Army is not technically-speaking in the ‘Ukraine’!

4) Where, then, is it? Well, the Russian Army has entered the now ‘independent’ area of Donbass – which Russia recognised as ‘sovereign’ territory existing ‘outside’ of the Ukraine and no longer part of its geographical, political. social or cultural structure or sphere!

5) The UN understands that Russia is acting both ‘legally’ and ‘lawfully’ – and that it is the US, UK and EU which are having political, legal and military problems trying to brainwash their respective populations into believing a ‘lie’ (namely that ‘Russia has invaded the Ukraine’) – whilst staying within the legally prescribed boundaries!

6) The Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta came to power illegally (through US, UK and EU-backing) in 2014 – and since that time has committed well documented War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity (orchestrated from Berlin) – against the ethnic Russian (and associated populations) of Donbass!

7) These Hitleresque crimes have been fuelled and motivated by the mass-importation of religion (Catholicism) and ‘Hitlerism’!

8) The Vatican is making an ecclesiastical ‘soul-grab’ away from the Russian Orthodox Church – whilst Berlin is attempting the type of ‘land-grab’ that Hitler failed to achieve the first-time around between 1941-1945!

9) Far-right Church and State are working in a well-oiled and co-ordinated manner! Of the original ‘five’ declared People’s Republics in and around Donbass – Carpatho-Russia, Kharkov and Odessa have been thoroughly and completely destroyed by the ‘Banderas’ – whilst ‘Lugansk’ and ‘Donetsk’ have managed to hold-out over a terrible and bloody eight-year period! (This is the real conflict ignored by the Western media and the cause of the many thousands of ‘Ukrainian’ refugees living in Russia)!

10) Most ‘Ukrainians’ are sat quite safely at home, completely ‘untouched’ by the conflict – watching this entire ‘saga’ (ironically) as it unfolds on their TV-sets!

11) Berlin is acting like a child-molester attempting to entice the West Ukrainians ‘back to its flat’ in Western Europe – where a signed copy of Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ awaits them!

12) This Hitler tome possesses the transformative power to ‘alter’ the West Ukrainian DNA away from its Slavic orientation and into a purely ‘Celtic’ (or even ‘Galician’) orientation!

13) Yes – if the West Ukrainians follow all the attending instructions (which includes a fashion sense stuck in the 1980s and a dangerous flirtation with mullets), they will be playing cricket on the village green and sipping warm beer in no time! 

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