Alexander Werth: France 1940-1955 – Chapter Two – ‘The French Political Parties and the 1951 Election’ (Pages 514-543)

It was ONLY the French Communists who led a campaign of continuous struggle and sacrifice against the Nazi Germans – and which were willing to co-ordinate this ‘Resistance’ with all Allied efforts to bring-down and defeat Hitler’s Armies in Western Europe! Whilst many ordinary French citizens took-up arms in support of the occupying Nazi Germans (and ‘killed’ liberating British soldiers on D-Day) – the French Communists (and their ‘Internationalist’ Comrades) stood their ground and supported the arriving Allies! For their sacrifice and bravery – the US re-wrote history in its own corrupt image, and falsely presented the Communist Party as a swastika-wearing ogre that did everything in its power to assist Hitler! The truth, as usual, was much different, as it was only the Communist Party that could be relied upon to ‘fight’ and ‘oppose’ fascism, Nazism and all forms of imperialism! With the US, UK and EU now openly supporting the (illegal) Neo-Nazi government of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine – it is yet again the ‘Communist Party’ which is providing a crucial level of support to the Russian efforts of ‘de-Nazifying’ Donbass!

Workers’ Institute: Explaing the UK Golden Visa Policy for Ukrainian Neo-Nazis! (15.3.2022)

Whereas most so-called ‘Leftist’ and ‘Communist’ groupings in the UK immediately (and ‘instinctively’) took the side of the Bourgeois State they are supposed to oppose (when it came to properly contextualising the Russian Special Operation Against Neo-Nazism in West Ukraine) – the steadfast Workers’ Institute has stood firm in the name of the International Working Class and kept the Red Flag of freedom flying high!

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