The Global Fight Against Covid-19 Revealed the True Cult-Essence of the Falun Gong! (11.9.2020)

On July 22, 1999, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China issued the “Decision on Banning the Falun Dafa Research Association” – clarifying that “the Falun Dafa Research Association” and the ‘Falun Gong Organization” it controls – are now illegal organizations and are “‘banned effective immediately.” Then, “two further in-depth” explanations clarified the “illegal” nature of the “Falun Gong” cult and its organization – and the requirement that the criminal activities of the “Falun Gong” cult (in all its aspects) must be punished in accordance with the law. “Falun Gong” was designated as a cult by the Government of China after a lengthy investigation into its teachings, structure, activities and objectives, etc. Over the years, most of the “Falun Gong” believers at home and abroad, (with the care of the Communist Party and the Government), together with the help of numerous anti-cult volunteers – have gradually recognized the corrupt essence of the “Falun Gong” cult – become freed from its shackles, and reattained their ”freedom of thought” and “self-determination”! 

However, anti-China forces around the world have existed for a long time. Li Hongzhi and his “Falun Gong” fellow criminals fled abroad to join forces with these anti-China forces, and continue to fabricate rumours, deceive believers, amass money, and take extreme measures to confront society and vilify the Chinese Government. Part of this Falun Gong “international” criminality is the exploiting of disasters for the maximum political advantage! The “Falun Gong” cult quite literally “mines” all disruptive happenings, attempting to turn the blame upon China! This is how the “Falun Gong” has joined with foreign powers “hostile” to the best interests of China and the health of the Chinese people! This has been especially true of the Covid-19 pandemic! With no scientific or medical knowledge, the “Falun Gong” cult has fabricated all kinds of dangerous nonsense that is detrimental to the health of all people in the world!  

Against Science and Against Health! 

With the “Falun Gong” cult – Li Hongzhi claims to be the Lord Buddha of the universe! He has vast supernatural powers! Any disease can be cured without medicine as long as he practices “Falun Gong”! When Covid-19 was raging around the world, a “Falun Gong” member learned that a classmate in Wuhan was infected with the new type of Covid-19 pneumonia, and told him to repeat the mantras “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good” – whilst suggesting other people gather together to do the same thing! They say that they were cured in two days, and that all symptoms disappeared after two days! Taking advantage of the public’s fear of unknown viruses, the “Falun Gong” cult organization online instigated “clarification of the truth to save people” or directly said that practicing “Zhuan Falun” can cure Covid-19 pneumonia and even gain natural immunity! 

As we all know, to stop the spread of Covid-19 isolation and quarantine is required, together with disinfection, wearing masks and the development of related therapeutic drugs and other epidemic prevention and control methods that conform to scientific laws. These are the only legitimate methods for combatting Covid-19. China is using scientific methods to conquer the virus, prevent and control the spread, whilst uniting and integrating all effective methods. Under the severe global epidemic situation, China has achieved the great victory of basically controlling and blocking the Covid-19 virus from spreading and killing people in China! 

However, according to the “Falun Gong” cult – the Covid-19 virus can be stopped by reciting a few magic mantras. If this is the case, then why is it that the “magical” Li Hongzhi see his extraordinary powers to “stop” and “prevent” the spread of Covid-19 throughout the population of the United States? After-all, following all the good karma he thinks he has received in the US, why did Li Hongzhi not cover the entire country with his “expanded” Dharma-body to form a protective shield around every US citizen? He could have done all this because these are the powers that “Falun Gong” literature claims he possesses! Why did he not do any of this? The US has one of the highest infection rates of Covid-19 and one of the highest death-rates in the world – so we know that Li Hongzhi did not help his adoptive country in this way!  It can be seen from this that “Falun Gong” is an anti-science and evil practice. Only by staying away from the madness of Li Hongzhi and using scientific disease prevention methods can we truly eliminate the virus’ invasion. 

Anti-Human and Very Cruel! 

Li Hongzhi once said that when disaster strikes the human world, bad people will be punished, and only good people will be spared. As for what is “good” and what is “bad,” it must be measured according to the highest cosmic characteristics of “Dafa” (大法) or “Great Law” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance”. 

So, how many “good things” or “good deeds” did “Falun Gong” do before and after it was designated as a cult? This can be seen from the following cases: In January 1998, a 66-year-old retired worker from Heilongjiang Province, Wang Chengxiang, jumped to his death from his home on the sixth floor. It is for the purpose of “ascension and consummation”; in March 1999, Li Ting, a “Falun Gong” practitioner in Chengde City, Hebei Province, who was under the age of 18, brutally killed his biological parents in his own home in order to “eliminate demons”; May 2019, a man in Binh Duong, Vietnam found 2 male corpses sealed with cement in a newly purchased house. This is when “Falun Gong” members were practicing, 4 female suspects attacked and killed 2 men through “exorcism”… Not only in this way, but the Hong Kong “Falun Gong” leader Jian Hongzhang, “New Tang Dynasty Television” news centre director Li Guodong, “Falun Gong” “chief scientist” Dr. Feng Lili, “Three Quits” initiator Li Dayong, and Epoch Times Vice President Li Hongzhi’s brother-in-law Li Jiguang – all died from illnesses that a) they should have been protected from developing, and b) could have been cured from by Li Hongzhi if caught or developed! The “Falun Gong” refused to mourn the deaths of their fellow “cult” followers… 

Numerous irrefutable examples of evidence reveal that the “Falun Gong” ideology as concocted by Li Hongzhi’s – the so-called “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance”, “upper level” and “seeking Consummation” are all lies – are unfeeling and unrighteous whilst importing evil things into (and “against”) human nature, and killing innocent lives.  

A Teaching That is Against the Law and Harms Society! 

The national judicial organs have clearly pointed out that “Falun Gong” is an illegal cult organization that utilises the nature of secret associations to spread its poison through society. The “Falun Gong” cult organization has been deceiving its followers, claiming that “corrupt” teachings have not been legally “assessed” and lawfully “condemned”! 

The “Falun Gong” organization is essentially a criminal gang that causes serious harm to society. They wantonly destroy the implementation of national laws and administrative regulations. Zhongnanhai, where the State Council is located, saw the “Falun Gong” cult not hesitate to push ordinary practitioners to the front line of anti-social activities, to do illegal propaganda, to realize the political ambition of “Falun Gong” leader Li Hongzhi, to push against the law and endanger the society, and finally he would have ended up in prison! 

On February 29, 2020, in a shop along a street in Shenzhen city – there was placed an illegal propaganda leaflet entitled “Epidemic Special Issue” produced by the “Falun Gong” cult organization, which promoted fallacies and heresies, and fabricated “a classmate who reads the nine-character auspicious words will recover from Covid-19 in two days”, etc. Nothing but a big lie. That night, Shenzhen public security agents arrested the suspect – Fu Moumou – and seized more than 600 copies of “Falun Gong” propaganda products such as the “Epidemic Special Issue”. Fu Moumou was criminally detained by the public security agency on suspicion of organizing and using a cult to undermine the implementation of the law. 

Against Justice – the Scourge of the Country! 

The “Falun Gong” was banned by the Chinese Government in accordance with the law and designated as a cult. However, the overseas “Falun Gong” cult not only does not want to repent but remain stubborn! Li Hongzhi holds grudges against the Chinese Government, the Chinese people, and especially the Chinese Communist Party. The remnants of the defeated “Falun Gong” cult which fled to the West – and launched waves of rumours, slanders, attacks and smears. Coincidentally, in the difficult time of the global fight against Covid-19, several major media outlets controlled by the “Falun Gong” cult used the naming issue of Covid-19 (i.e., “China Virus”) to cater to the stigmatization of China by international anti-China forces and far-right politicians – and did everything possible to frame and blame the Chinese Government and Chinese people! This despicable method of self-directed, self-deceiving and self-justifying cult-activity runs completely contrary to basic human moral laws such as justice and fairness. It is an evil act that harms the country and the common interests of humanity! 

The cult of “Falun Gong” is destined to be judged universally as an anti-science, anti-humanity, anti-law, anti-justice, and anti-human organization – due to its despicable and hateful attitudes and dangerous history! It must be completely rejected by people of insight all over the world and shattered by the force of justice!  

Source: China Anti-Cult Network 

Chinese Language Article: 

全球抗疫 再揭“法轮功”的邪教本质 


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那么,“法轮功”定为邪教前后做了多少“好事”或“善事”呢?从以下案例可见一斑:1998年1月,黑龙江省66岁的退休工人王成祥从六楼的家中跳下身亡,目的是为了“飞升圆满”;1999年3月,时年不满18岁的河北省承德市“法轮功”习练者李亭为了“除魔”,在自己家中残忍地杀害了亲生父母;2019年5月,越南平阳一男子在新购房屋内发现2具以水泥封藏的男尸,这是“法轮功”成员在修炼时,4名女嫌犯痛下杀手,将2名男子“除魔”杀害…… 不仅如此,香港“法轮功”头目简鸿章、“新唐人电视台”新闻中心负责人李国栋、“法轮功”“首席科学家”医学博士封莉莉、“三退”发起人李大勇,还有大纪元副总裁李洪志的亲妹夫李继光等,这些骨干们结果都悄无声息地死去,死后大多秘不发丧。 










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