Remembering 16th April 1746

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Culloden, the last battle on British soil. I recommend Peter Watkins 1964 film of the events. I know of many people who had to watch it every year at schools across the N of England, an area with strong Jacobite sympathies. The film never loses its impact, it was a brilliant ‘docudrama’ before the style was even invented. Watching became clandestine when the film was banned due to Jacobites sympathies being conflated with Irish Republicanism during ‘the Troubles’.

The brutal victory of the government forces at Culloden became the blueprint for the subjugation of peoples across the world with the expansion of the British Empire.

Culloden (Peter Watkins 1964)

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  1. I spent a few years studying this historical event and visited the battlefield twice! Charlie could have won if he had not turned back at Leeds – and if the English were not so good at lying! I discovered that Oxford University would have supported Charlie if he had got to Oxford! A tantalising speculation about what might have been! When I was at Findhorn in Scotland, the small, local museum had an exhibit about a Jacobite Naval Ship (or ‘ships’) which opened fire on English forts and even landed what might be termed ‘Jacobite Marines’!

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