Zionist Israel is a Nasty Place for Refugees – Unless You Happen to be White [and a Ukrainian Neo-Nazi]! (11.3.2022)

Israel would not exist if it was not for the Soviet Red Army. This is a historically accurate, correct and irrefutable fact. The Soviet Red Army, at a great human price, fought its way across Eastern Europe and ‘Liberated’ (that is ‘saved’ all the lives of the remaining Jews), the Nazi German Death Camps! Zionism, however, that is the founding ideology of the State of Israel (a ‘White’ settler colony established in the heart of Arab Palestine), has more historically in-common with the racism prevalent in 1880s Germany! Indeed, when academically examined by a special UN Task Force in 1975, Israeli Zionism was declared a ‘White Supremacist’ ideology practiced by secular-inclined Jews. This explains why Zionism is a fascist ideology and why the State of Israel never once acknowledged the suffering or sacrifice of the Russian people for their part in the saving of Jews (as Zionism fundamentally ‘rejects’ the Socialist ideology the USSR was premised upon). Zionism is, of course, ‘REJECTED‘ by all right-minded Jews.

Whereas many bourgeois scholars assume that six million Jews and five million disabled, gay, Communist and Romany people died in the Holocaust – few choose to recognise the forty-one million soviet men, women and children which were murdered in the USSR between 1941-1945 by the Hitlerite forces of Nazi Germany (and her allies)! Certainly, no Zionist historian would dare to mention this fact as it tends to draw attention away from the assumed and unique nature of the Death Camps. To be clear, 19.5 million Soviet Red Army soldiers died in the fighting to ‘Liberate’ Europe, whilst 21.5 Soviet civilians died in the fighting or were purposely murdered in Hitler’s Operation Ost (East)! Operation Ost, of course, was the planned Nazi German genocide of the Slavic race so that ethnic Germans could ‘expand’ into the empty Russian hinterland left behind!

True to its Fascist-Zionist ideology, the modern State of Israel continues its collaboration with the political far-right by taking the side of the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime – which has illegally occupied Kyiv since placed in power by the Obama Administration in 2014! This regime, ironically, has embraced the traditions of the SS Galicia Division – which recruited primarily ‘Catholic’ Ukrainians (who followed the Vatican’s injunction to support the fascist regimes) – as well as the dubious reputation of that other Hitler mass-murderer – Stepan Bandera! Within the Armed Forces of Ukraine there are the notorious ‘Aidar’ and ‘Azov’ Battalions which recruit criminals, murderers and paedophiles, etc, including former members of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF)! This demonstrates the dual-personality of the Jewish State. On the one-hand it justifies its eradication of the Palestinian people (and the stealing of their land) by continuously referring to the treatment of the Jews by the Hitlerites (?) – whilst on the other it continues to pursue a policy of ‘collaborating’ with the existential manifestations (such as the ‘Maidan’) of those regimes (?)! How can any of this be logical? How can acting in a Hitlerite fashion (against the Palestinians) be considered a ‘protest’ against Hitlerism? How can a direct embracing and collaboration of ‘Neo-Nazi’ movements be in anyway a ‘protest’ against Neo-Nazism?

Between 1948-2021, The Israeli State has inflicted 63,543 casualties upon the Palestinian people – of which 31,277 Palestinian men, women and children were killed. As Zionism is by its very nature an ‘aggressive’ ideology of land-grabbing and subjugation – the terrorist Jewish factions that have pursued this ideology have come into conflict with many Nation States in the world. Where Israeli casualties have been highest is in these conflicts with other Nation States – and not the Palestinians (a people that possess no armed forces). However, the deceitful element in the numbers game the Zionists play (as opposed to right-thinking Jews who ‘reject’ this right-wing ideology), is that the casualties inflicted upon the Jewish terrorists (prior to the forming of the State of Israel in 1947-1948) and the IDF after that date – are invariably ascribed to the Palestinians – when the Palestinians had nothing to do with these Israeli deaths. Just how many Donbass inhabitants have been killed by Israeli volunteers fighting for (or in) the Armed Forces of Neo-Nazi Ukraine is not yet known – but Russian figures give the over-all figure as being between 13,000-14,000 men, women and children killed between 2014-2022. Surely, once the death toll is ascertained, this can be lodged with the UN as yet another example of an Israeli War Crime awaiting adjudication and trial.

Of course, in early 2021, when much of the world was taken with the Covid-19 pandemic, the ugly-face of Zionist (White) racism made its presence felt when the fascistic Israeli State ordered the expulsion of all ‘Black‘ Jews living in the South of the country! Whereas Idi Amin Dada was dubbed the ‘Black Hitler’ (by the British Liberal Leader – Jeremy Thorpe) in 1972 when he gave the ‘racist’ Asian population 90 days to leave Uganda – the hypocritical ‘White’ community of Europe (and the US) reacted with a deathly ‘silence’ when the Zionist Israeli State showed its true fascistic nature and gave a section of its ‘Jewish’ population just two-months to leave the country – simply due to the ‘colour’ of their skin! Their was no sanctions against this racist State, no NATO planes attempting to blanket-bomb Tel Aviv into submission – or at least accepting the usual levels of civility expected of a ‘modern’ nation in the developed world! In other words, just as the Western world created the racist (Zionist) State in Palestine, it helped establish the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in Ukraine! No wonder the hypocritical West arms fascists and inflicts sanctions on a Russia whose military is directly taking-on (yet again) the Hitlerite forces of the world – and Zionist Israelis are quite happy to ‘expel’ Black Jews but take-in ‘White’ (Ukrainian) Neo-Nazis!

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