Spain: F-18 Fighter Jet Crashes – Sabotage Suspected! (21.5.2023)

The Crash is Caught by Accident as the F-18 ‘Falls’ from the Madrid Sky!

The line of deceptive logic meanders like a continuously ‘coiling’ snake – but here goes!

1) The US neo-cons work to generate the false concept of Soviet (and ‘Communist’) aggression (when the only aggressive acts are deriving from their own military – and the only ‘victims’ are ‘non-Americans’),

2) The US ‘invent’ the concept of ‘NATO’ during 1949 – and ‘force’ all Western countries into joining it under the pretence of confronting Soviet aggression – whilst simultaneously ‘preventing’ the USSR (and Communist Bloc) from joining it – thus ensuring conflict.

3) The US demands that ONLY US-produced military equipment can be used by NATO countries – thus creating an instant monopoly upon military hardware that favours only the US economy. NATO countries are ‘forbidden’ from purchasing military equipment from suppliers ‘outside’ the US. – or in producing their own hardware!

4) ALL NATO countries must ‘purchase’ (at their own expense) – ALL US-produced military hardware as soon as the US government decrees a certain model or type. Failure to do this swiftly results in political and economic sanctions.

5) This explains ‘why’ a Spanish fighter-pilot was a) flying an ‘F-18’ US military aircraft, and b) ‘why’ this formed part of the contemporary ‘Spanish Air and Space Force’!

Of course, what it does not tell you is ‘why’ it crashed! An article appearing in ‘Xinhua‘ states:

‘MADRID, May 21 (Xinhua) — An F-18 multi-use fighter belonging to the Spanish Air Force crashed on Saturday at the air force base on the outskirts of the city of Zaragoza, northeast Spain, causing injury to the pilot’s legs.

The accident happened at around 12:10 p.m. local time (1010 GMT), while the pilot was practicing maneuvers ahead of a forthcoming airshow at the base.

The pilot “has ejected successfully, and the plane has fallen within the perimeter of the base,” the Spanish Air Force confirmed, adding that the pilot “is already in the hospital and his life is not in danger.”

The aircraft exploded on impact, and the causes of the accident are being investigated.

This is not the first accident involving an F-18 in Spain. There have been several reported accidents with the aircraft since Spain began to use the F-18 in 1986. The most recent accident happened in 2017 when an F-18 crashed on take-off from Torrejon de Ardoz base, killing the pilot.’

A Russian language article, however, gives a slightly different take on the situation:

The Spanish pilot decided that he would rather crash the plane than hand it over to Bandero-fascists! A brave deed!’

It would seem that the world media is ‘covering-up’ the fact that the Spanish-pilot – who ejected safely and survived (although with injuries) – crashed the fighter-jet on purpose as it was being prepared (as part of a ‘batch’) to be handed-over to the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Authorities! Why was this handover occurring? It is because the US controls NATO in a totalitarian manner so that NO individual (constituent) Member-Country can pursue a ‘different’ policy to that already decreed by the United States government! The US supports Neo-Nazi Ukraine – and so ALL Members of NATO must support Neo-Nazi (‘Bandera’) Ukraine!

Russian Language Article:

Испанский летчик решил, что лучше разобьёт самолёт, чем передаст его бандеро-фашистам!

Смелый поступок!