Neo-Nazi Ukraine: A Year on and No Russian Victory! (14.2.2023) 

Zaporozhye – South-East Ukraine: AFU 128th Mountain Brigade Destroys Advancing Russian Tank Column with US Technology!

Thirty-two years ago, the Ukraine was the Soviet frontline guarding the Soviet people from the aggressive capitalist West – whilst the ‘Armed Forces of Ukraine’ (AFU) were the cream of the Soviet Red Army! Ukraine and Russia were part of the fifteen-country alliance that comprised the ‘Union of Soviet Socialist Republics’ (USSR) – a State controlled by the working-class. Ukraine and Russia were united through the fact that the ruling working-class controlled both countries and perceived one another as ‘friends’ and ‘allies’. In just thirty-two years of predatory capitalism, these two countries are now controlled by the Bourgeoisie, and whilst riddled with racism, homophobia and religiosity, are exclusively representing the interests of this middle-class. Although the Ukrainians and Russians are genetically identical (deriving from Scandinavia), the Bourgeois poison has convinced both populations that they are in fact two ‘different’ and ‘unrelated’ races! This racist ‘Nationalism’ (which has its roots in German ‘Hitlerism’ and ‘Pan-Slavism’) is the basis of the current war in Donbass. 

Although around one-third of the elected politicians in the Russian State Duma belong to the Communist Party of Russia (CPR), the CPR has continuously supported the Bourgeois government’s policy in Donbass since 2014 and has not issued one Marxist-Leninist critique of it. The same pattern is repeated throughout the Communist Parties of Donetsk and Lugansk – which although they have historically acted independently, have now confirmed that in reality they are simply ‘new’ branches of the CPR! This mirrors how the State mechanisms of Donetsk and Lugansk and how both have dissolved themselves into being parts of an ‘extended’ Western Russia! Indeed, despite all the self-determining rhetoric, there has been nothing ‘independent’ about any of it. Despite the surface rhetoric appearing Socialistic, in reality, this entire exercise has been nothing but an attempt at a Russian Westward land-grab at the expense of Donbass independence – if, indeed, that was ever the real or intended intention. 

Modern Russia is not the USSR, and the Russian Army is NOT the Red Army! Despite inflicting hideously ‘high’ casualties upon the Western-trained AFU and Neo-Nazi Units – after a year of hostilities the Russian Army has FAILED to take the relatively small geographical area of Donbass (compare this with the rapid advances of the Soviet Red Army fighting against the quality of the Nazi Germans from 1943 onwards)! The US has switched tactics and moved the main war effort away from the terribly mauled AFU – and upon inexpensive (but incredibly effective and destructive) drone warfare and other similar technologies! Indeed, it now looks as if the US is using ‘experimental’ technology upon the bodies of the Russian Army soldiers and the technology they use. Plastic drones that cost pennies to produce – carry highly destructive war-loads that destroy trenches, disintegrate bodies and easily penetrate the armour of Russian tanks and other combat vehicles. 

Russian casualties are mounting in the two areas of military weakness that the Russian Army cannot take and hold – namely the North-East and the South-East of the former Ukraine. These areas, although technically lying within the geographical areas claimed by the now ‘independent’ regions of Donetsk and Lugansk (amounting to ‘new’ areas of North-West and South-West areas of an extended Russia), are populated by people who are opposed to Russian rule and are supportive of the Ukrainian State. It is just this difference in demographic attitude that has led to this Russian ‘halting’ – and is responsible for the mauling the Russian Army is now experiencing. The Russian Army cannot seal-off this area and declare it ‘liberated’ to the UN whilst the US keeps feeding these highly destructive military devices into these weak spots. The Russian Army has been stopped in its tracks and pushed back just enough to prevent an all-out victory. This situation cannot last forever, however, before the mounting losses start to effect Russian morale and turn the Russian people against the war!  

A year on and Russia cannot declare victory and bring an end to the conflict – resulting in a ‘free’ Donbass fully annexed to West Russia! This is an outcome the US will not allow and given the ruthless economic embargo upon Russia, and the fact that the US can keep endlessly churning out its destructive drone warfare technology – Russia risks losing its offensive capability in Donbass – with its army facing the risk of being pushed back to its start-lines by a rested and regrouped AFU! The US would then simply move NATO troops up to Russia’s Western border – and its 2014 Obama-plan will have been achieved, albeit with the deaths of over 100,000 Ukrainians and around 20,000 Russians! (Added to this disaster is the reality that the only effective Russian ‘offensive’ military unit at the moment is purely ‘mercenary’ entity named after the German fascist – ‘Richard Wagner’ – which has a penchant for murdering its perceived betrayers whilst using sledgehammer blows to the head – all filmed for maximum effect, of course)! The lesson learned will be that US hegemony decides every whilst the US controls the UK and the EU! Oh yes – and Hitlerism is the new ‘liberalism’! This type of victory would legitimate the stupidity of certain young Europeans who attend protest marches carrying Che Guevara flags next to EU flags!