No Protests in China – Just Laughter at US Anti-Intellectualism! (3.12.2022)

North Korean Border Guards ‘Let-Off Steam’ After Hours of ‘Guard-Duty’ Facing-Off with the Bourgeois West!

My North Korean friend (a woman with an older relative featured above) says ‘This is NOT China – our beloved ally!’ ‘We do not passively engage with the West – but dynamically oppose it at every step!’ ‘We have been doing this since our Great Leaders laid the foundations for our Juche and Sorghum Workers’ State during 1948!’ ‘We demonstrated our greatness between 1950-1953 against US Imperialism – inflicting defeat after defeat upon the American and British Forces!’ ‘In your “Tower of London” there is a Museum where your military “celebrates” the defeats we inflicted upon the British Army!’ She can keep this up for hours without a break – I know because I tested her ability once!

In 2017, a Chinese friend of mine – who visits the DPRK regularly – filmed himself having a haircut in the land of the mighty North Korean people! I mention all this because the agency of US anti-intellectualism ‘racialises’ any and all ‘non-White’ people – so that they appear ‘less than human’ and have ‘no valid culture of their own’. The fake Communist Movements of the West can be quickly discerned when such Trotskyite (and ‘fascistic’) entities attempt to pass-off their direct (Eurocentric) lines to smoked-filled rooms in Washington – as being direct lines to Comrades in Beijing! These deceivers of the Workers line their own pockets by betraying the Proletariat (directly all sincerely seeking ‘Revolutionary’ young minds firmly back to ‘capitalism’) – with these entities found all over the West (and the UK)! The average Worker must think for themselves and beware supposed ‘Communists’ bearing gifts! Genuine Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) Movements generate a collective ‘freedom of thought’ – and NOT a cult-like enslavement to an individual, doctrine or policy!

The latest ‘lie’ about China that is doing the rounds – but not really gaining the traction the US planned (primarily to the Qatar World Cup ‘distracting’ the masses – according to a leaked CIA Report) – is that China is currently in the grip of mass Worker unpheaval – with flash strikes and unplanned industrial action happening left, right and centre! Vague and non-descript videos are appearing (usualling filmed ‘at night’ and with participants wearing ‘hoodies and face-masks’) claiming to be from the ‘frontline’ of all this discontent! In reality, this is all part of Uncle Biden’s misguided and deluded policy to create the falsehood (and distraction) of supposed ‘Chinese discontent’ – whilst Russia gains the upper-hand against Western-backed Neo-Nazism in what was formerly Eastern Ukraine (the now legally and lawfully ‘Independent’ Donbass)!

There are NO protests in China. There does not have to be as the Working-Class of China controls the ‘means of production’ and decides the best policies that serve the ongoing interests of that branch of the International Proletariat! Every Worker in China possesses the right to protest and to strike – these are inherent rights granted to each individual Worker in China since the Socialist Revolution in 1949! The exercising of these rights marks the ongoing success of the 1949 Socialist Revolution and the popularity of the Communist Party of China (CPC) as the agency that safeguards these rights and prevents Bourgeois entities (such as the US) from taking such hard-earned rights away from the masses through their ongoing (and continuous) lying and destructive policies! All is well in China – but not so in the capitalist West – as it has badly miscalculated by supporting a failed Neo-Nazi (NATO) coup in the Ukraine! The US has decided it is time for yet another pointless (and mindless) distracton! Let’s see if this post is ‘ghosted’!