Neo-Nazism: Exposing the Hitlerite Origins of White Lives Matter (WLM) Propaganda Imagery! (31.5.2023)

The fact that Veterans of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) routinely (and proudly) advertise the fact that they are fighting in the military Forces of Neo-Nazi Ukraine demonstrates that this internecine conflict can be overcome for the betterment of the race! After-all, if anyone doubts that Zionism is a form of “White Supremacy” – the 1975 UN ruling can be accessed together with the multitude of UN accusations of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity aimed at Zionist Israel! This will include the assassination of a UN envoy in 1948, the continuous and ongoing land-grabs depriving Palestinians of their homeland, the Israeli (Terrorist) Bomb Plots in Egypt in 1956, the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, the continuous Israeli murder of Palestinians and their supporters (such as Rachel Corrie), and Israel’s ongoing blanket-bombing of Syria! For Israel, especially the Europeans (who are NOT genetically “Semite”) – certainly their ‘White Lives Matter’ – far more than those of the non-White Palestinians!

China: Hegemonic ‘White’ Racism Greatest Threat to World Peace! (29.5.2023)

Mao said the involvement of a certain company in the reports indicates that aside from government agencies, the U.S. is using additional channels to spread disinformation.

“This is not the first time — and certainly not the last time — for them to do so. Whatever their subterfuge, it will not change the fact that the U.S. is the champion of hacking,” she said.

Investigation reports released by Chinese institutions in September last year accused the U.S. of using 41 specialized cyber weapons to launch more than 1,000 attacks on China’s Northwestern Polytechnical University and stealing core technical data. The U.S. has not yet offered an explanation on the matter.

Mao said that Washington should immediately explain its own cyber attacks instead of diverting public attention with false information.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: The NOT So Strange Case of Shamil “The White!”! (25.4.2023)

And then we come to the elephant in room (no pun intended). Oddly, contrary to the reasoning of the ‘Track A Nazi Merc’ author – ‘Shamil’ might well be an Indian ‘Aryan’ (Sanskrit for ‘noble’) whilst simultaneously remaining ‘outside’ of the Hitlerite definition of the term (the former is thousands of years old whilst the latter only dates from the 1920s). The term ‘Aryan’ and ‘Arhat’, etc, are ancient Sanskrit and Pali terms found within Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years ago, light-skinned outsiders migrated into North India – displacing the dark-skinned local inhabitants – pushing the toward the South (these people now form the ‘Dravidian’ population). Most of what is today considered ‘Indian’ culture derives from the ‘integration’ of these two bodies of cultural distinctiveness (including the ‘colour-based’ Caste-system which was supposedly ‘abolished’ in 1947 – but continues unabated to this day)

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Obutu Dabaga from Khartoum, Sudan! (31.3.2023)

Obutu Dabagh from Khartoum, Sudan (North-East Africa). In March last year (2022), Obutu Dabagh had the opportunity to earn some extra money in Neo-Nazi Ukraine! This is the product of the US-inspired poverty maintained around the world and it is understandable that certain (desparate) individuals choose bizarre avenues to make money and reduce their difficulties (at least for a short time). This has to be the case, as no ‘Black’ person in their right mind would ‘volunteer’ for the cause of ‘White Surpremacy’!

DPRK: Racial Discrimination – Chronic Disease of US! (29.3.2023)

The discriminative acts against the nonwhite people occurring every day in the U.S. clearly demonstrate to the world that the U.S. society is the breeding ground of human rights obliteration and barren land of human rights.

Martin Luther King who was the leader of black people in the U.S. once said that they wish the racial discrimination will soon be terminated forever in the U.S. society and this country will awaken sometime and truly realize his admonition that it is a self-evident truth that all people are equal. Half a century has passed since then, but his desire still remains as a desire.

All the facts prove that racial discrimination is an inevitable consequence of anti-popular social system of the U.S. and in the U.S. – the “exemplary human rights state” short before explosion – genuine human rights can never be ensured.

Time: How To Tell Your Friends from the Japs! (9.2.2023)

Today, the equivalent would be ‘How to Tell Your (Japanese) Friends from the ‘Chinks’!’ Racism, however, tends to adapt to the times and although Article 9 of the post-1945 Constitution of Japan states that ‘The Japanese People Renounce War Forever’ – a succession of US and Japanese governments have been sword rattling – particularly in opposition to what is perceived as China’s unwarranted economic and military expansion! China is growing through Socialism – whilst post-war Japan grew from being given billions of dollars of US aid! Any country given what amounts to ‘free money’ will economically develop if the right discipline is present. No one helped China and as a country she has risen out of the depths of despair upon her own and there is nothing to be ashamed about when the Communist Party of China is given the credit for what it has achieved!

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