Israel: Jews Rejoicing! (13.3.2022)

Time to Dance!

The above recent video shows citizens in Israel burning the Russian flag and rejoicing at the announcing of Russian casualties on Ukrainian radio. Just in-case people were getting carried away with the supposedly ‘neutral’ stance of the Israeli government! The Israeli government has supported the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime since 2014 – and has continuously encouraged its citizens to ‘volunteer’ their military experience in the IDF to the Neo-Nazi militias (armed by the US, UK and EU), or by formally enlisting in the Armed Forces of the Ukraine! I have blogged elsewhere about the call for rabbis and synagogues to host the influx of these ‘volunteers’ in the Ukraine! The point is that if Russia can bring down one Fascist State (Ukraine) propped-up by the US – what is to stop other equally minded forces in the world bringing down another (Israel)?

The Old Wall in Jerusalem!

Compare the above Israeli celebrations of Russia’s casualties with the Israeli government’s use of neutrality propaganda by using the wall of the Old City in Jerusalem for a well-publicised light-show featuring the flags of Russia and Ukraine! In 2021, the Kyiv Junta ‘banned’ any criticism of Israel, its treatment of the Palestinians or its involvement with the Neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine! All these legitimate concerns were arbitrarily declared ‘anti-Semitic’ instead of recognising these policies of being a product of a far-right government and its racist (Zionist) policies which persecute Arabs (Semites) and which encourage Israeli citizens to pledge their allegiance to Neo-Nazi regimes providing they are anti-Russian and involve the leadership of ‘secular’ Jews!

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