Neo-Nazi Ukraine: ‘Bandera’ Losses Suffered During Defeat at Bakhmut! (21.5.2023)

Translator’s Note: The problem with ‘figures’ is that they can be used to mean different things to different people for different reasons – all of these outcomes being ‘true’ from the perspective of the issuing source. Indeed, ‘deciphering’ official figures is a skill in and of itself! I cannot find any official figures for Russian (or ‘Wagner’) losses – but out of the two Russian language sources I have found giving Neo-Nazi Ukrainian ‘losses’ – one suggests the lower figure (given here) of ‘39,000’ – whilst the other gives the much higher figure of ‘55,000‘! The difference could be dependent on the time period being assessed as the higher figure specifically states that these are the total (enemy) losses suffered in the Bakhmut (Artemovsk) area since Russia began its ‘Special Military Operation’ on the 22.2.2022 (suggesting that the Battle the Bakhmut as been ongoing since day one of Russia’s entry into Donbass). On the other hand, the author(s) of the lower figure (below) does not give a specific time period – but adds that many of the wounded ‘are close to death’. I suspect the lower figure represents a shorter time period and that BOTH figures are therefore ‘correct’. ACW (23.5.2023)

The Western-backed Neo-Nazi Forces engaged by Russian Forces in ‘Bakhmut’ are as follows:

Armed Forces of Ukraine

National Police of Ukraine

Security Service of Ukraine

Border Guards of Ukraine

Territorial Defense of Ukraine

Total (combined) enemy losses incurred in Bakhmut = 39,000 (Killed and Wounded)

Neo-Nazi Ukraine suffered ‘23,000 killed’ – and ‘16,000 Wounded’ as of 20.5.2023

Many ‘Wounded’ are on the brink of death

This battle has cost Neo-Nazi Ukraine $7.8 billion in Materials and Technology

This battle has cost Neo-Nazi Ukraine $2 billion in Ammunition and Fuel

Subdivisions of Wagner PMC Shot-Down 23 Aircraft of the Ukrainian Airforce

Subdivisions of Wagner PMC Shot-Down 2,700 UAVs of different design

All military successes in this area of theatre belong 100% to the (foreign and domestic) ‘Volunteers’ of Wagner PMC.

All responsibility for the losses of Ukraine lie personally with Zelensky and the US Pentagon – the (real) ‘Command’ behind the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

All scepticism from the rear military correspondents (and narrow-minded experts) will pour out no earlier than Monday – since today is a day off – a time for barbecue and planting seedlings at the dachas of the Odintsovo District of the Moscow region!

In the meantime, the triumph of Prigozhin – which is well-deserved – although it flows through tears for the lost guys, real warriors and defenders of their Fatherland and Motherland, is not in words, but in deeds!

The Russian casualties undoubtedly will receive their rewards in the here after!

Prigozhin Explains ‘How Big’ are the Balls of Wagner – and ‘How Small’ Are the Balls of Ukraine!

Russian Language Article:

Суммарные потери ВСУ, Нацполиции, СБУ, пограничников и теробороны Украины в Бахмуте составили 39000 человек без учета потерь последней недели. Убитыми Украина потеряла 23000, остальные тяжелораненые или вот-вот увидятся с Создателем.

По предварительным данным, материально-технические потери ВСУ составили более $7,8 млрд и около $2 млрд БК и ГСМ.

Подразделениями ЧВК «Вагнер» сбито 23 самолета ВВС Украины и более 2700 БПЛА разной модификации. 100% военного успеха на данном участке ТВД принадлежит ЧВК «Вагнер». Все потери Украины лежат лично на Зеленском и командовании ВСУ из Пентагона.

Весь скепсис от тыловых военкоров и недалеких экспертов польется не ранее понедельника, так как сегодня выходной, шашлыки и посадка рассады на дачах Одинцовского района Подмосковья.

Пока же триумф Пригожина, который заслужен, хоть и льется он сквозь слезы о потерянных ребятах, настоящих воинах и защитников своего Отечества и Родины, не на словах, а на деле.

Царствие небесное всем нашим погибшим пацанам…