Taiwan: Never Again Will China Permit Japanese Imperialism! (24.8.2022)

The Imperial Japanese government controlled and brutalised the Chinese region of Japan for 50 years (between 1895-1945)! At this time, whilst aping their White role-models, the Imperial Japanese behaved toward the ethnic Chinese population of the island just as the White Imperialists behaved throughout China, Asia and the world! Arbitrary arrest, torture, rape and murder constituted the order of the day! Those ethnic Chinese forced to collaborate with this ‘new’ Asian form of White Imperialism were rewarded with slightly better living conditions and indoctrination visits to the Japanese Mainland! The Chinese language (and Chinese culture) was outlawed whilst the Japanese pretended to be the ‘equal’ of the White Europeans they so desperately admired (and still do)! This is the price a ‘weak’ China paid in the face of the European ‘carve-up’ of the Chinese hinterland – aided and abetted by the Imperial Japanese (who liked to mimic Britain and America)! China will never again allow its citizens to suffer the indignities of racism, oppression and alienation from its own identity! The Chinese government will do everything in its power to PROTECT the ethnic population of Chinese men, women and children from nefarious external forces that would do them harm! Would you like you like to know more? Then please click the link HERE: