Art: How the Ukrainians Relate to German Nazism! V. Grigoriev [В.Григорьев] (1954)

You are the cannon fodder of NATO, and the Neo-Nazi hypocrites that rule you. It is already clear that the Western world cannot forgive the Russians for their (Soviet) victory in the war against Nazi Germany! Descendants of Nazi Germany’s military criminals are trying to avenge their lost ancestors with the hands, feet and heads of Ukrainians!

Reddit: “The Main Feed” – How Anti-Russian Propaganda Works in the West! (1.9.2019)

There are countless examples of duplicate news items presented in this manner on the US-controlled internet! These negative narratives are not new and can be traced in the ‘fake’ manner in which the West has misrepresented the history of not only Soviet but also Czarist Russia! It is an absurdity of ‘reading’ implications into events that are irrelevant and just do not exist! An event might be “factual” but is presented in a “fictitious” manner as a means to manipulate the thought processes of the intended audience toward a certain, desired and preferred interpretation (regardless of what is really happening)!

Email: Beware the Manipulative ‘Parent/Carer Survey – Spring 2022’ Put-Out by the ‘Privatised’ Academy Schools in the UK! (12.2.2022)

Note also the use of the phrase ‘Local Governing Body’, this is the ‘privatised’ Trust – that has replaced the Local Education Authority (LEA) – comprised of local (and often ‘not so local’) business interests that are responsible to the Tory government of ‘monetising’ our children’s education!

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