Email: Beware Pan-Slavic ‘National Bolshevism’! (15.5.2022)

This attitude is a total inversion of Marxist-Leninism! Indeed, it is a victory for a) predatory capitalism, and b) Trotskyism! What I find interesting is why modern ‘Russian’ adherents to Marxist-Leninism still insist on preferring a ‘Russo-centric’ (‘nationalist’) view of reality? Infiltrating ‘nationalism’ is one of the greatest betrayals of  Marxist-Leninism and has been so successful outside of China that most European ‘Leftists’ take it for granted and see it as normal! Most post-1991 so-called ‘Communist Parties’ have abandoned ‘Internationalism’ as if such a pan-working-class attitude was an ideological mistake made by Lenin! The USSR is NOT a place but a concept.

Voice of Mordor: Paradoxes of the ‘Occupation of Donbass’ (10.12.2019)

Of course, I have been disgusted by the response of many Communist Parties in the West who have sided with the (racist) bourgeois status quo – perpetuating anti-Russian propaganda because they (falsely) believe that such outrageous behaviour (which is premised upon betraying the working-class) will gain them a few more votes in the trickle such alienated political movements acquire during the liberal voting ritual! No. My family, and millions like us side with anti-fascism and will die doing so – plane and simple. We may well end-up in the ‘Concentration Camps’ – put their by our own country – so be it! We will resist with every ounce of our energy – just like the noble people of Lugansk and Donetsk! Hurrah to the Russian Army!

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