A ‘Socialist’ Internet – China to Lead the Way! (26.8.2022)

Humanity Can Develop the ‘Internet’ In a ‘New’ Way!

It is a sad fact that one of the first websites established on the US-controlled internet (during 1997) was dedicated to the political far-right and used the language of mainstream academia to convey the Neo-Nazi pseudo-science that advocates the falsehood of a racial hierarchy – placing the ‘White’ Europeans at the top – and the ‘Black’ Africans at the bottom! Considering how difficult it was in those days to establish even a single line of descriptive text or generate a basic picture online in those days – the suspicion is that the government of US President Clinton was behind this website! Since then, of course, the US-controlled internet has spread across the world and has become the most efficient vehicle for projecting US-style (predatory) capitalism straight into every single living room, mobile ‘phone and ipad, etc! Whereas the US-style internet advocates a brutal and hostile individuality – the Communist Party of China (CPC) advocates a completely different and entirely ‘civilised’ internet experience, which sees ‘individuality’ tempered by the requirements of ‘collective’ security and enhanced civilised behaviour! The internet under Socialist guidance advocates ‘education’ over ‘profit’! It is as simple as this! Education must supersede commercial endeavour – and all commercial endeavour must conform to the rigours of Socialist ideology and morality! Within an advanced ‘Socialist’ society, ‘individuality’ is guaranteed only through the security of the ‘collective’! If you would like to know more about this – please click HERE: