Hong Kong: Dunhuang Treasures on Display! (24.8.2022)

Evolution Has Endowed the Human Imagination with Endless Possibilities!

Each developed culture in the past perceived itself as being the pinnacle of human development! In other words, when each culture existed, those who lived within it and contributed to its development, thought that there could be no further progression in human affairs and that everything that could be achieved – had been achieved! The development of the modern scientific method, however, informs humanity that this attitude is mistaken, and that regardless of just how ‘perfect’ each cultural expression happens to believe itself to be, there is always another equally important (or impressive) cultural expression waiting just around the evolutionary corner! Throughout pre-modern times, emerging cultures, (regardless of their technical or architectural achievements), were relative affairs that could be toppled with just the right amount of pressure applied to the correct place! China’s long history of continuous and impressive cultural expression is no exception to this rule! If you would like to know more about a particular expression of ancient Chinese culture – please click HERE: