A Flying Visit to King’s College Hospital – London (23.2.2022)

Assessing Statues Outside King’s College Hospital – London!

My partner – Gee – had just finished a 12-hour nightshift as an NHS Midwife, had quickly returned to Sutton to take the children to school and then returned to hospital to participate in a mandatory training exercise. The lack of a strong union in a rapidly privatising NHS has led to this kind of debilitating and exploitative work schedule. To make sure Gee was safe on the return journey – I travelled with her and waited whilst she attended her course – carrying-on my academic work through my ipad and ‘phone, etc. When back together we brought a coffee and a sandwich and then quickly looked around the historic building. In the true spirit of ‘Black Lives Matter. (#BLM) we checked all the statues for dodgy characters! Travel with us and enjoy these photographs and videos! For the record – Robert Bently Todd (1809-1860) – was a renowned Surgeon who DID NOT own slaves!

King’s Possesses Many and Varied Buildings!
Quite Often – I Saw Homeless People Coming in to the Waiting Area – to Get Out of the Cold!
The Ornate Architecture of King’s!
A Short Clip of an Old Ornate Entrance of King’s
Part of the External Architecture of King’s!
Gee Having a Coffee With Me!
Heading to the Coffee Shop at King’s!
An Establishment Nearby King’s
Houses and Flats That Used to Be Given ‘Free’ to NHS Workers as Part of Their Pay – But Are now All Sold-off and in Private Hands.
A Reminder of Britain’s Multicultural Past!
Gee Standing Outside King’s!
Gee Standing Outside An Original Gate at King’s!
Golden Jubilee Wing!
This Probably Refers to An Old Forest Used for Wood!
Just So You Know Where You Are!
A Sign That Will Soon Pass into History!

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