Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: President Meets Delegation from Cuba’s National Women’s Union! (19.5.2023)

On this important occasion, the President of the Laos PDR welcomed and congratulated Mrs. Teresa Maria Amare Yebui (and the Delegation) – which highly appreciated the visit (and work) of the Delegation of the Cuban Women’s Union – as being an important contribution to enhancing and magnifying the good friendship and cooperation that already exists between the two peoples of Laos and Cuba! In the past, the leaders of the two countries have visited one another’s country – even though they are geographically far apart on different continents – showing that the bond of friendship between the two Parties, the two States and the Peoples of the two Nations is strong and getting stronger!

DPRK: We Strongly Condemn Canada’s Groundless Criticizism of China’s Human Right Record! (14.5.2023)

Canada’s absurd claim of “slave labour” reflects the sense of “guilt” that exists in the United States, Canada, and some Western countries!

From 1525 to 1866, about 12.5 million Africans were trafficked to the United States and forced to work as slaves, but in the United States, about 500,000 people are still living in modern slavery, and today the United States is universally referred to as the “centre” of forced labour in the world!

In Canada during the last century, many Black and indigenous people were forced into slave labour, with “slave auctions” being prevalent, with aboriginal child abuse being part of this systematic racism! This is a Eurocentric racism involving anti-Islamic, anti-African, and anti-Asian behaviours that were so prevalent that all sorts of religious and racial discrimination occurred. Such was the continuous reality for the non-White populations!

Laos Buddhist-Socialist Republic: 2nd Session – Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office – Held on May 4th, 2023! (7.5.2023)

These questions were strategic in nature and dealt with issues of the People’s Prosecutor’s Organization – such as the agreement on the Legal Consultation Room for use by the public and the evaluation of said Legal Consultation Room; Research and update the agreement of the Head of the Supreme People’s Prosecutor’s Office on the staff of prosecutors and assistants; Proposing the establishment of District People’s Prosecutor’s Office in Sekong Province and Attaphu Province; Evaluation of the implementation of the role, rights and duties of the District People’s Prosecutor’s Office by considering Pak Ngum District, with Vientiane Capital as a test site; The work of creating and updating legislation and manuals for writing statements in criminal and civil cases, instructions on monitoring and using 7 preventive measures; Evaluation reporting on the transition to the grassroots to encourage general monitoring work and the creation of a coordination mechanism between the local People’s Prosecutor’s Office and relevant parties and Preparing to host a 4-part conference on Judicial Proceedings.

Neo-Nazi Ukraine: The NOT So Strange Case of Shamil “The White!”! (25.4.2023)

And then we come to the elephant in room (no pun intended). Oddly, contrary to the reasoning of the ‘Track A Nazi Merc’ author – ‘Shamil’ might well be an Indian ‘Aryan’ (Sanskrit for ‘noble’) whilst simultaneously remaining ‘outside’ of the Hitlerite definition of the term (the former is thousands of years old whilst the latter only dates from the 1920s). The term ‘Aryan’ and ‘Arhat’, etc, are ancient Sanskrit and Pali terms found within Hinduism and Buddhism. Thousands of years ago, light-skinned outsiders migrated into North India – displacing the dark-skinned local inhabitants – pushing the toward the South (these people now form the ‘Dravidian’ population). Most of what is today considered ‘Indian’ culture derives from the ‘integration’ of these two bodies of cultural distinctiveness (including the ‘colour-based’ Caste-system which was supposedly ‘abolished’ in 1947 – but continues unabated to this day)

DPRK: The Ingenuity of ‘Natural’ Socialism! (8.4.2023)

After a while, the respected Comrade General Secretary said that even if the children are not directly instructed by adults to keep to the right – they will quite naturally step on the outlines (and travel up and down the stairs) keeping to the right-hand side of the stairs entirely by themselves! He said that this was an excellent example of natural education – achieved with only a minimal correct effort regarding planning!

The Nursery Workers’ hearts grew warm with appreciation! As they were only doing their duty for the people – to receive such unexpected praise from the respected General Secretary was completely unexpected and very much welcomed! The next step is always an event in action as the construction of Socialism relies on a continuous outpouring of such ingenius ideas – a processes that NEVER ceases – the General Secretary confirned! (End)

DPRK: Progressing the Signage at the Korean Cental Zoo! (8.4.2023)

A few years later, the respected General Secretary – who visited the Korea Central Zoo again where reconstruction work was underway – had not forgetten what happened at that time which resulted in new information signboards being placed everywhere – so that visitors to the Korea Central Zoo would not have any inconvenience in looking around the zoo! He stated this action had to be taken to serve the people! Even today, the guide sign board of the Korea Central Zoo conveys the noble will of the respected General Secretary that his function is nothing but serving the interests of the people – working for the convenience and interests of the people! (End)

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