The Stupidity of Marjorie Greene Taylor – Walking on the Wild Side! (6.4.2023)

This is What a Hundred Years of Anti-Socialism Does to the Mind and Body of the Working-Class!

If the reader would like to know the latest US government’s official view on anything – just access Wikipedia (in English) and there you will find it! If you want proof that Wikipedia is controlled directly by the US government the quickest way is to try and ‘add’ (on the relevant pages) any UN-derived data regarding Zionist Israel’s alleged ‘War Crimes’ and ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ perpetuated by that State against the minds and bodies of the Palestinian people (and their supporters)! Such additions are ‘removed’ pretty damn quickly by the so-called ‘volunteer’ Editors and replaced with the ‘official’ viewpoint! The same criterion holds for any entry that conveys ‘objective’ facts about North Korea and China – all are disposed of in exactly the same way – and the racist ‘orthodoxy’ is re-applied. On this occasion, however, I am of the opinion that Wikipedia suits my agenda perfectly for the point of this post – and so I have added the Wiki-page of the above ‘elected’ US politician – Marjorie Greene Taylor – to the footnote of the above video!

Marjorie Greene Taylor is a Trump supporter and has been ‘elected’ into political office by a section of the population of the USA. As US politics is only really about ‘power’ and ‘money’ (whilst supporting Bourgeois ‘White’ hegemony) – someone in her entourage suggested that it would be a very good idea if she appeared ‘topless’ in a video advertising her run for elected office – obviously ‘lifting weights’ like she is hanging-out in a female prison yard – or participating in some bizarre pro-trans offensive! Of course, this woman is so stupid she actually ‘agreed’ and I suppose what we are witnessing above is very much her version of a ‘White Album’! She thinks she is being ‘ingenius’ and does not see that she is the victim of ‘White’ (Bourgeois) psychological, emotional and physical ‘male’ manipulation! None of the ‘men’ who are behind this video are in it – and neither do they ‘expose’ their bodies in such an exploitative manner! Although I am sure she does not care (yet) – it is the task of the rest of us to look out for and expose this type of sexism – as it demeans ALL women and girls (and anyone who identifies thereof).

Marjorie Greene Taylor is a product of over one hundred years of deliberate anti-Socialist ideology! There is no genuine left-wing in the US due to this process of political assassination. The US political process involves only the centre, the centre-right, the right and the far-right. Perhaps President Jimmy Carter lurched dangerously to the centre-left – but the US System quickly got rid of him after just one Administration (a process triggered by his establishment of official diplomatic ties with Communist China)! This led to eight years of the right-wing and far-right Administration of Ronald Raegan – who authorised a ‘bomb’ to be dropped on a housing complex containing families of African Americans who were protesting the racism implicit in the ‘White’ Establishment! The interesting point is that nobody cared outside the Black community – but Black people definitely got the message from the right-wing!

Trump is a fascist and a Neo-Nazi – as he does not discriminate between each variant of the same ‘White’ ideology. What is interesting is how Trump (and Majorie Greene Taylor) both support Russia in its conflict with Neo-Nazi Ukraine! Why is this? Whereas Marjorie Greene Taylor’s Wikipedia page reads like Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ – right in the middle of this utter stupidity all of a sudden clear thinking occurs regarding Russia! Surely, this is an example of true facts hidden in plain sight! Her racist views regarding ‘China’ and the ‘Communist Party’ are juxtaposed with her Islamophobic attitudes whilst wedged in the middle is an exact and precise analysis of the Russian situation but minus one vital fact – namely that the ‘Black’ President Obama overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014 – and instigated a vicious Neo-Nazi alternative! This was intended to move NATO through Ukraine and onto the geographical borders of Russia! Of course, ethnic Russian people in the Crimea voted by 97% to secede from the Ukraine and rejoin Russia – and armed uprisings occured in the Donbass area of East Ukraine (a small geographical area of sovereign Ukraine) out of protest to this US policy.

Whilst officially supporting Russia – it is interesting to note that neither Trump nor Taylor acknowledge this very real pre-history. What is it in the modern (capitalist) Russian attitude (and character) that Trump is relating to? Is it the influence of the Russian Orthodox Church that is driving homophobia in Russia or the (racist) ‘Nationalism’ that binds all ‘White’ Russian people together in the post-Soviet space? Many modern Russian people firmly reject ‘Internationalism’ and its Bourgeois variant of ‘multiculturalism’ – and although modern Russia is a multi-national State (containing a number of Asiatic populations) – the thinking is that the ‘White’ Scandinavian majority are in charge of the country and that all these ‘minorities’ are subordinate (as they ‘benefit’ from the genius of ‘White’ society building)! The fact that these Asian minorities are quite often the ‘indigenous’ people of the region – and the ‘White’ ruling elites are ‘invaders’ (mirroring the situation throughout the Americas and Canada) – is quietly placed to one side and conveniently forgotten by never being addressed. Needless to say, any indigenous ‘Independence’ movement in Russia is quickly put-down by a swift show of force by the ‘White’ Russian State!

This version of Russia is disconcerting to those of us who lived through the time of the USSR and witnessed first-hand how it influenced the world stage – but it is exactly the type of Russia the US wants to see in the world! It is a Slavic version of America! Whilst being a fascist and a Neo-Nazi, Taylor is so stupid that she does not convincingly know what she is or represents! Instead, she hilariously mislabels every political movement she does not like as being ‘fascistic’ or ‘Communist’ – whilst NEVER defining what these terms mean! This is the belly of the beast – the very essence of the US anti-intellectualism that has for years taught US school children that there was no discernable difference between Hitler’s National Socialism and the Scientific Socialism of the USSR!

The fact that the latter lost over 41 million men, women and children fighting the former exactly because of the differences that exist between these two very different ideologies – is never addressed! Indeed, although Taylor uses openly racist language when discussing China, African Americans, Muslims and Mexicans, etc, it is only to the ‘Jewish’ community that she has been forced to issue an apologise to. This is where Zionist Jews demonstrate their ‘Whiteness’ and leave the hallowed ground of the oppressed ‘non-White’ community behind – as these ‘White’ people (whose relatives are busy killing non-White Palestinians) do not give a damn about the rights or needs of non-White people. Why would they – they are White! Israel would do better by explaining why it is that ex-IDF members are encouraged by the Zionist State to travel to the Ukraine and join the Neo-Nazi ‘Punishment Battalions’!