Email: Mass Importation of Religion and Fascism into Russia Post-1991

Former ‘Russian National Unity Group Change Their German Swastika for an Orthodox Cross!

Dear Gillian

In answer to your friend’s idea that Putin is a ‘neo-Fascist’:

Testimony of a Former RNU Member! (Translated)

As with most anti-Putin narratives, a certain ‘inverted’ nature abides. When Putin came to power, (c. 2000) all these far-right groups (read above) started to collapse. The above Russian-language forum discussion describes an individual’s experience coming to age in the 1990s as a fascist – only to see the ‘Russian National Unity’ (RNU – PHE) suddenly fall apart.

The following Russian-language discussion forum explains that these fascist movements were all over the former Soviet Union (including both Russia and the Ukraine) from 1991 onwards – but shattered into all kinds of disparate organisations with the above photograph showing a former RNU group replacing its Hitlerite Swastika for an Orthodox Cross when it took the side of Donbass against the Ukrainian ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazis:

They Accept Their Own Deaths – But Cry at the Death of Strangers! (Untranslated)

Google refuses to ‘translate’ this page and the photograph has been ‘excised’ but I lifted it from the Google cache. For some reason, someone does not want this page easily read in English – or the above picture easily accessible outside of the Ukraine and Russia. Indeed, I notice that it is not always possible to access the Russian-language version! What your friend (and these Russian narratives) omit is the part the US has played in bringing the ‘Euro-Maidan’ to power in 2014 (under Obama). It is interesting that Obama is never accused of being a ‘Neo-Nazi’ because he actively participated in establishing a Neo-Nazi regime in West Ukraine at the expense of the democratically elected left-leaning government he helped over-throw. And yet Putin is accused of being a ‘Neo-Fascist’ the moment he unleashes the Russian Army against a Neo-Nazi regime encroaching (in the name of US neo-imperialism) upon Russia’s borders. In the meantime, the BBC parades an endless conveyor-belt of Ukrainian War Criminals across our screens in an attempt to garner our sympathy. It is all like a script for a new Monty Python film!

Best Wishes


Russian Content (Translated):

From First Link:

Mikola Malukha ( jesfor ) wrote,
2007 – 05 – 30 00:33:00

Former RNEshnik

Once upon a time, during my tenure, I was brought into one very well-known movement in Russia (and beyond its borders) – Russian National Unity (RNU). In the 1990s, the RNE frightened almost everyone, made up legends and myths (about the impossibility of leaving the organization, about strict discipline, etc.).
I was in the 10th grade then, and we had one guy join the RNU (he was brought by an acquaintance, also a lyceum student, but a year older). Gradually, thanks to his agitation, 5 people from the class were in the RNU! Plus 2 from the older parallel and a few skins from the younger ones. Here comes the company 🙂
I didn’t stay in the RNE for long (several months, I don’t remember exactly, because I didn’t leave immediately, but gradually). The reason for this is the position of the mother. Although the parents were not against it from the beginning, but then the mother read an article in our church (Protestant Church of Evangelical Christians) newspaper about RNU. And she said, they say you can’t sit on 2 chairs (and at that time I went to church a little). Well, I thought about it and gradually moved away.
I do not repent of my deed (deed :)), because it gave me life experience, opened my eyes to all the pitfalls of such movements.
Today I decided to “shake up” the old days and go to the official website of the RNE . I read a lot of interesting things: why Barkashov was expelled, although for some reason then we were told that he himself had left (which, by the way, all the Rshniks were very sorry about and wrote all sorts of pamphlets like “Sasha come back …”), but then they quickly came up with a reason, they even found everyone who wrote articles for him (this is also a joke, I remember in the Russian order in one single issue that my friend had from 17-18 articles 15 were Barkashov’s :)))
Sometimes they still try to scare the RNU from TV screens with their atrocities. but since 2001, a gradual disintegration began, which apparently left at the moment no more than 100-300 people in Russia, for whom the movement was the goal of life (and at one time the RNU covered huge masses of people and territories). Which support the “existence” of the RNE in the network. There are several sites (Central site, Ural branch , Nizhnevartovsk ) and LJ community . From time to time unsubscribing articles and news about the fight against enemies.
I always wondered: “Why did such a possible movement fall apart in 2 years?” And a really powerful, largest branch in Voronezh, St. Petersburg, Moscow (several thousand members), we had about 300 people in Murmansk + the region. In addition to the Russian Federation, they acted in Ukraine (I don’t know how seriously), Belarus (a strong Minsk branch), Estonia, Latvia, the USA, Canada … And then literally at one moment they fell down, the split of 2000, when Kasin and Barkashev left, the gradual destruction of the organization .
Communicating with friends from the former RNE, we were inclined to think that it was most likely a structure of the special services, which suddenly began to gain weight and influence in society (apparently went beyond the intended activity) and therefore it was removed.

PS When I was passing through Moscow in the summer of 2006, I saw RNE stickers in the metro with the call of Barkashov))))

From Second Link:

They Accept Their Own Deaths – But Cry at the Death of Strangers (Untranslated)

There is a grain of meaning, moreover, I think for a certain part of the “Azov” or PS, I think it will do .. But here, look what a thing .. It will, of course, not be in favour of Ukrainian radicals, and will show a bad thing, looking ahead: the fact that Ukrainian nationalism even has problems with its own, local symbolism, which has to be borrowed from others, and on the brink .. .. In fact, I think the percentage of neo-Nazis in Ukraine and Russia was in favour of Russia, that is, you have more .. All this even took shape in some kind of skinhead subculture .. Which was very popular in the 90s and early 2000s .. Skins were also in Ukraine, but what is most interesting, as a rule, they were Slavophile, who considered Russians to be brothers and adhered to the concept of trinity and other such nonsense .. Together with skins, black-walled organizations existed in Russia, they were then dead, with very funny people at the head .. And gradually, not immediately, there is a transition of radicals, let’s say, to “native soil and close sources”.. That is, this process could be traced even by the work of skins .. At first, they painted purely Fritzian themes on the albums of their musical groups. Then they have an imperial flag .. Then you can see pictures, such as an old Russian warrior is depicted in the background, and a zigzag skin is in front .. Well, like a successor to the work of grandfathers))) Well, and so, in short, gradually the skin movement acquires “national features” .. And later, neo-Nazis completely flow into all kinds of Black Hundred organizations, since in Russia after the 2000s they were like uncut dogs and they grew stronger .. Moreover, a good part of the Black Hundred ideology penetrated into the corridors of power .. In short, by the time of the Maidan, in Russia there was already such a well-formed Russian fascism (however, everything is still in the process) .. Well, there are many examples, too lazy to lay out .. and so the sheet comes out .. I especially like RNEs, I think you are aware of this organization of Russian neo-Nazis .. Its members take an active part in the fight against Ukrainian fascists in the Donbas .. They even changed their swastika right before the events .. Now the emblem is like this:

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