Sutton: Evening Walk with the Puppies! (8.5.2023)

Evening Time in West Sutton!

As far as I am aware, this area of Sutton used to be a vast dairy farm, with the cows producing milk for the county of Surrey and most of London! As ties changed, after WWI the farms were closed down and the land sold-off to Local Councils so that private and public housing estates could be built. This was an attempt to clear working-class slums from inner cities and to attract the more wealthier people ro specific areas. Sutton used to be in Surrey until 1965 – when it became a Borough of Greater London (actually South-West London). It it now resembles a London Borough (albeit an affluent one) – its political orientation has never changed – being staunchly ‘conservative’ with the occasional dalliance with the ‘LibDems’.

Indeed, Sutton Council was once ‘forced’ (during the 1990s) to make a public statement to the effect that it recognised and supported the principle of multiculturalism – such was the bad reputation it had regarding accusations of bias, prejudice and blatant racism! This impression was not helped by the fact that the Met Police had also been involved in one or two high profile incidents where it faced Court actions from non-White people subjected racist Police tactics! A Chinese man had telephoned the Police to report that his shop was under siege from members of the far-right. The Police turned-up – greeting the thugs by name – and then ‘arrested’ the Chinese man (giving him a good beating whilst in the back of the van). Luckily, he as very wealthy and was able to pursue this matter in the Courts! Still, it is a lovely evening today on VE Day!