Neo-Nazi Ukraine: AFU Casualties Stand at a Staggering ‘264,432’ Killed! (21.5.2023)

This is about 20% of ALL losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and Neo-Nazi Nationalist (Punitive) Battalions since February 22nd, 2022. According to the War Tears Project – as of May 18th, 2023 – the total losses suffered by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) stands at 264,432 killed!

To put this in perspective, the UK lost around 342,000 killed during the entirety of WWII (1939-1945) on land, sea and air! The UK was fighting in Europe, Africa and Asia and suffered these casualties over a 6-year time period. Neo-Nazi Ukraine, however, has lost over two-thirds of the UK casualties suffered throughout WWII in just 15 months of fighting modern Russia in a relatively small geographic area! Not only are AFU casualties unusually high – but hundreds of the dead are being hastily buried with NO identification! This is because the US is demanding quick victories in return for the money and the hardware they are supplying! Tens of thousands of Ukrainian families do not know where their relatives are!

US: When Asians Are ‘White Adjacent’! (21.4.2023)

I was recently directed to the US-based Asian Dawn website which reports genuine news stories – but from a White, Western and bigoted perspective. Indeed, I was told that if those behind this Asian ‘news’ outlet had been ‘White’ – the outlet would have been closed-down a long time ago and the owners ‘prosecuted’ for racism! The attitude taken by these Asian people (a collective term which includes ethnic Chinese people who ‘reject’ China) is ‘White’ racist for the reasons explained below. The Asians doing this believe they are demonstrating ‘loyalty’ to ‘White’ America – apparently oblivious to the fact that their non-White skin precludes them from any such acceptance.

I also include a short news article regarding the disturbing case of ‘Lindani Myeni’ – a ‘Zulu’ Warrior – who was shot dead by Honolulu Police at the behest of husband and wife pair – Shiying “Sabine ” Wang and Da Ju “Dexter ” Wang. Just as ‘White’ racists portray themselves to be ‘victims’ of Black people – it is obvious that Mr & Mrs Wang are siding with this deficient and divisive depiction of other non-Whites (in other words – they are being ‘White Adjacent’) – whilst justifying the death of ‘Lindani Myeni’ by presenting themselves as ‘victims’! This is exactly what happens when all Solidarity is lost!

Beef (S1-E3) – I Am Inhabited by a Cry! (13.4.2023) 

Ali Wong might want to consider that this might be ‘why’ birds – (along with every other living creature) were destroyed by the fascistic Americans! I suspect that this line was inserted into the Asian based US comedy drama ‘Beef’ to appeal to the White Americans who have allowed this programme to be made! The programme itself is racist in that it strives to justify and normalise US neo-imperialism by perpetuating the idea that Asians must conform to White racist standards of behaviour whilst actively supporting the US colonies of Taiwan, South Korea and Japan! This includes the destruction of Asian culture and the replacement of Asian religions with right-wing, Protestant Christianity! Asians can only be included in US TV dramas if they refuse to support the independent countries of the land of their ancestors! Long live North Korea, Socialist Vietnam and Communist China!

The Progressive Nature of the Trans Movement! (11.4.2023) 

The intellectual and personality offensives are just two components successfully deployed by these ‘New’ Red Army Shock Troops! On other Fronts these soldiers for humanity are paying the ultimate price with their minds and bodies as the forces of reaction take their sanity, their health and their very lives! Many so-called Communist Parties throughout the world should be ashamed of themselves for failing to acknowledge the vitally important spiritual, physical and cultural force that the Trans Movement represents! Whilst a capitalist Russia fights Neo-Nazism in the Ukraine – its leaders and Church perpetuates the most hideous homophobia and transphobic attitudes – certainly matching those of the Hitlerites occupying the opposite trenches! And then on occasion I see our Palestinian (Islamic) Comrades routinely expressing homophobic attitudes! These are the contradictions we all have to exist within! I would still stand with Russia and Palestine – but my family also stands firmly with ALL members of the Trans Movement and the 2SLBGTQN+ Community because ‘I’ – ‘We’ believe in ‘their’ – ‘our’ collective destiny!  

Palestine: Land Day – “A Permanent Intellectual and Cultural Broadcasting Focal-Point!” – Walid Abdel Rahim (3.4.2023)

This is how the day appeared on the surface – but in its depth – it was a day of expression of the oppressed masses hidden in the collective hearts of the Palestinians living within Lebanon, Syria and Jordan! At that time, the massacres by the agents of the Zionist Neo-Nazism had begun to implement their pograms of genocide and extermination supported by certain Arabs and by international forces – the extermination of the Palestinian Revolution after the massacres of September – using Lebanon as its arena! The miracle of Palestinian integration and the eternal genius of its people, which all the demons of the Land could not obstruct! It is not right for this to be just a festival – but is rather a time of permanent and eternal intellectual cultural focus and transmission! The Land here does not represent a day of just farms and orchards. Although it is not separate, and it cannot be separated, the Land is the natural, automatic abode of identity.

Dave Chappelle Tells Daphne’s Story (LGBTQ)! (1.4.2023)

The African traditions are said to cultivate and favour the use of ‘wisdom’ – and when I was young – I used to hear older Chinese people talk about possible historical and cultural links between ancient Africa and ancient China! This is a concept I have never heard emanating from the White (Bourgeois) Establishment! The reason is that the reality of the African ‘wisdom’ tradition’ is not recognised by the White Europeans as being ‘true’ or ‘factual’. What kind of people would allow themselves to be enslaved – or so the Western thinking goes! It does not occur to these people that a superior and more civilised people are more easily exploited by a less civilised people! Surely, when you watch the above video – you will be seeing a ‘wise’ African man dispensing his ‘healing’ wisdom!

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