The Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Conflict – a Tale of Two Fascisms! (3.12.2022)

This is a conflict defined by whose view of events gains traction in the minds of the general public. Thirty-one years of predatory capitalism in Russia (and surrounding countries) has performed its desired function of firmly establishing the inverted mindset of the now dominant Bourgeoisie in the minds of the Russian people and the complete suppression of the Proletariat. The (revisionist) Communist Parties of Russia, Donetsk and Lugansk are allowed to exist just as long as they fully support the new Bourgeois agenda (and serve as a funnelling device for those Russians still interested in Communist ideology – directing them back to the dominant capitalist ideology). All these supposed ‘Communist’ Parties are distinctly ‘Trotskyite’ and are firmly aligned with (racist) Russian ‘Nationalism’ as advocated by the fascistic ideology of Pan-Slavism. Pan Slavism is related to Neo-Nazism – but has its ideological roots in the culture of Scandinavia and not Teutonic Germany. It is the fascistic ideology that inspired thousands of young Scandinavian men to join the ‘Volunteer’ SS Units of Nazi Germany and fight the Soviet Red Army between 1941-1945.  

So Many ‘White Supremacist’ Volunteers Who Travelled From the US, UK and EU to Fight in the Nationalist Battalions of Neo-Nazi Ukraine – Have ‘Gone Missing’ – That Zelensky Has Been Forced By Foreign Governments to Order the Clearing-Up of ALL the Bodies Off the Battlefield for Identification!

In late 2013 and early 2014, the United States (under President Obama) financed and armed the Neo-Nazi ‘Euro-Maidan’ Junta in its illegal seizure of political in Ukraine! This was a combination of many far-right political movements all ideologically loyal to Hitler’s Nazi Germany that until this point had existed on the periphery of Ukrainian society – being the dregs left-over from the Nazi Insurgency of West Ukraine fought between the Soviet NKVD and unsurrendered Nazi German Officers and (Catholic) Ukrainians opposed to the Socialist ideology of the Soviet State! The United States is committed to moving the boundaries of an aggressive NATO toward the borders of Russia – and ultimately nearer to the borders of Communist China – and is using this anti-Russian Neo-Nazi ideology across Eastern Europe to achieve this objective!  

What is happening in the Donbass area of what was ‘Eastern’ Ukraine, is a battle between the US and Russian factions of the Bourgeois Class. It is a fight for dominance of the capitalist banking system – as when the Russian people betrayed the Socialist Revolution in 1991 – the new ‘Bourgeoise’ leaders of Russia refused to implement a Rothchild’s controlled Central Bank in Moscow. Without this ‘control’ – the capitalist banking system of Russia cannot be directly controlled from Washington DC – as can ALL the Central Banks of the so-called ‘Allies’ of the US! The US financially controls the UK and the EU – as this loss of freedom was the price the UK and Europe have paid for allowing the US to ‘pay’ for post-WWII reconstruction! The US has constructed an anti-Socialist political and economic system that is the friend of the far-right (as fascism also prefers and supports the capitalist system).  

Since 1991, the post-Soviet space has been inundated with far-right political ideology and religious extremism – as it is a combination of these two ideological thrusts that the US believed would uproot the ‘Internationalism’ and selfless and caring aspects perpetuated by the ideology of Marxist-Leninism! This is why Russia today is inherently (and disturbingly) racist, sexist, homophobic and highly nationalistic! All these things are present amongst the Russian population – and yet the same population appears collectively to be unable to discern the contradiction that these cultural attributes are ‘fascist’ and directly mirror the equivalent Neo-Nazi attitudes common throughout the Ukraine! In other words, Russians are being asked to fight and die in the Ukraine in an attempt to stamp-out exactly the same far-right ideology that runs rampant in their own country! In reality, this far right ideology was imported into the post-Soviet space by the US between 1991-1999 – after which time Russian leaders started to take control of their own country in a more effective manner. Therefore, there is no ‘Socialism’ within Russia and Russians in general react to the conflict in Ukraine with an unquestioning and thoroughly ‘racist’ nationalist fervour! The point is that as repugnant as modern Russia is, as a nation Russians are fighting the Neo-Nazism the US, UK and EU have financed and armed in the Ukraine. I oppose Russian capitalism just as much as I oppose Ukrainian Neo-Nazism – but as the Russian Armed Forces are currently opposing Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – I narrowly support that fight.  

Russian Language Source:

Куев, “застольные речи нашего фюрера”, культ личности раздули до космических масштабов, Гитлер в гробу крутится от зависти,

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Зашёл в магазин купить книжку умную, а там один Зеленский и хроника его речей за все время войны, один том, это собрание его наркотического бреда за один месяц. Не страна, а тоталитарный концлагерь

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