How Dishonest Medieval Goldsmiths Invented Fractional Banking


4th President of the United States

Around 1000 CE, the goldsmiths in Britain began the tradition of modern banking by taking custody of gold deposits from the general public, and storing those deposits in their own vaults. A paper ‘credit note’ was then issued to the owner of the gold deposit, which recorded (in writing) the ‘value’ (i.e. ‘weight’) of the gold, which was believed to easier (and safer) to carry around. A credit note could be lost or stolen, but the gold deposit itself remained safely hidden away – at least in theory. Originally, the goldsmiths issued credit notes that exactly expressed the amount of gold that was held in their vaults, but over-time, they realised that they could issue credit notes on the value of gold that they did not possess, and that nobody outside of the goldsmith industry had the ability to understand what was happening. Goldsmiths could issue vast loans to private individuals or businesses, charge ‘interest’ on the repayment of the loans, and no one within British society was the wiser. This is the birth of ‘fractional banking’, whereby the banking system accepts deposits, or makes loans or investments, whilst only required by law to hold reserves equal to only a fraction of its deposit liabilities. This means that a bank might only possess as little as 10% in actual gold, compared to the face-value of the credit notes it issues. Credit notes, of course, are today usually termed ‘bank notes’, or ‘paper money’.

This means that the basis of modern capitalism, although it has its roots in ancient times, (the biblical Jesus is said to have used violence against the money-lenders in the Jewish Temple), is dishonest and misleading. The goldsmiths were able to gain control of individuals, businesses, governments and monarchs, simply through the act of issuing more paper money than the gold reserves they possessed. Furthermore, when loans were repaid (with interest), the goldsmiths actually acquired a material wealth that they did not originally possess. If any monarch (or government) attempted to ‘expose’ or ‘curtail’ this banking industry the goldsmiths would simply ‘limit’ the amount of paper money in circulation, and immediately call-in all their loans (stacking misery upon misery for the ordinary people). If monarchs and governments granted the goldsmiths privileges, social status and political and religious influence, the goldsmiths would reward society by issuing more paper money – generating the false impression that times were ‘good’.

Of course, when the issuing of paper money exceeds the value of actual gold deposits, that paper money is worth far less than the value stated in print. This is how the banking system trades off of fictional gold reserves, generating billions in profits through loans and deposits, and then re-calls all these liabilities when the ‘inflation’ the bankers of generated, causes the economy to ‘collapse’. The modern bankers (as did the ancient goldsmiths) behave as if the processes of ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ that they generate (through their institutional dishonesty). and administer through their corrupt banking system, have nothing to do with them, and are the fault of the ordinary people who suffer due to their manifestation. As the bankers now fully administer the capitalist system by directly controlling governments, big businesses, the media, education and the electoral process (in the liberal, democratic West), all aspects of modern society are geared toward serving their greed. Times of economic hardship or economic ease are falsely presented to the ordinary people as objective forces of nature that no one control, when in fact the forces of ‘boom’ and ‘bust’ are nothing more than unnatural contrivances fabricated in the minds of ‘elitist’ greedy men and women, given expression through the various structures of society (including the Christian Church), the independence of which have been historically ‘surrendered’ by various monarchs and governments. Socialist governments, of course, reject the this highly exploitative and predatory bourgeois banking system and immediately ‘cancel’ all usury debt following a ‘Revolution’ – ths explains the ‘resistance’ to Socialism in the capitalist West, and the vitirol aimed at it – for Scientific Socialism (through the work of Karl Marx) fully exposes this corrupt system for what it is, but it is interesting to note how truly ‘Revolutionary’ some of the early US Presidents actually were.

Not All Propaganda is Wrong!


We live in a world dominated by corporate propaganda that is hidden in plain sight. We are told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and with what to do it. This reality runs counter to the central claim of liberal democracy that we are ‘free’ to choose, and that everything is decided through a group decision. This is obviously untrue. The bourgeois, capitalist system is ‘weighted’ to optimally serve those who possess the majority of wealth, because possessing the majority of wealth, corresponds to possessing the majority of political power. Those who control the banking system, control the political system and the media, and are responsible for structuring the education system. As religion is thrown into the mx to prevent any mass movement ‘away’ from this psychological and physical brain-washing, it can be truthfully stated that everyone is ‘singing from the same hymn book’. The video below, is a random collection of interesting snippets from other presentations, all protesting about various issues surrounding corporate brain-washing. Due to the disparate nature of the its content, there is no overtly ‘Socialist’ agenda, or any single leftwing ideology underlying all the different viewpoints.

In fact, so general is this video, that anyone watching can ‘project’ any interpretation he or she feels comfortable with, upon its content. It appears centre-left, and anti-capitalist without really advocating any alternative viewpoint. However, the maker of this video includes an attack upon gay marriage which is fully rightwing in origin – despite expressing intolerant and fascistic viewpoints often shared by certain section of the leftwing. The clip in question suggests that something is very wrong with the fact that today, far fewer people are opposed to gay marriage than in previous years. Just think about this for a moment, and apply to this snippet critical thinking. Could you imagine a similar article making the same argument against ‘mixed’ marriages in the US? Less people today are opposed to mixed marriages than 50 years ago? Or, that today less White people tolerate racist attitudes toward non-Whites? In the 1920’s and 1930’s in the US, ‘White’ Unions (with Socialist tendencies) openly exercised racist attitudes toward Black and Asian workers – preventing them from joining. The point is that moving ‘away’ from bourgeois bigotry is generally viewed by the left as a good thing, and the encouragement of bigotry a bad thing. It is not ‘wrong’ to be more tolerant and better educated – as this rightwing snippet would have you believe.

The individual snippets in this video make a number of good points, but the motive of the uploader has to be questioned, when good old fashioned fascistic homophobia is seamlessly ‘slotted in’ just as the audience has been lulled into a false sense of security! This does seem in-line with the antics of the US ‘Alternative Right’ movement, which deliberately mixes left and rightwing rhetoric to gain converts from the leftwing. Throwing-in a (very good) snippet from North Korea, and quite rightly criticising Joseph Goebbels (the Nazi German propaganda minister), are very much red herrings. A point this documentary misses (whilst exposing many hypocritical aspects of the capitalist system), is that not all propaganda is wrong, harmful or bad. Why would a video-uploader miss-out this vital and important point? It is because he or she prefers bourgeois individualism (i.e. the basis of capitalist exploitation) over Socialist collectivity (i.e. the basis of Communist freedom). The over-all effect this video gives, is that each and everyone of us should live in a state of perfected isolation (i.e. ‘hyper individualism’), completely cut-off from any and all interaction that might compromise a state of natural ignorance. This is absurd and the rhetoric of pure capitalist exploitation. A person who does not interact, who is not educated and guided, cannot develop critical thinking, and ultimately oppose and over-throw the capitalist system. In the final analysis, this conglomerate of a video projects the nonsense that the only effective way to fight capitalism, is to adhere to its strictures without deviation. This rabid and insane idea must be combatted with logical and precise Socialist propaganda.

The Apathetic British Working Class and the 100th Anniversary of the Russian October Revolution (2017)


The celebrations regarding the 100th Anniversary of the Russian October Revolution that brought Lenin and the (Communist) Bolsheviks to power in 1917, have been ‘muted’ in the UK to say the least. The British working class, compromised and infiltrated as it is by bourgeois Trotskyism, has remained generally apathetic in its recognition and praise for Lenin, with spontaneous (and even ‘planned’) celebrations in favour of Communism, and protests against the oppressive and unjust nature of capitalism, remaining virtually non-existent. The British working class has allowed the ruling bourgeoisie to set the agenda, and has remained ‘quiet’ whilst that bourgeoisie denigrates the memory of the Russian Revolution, suggesting in its usual self-serving middle class manner, that there was something ‘morally’ and ‘historically’ wrong about the Communist Revolution that overthrew its power-base in 1917, and gave the international working class hope. Of course, parody and disinformation from the (bourgeois) rightwing is to be expected, but exactly the same fallacious arguments are also employed by the (bourgeois) left! The British working class, as representatives of the industrialised proletariat, should be setting an entirely ‘positive’ agenda for the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Russian October Revolution, and be agitating against any and all bourgeois attempts at stealing proletariat history, and misconstruing that history for its own nefarious ends. The Russian October Revolution was one of the greatest and most important world events in working class history! Bourgeois attitudes are irrelevant to this fact, simply because the Russian Revolution marks the transcendence of Bourgeois domination and oppression. However, if the British working class does not adequately stand-up for itself, the bourgeoisie will use every deceptive tactic it can to sully the good reputation of the Russian Revolution, and dismiss any relevance it would otherwise have for the working class. The bourgeoisie limits the memory of the Russian Revolution to its broadsheets and its museums – as if it was an event of limited historical import, with no relevance to the modern era. The British working class should stop its association with the corrupting bourgeois ideology of Trotsky, and take its rightful historical place in the world proletariat movement of Marxist-Leninism.

Falun Gong use of ‘Debt’ & ‘Murder’ for Spiritual Profit! (2001)


Fu Yishan with his Family 

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The Falun Gong is a very dangerous – CIA-conceived and controlled – religious cult premised upon a Eurocentric racist mythology, which is designed to brain-wash ethnic Chinese people across the world (and any European interested in the project), with the expressed objective of ‘bringing-down’ the lawful government of China, and instigating a US-controlled predatory capitalistic system, intended to yet again turn the Chinese people into a subservient population entirely at the disposal of Western corruption. This will not be allowed to succeed, and the key to undermining this CIA operation is through a continuous and relentless educational process.  Do not join the Falun Gong cult, do not entertain or assist the Falun Gong cult in any way, and never let the young or vulnerable anywhere near Falun Gong centres or public displays. Remember that every Falun Gong member is a victim of a cult trying to get out!

A Falun Gong convert is promised an ‘after-life’ in ‘heaven’ after he or she dies – but only after a life-time of giving their money and property to Li Hongzhi (the founder of the Falun Gong – a CIA employee – currently living in luxury, in the US). Falun Gong converts live like slaves, and are brain-washed into ‘hating’ and ‘resenting’ their biological family, the Chinese people, and any vestige of authentic Chinese culture.

On the 25th of November, 2001, the Falun Gong cult fanatic known as ‘Fu Yishan’ (傅怡杉), who lived with his family in the Xicheng District of Beijing, took a kitchen knife and murdered his father and his wife. He also tried to kill his mother, but only succeeded in inflicting serious wounds. Fu Yishan (who started practising Falun Gong in 1998) stated he killed his family to help them be more ‘spiritually’ succesful! When asked to explain further, he stated that Li Hongzhi has taught that there are spiritual realms of great ‘wealth’ just beyond this realm, and one way of accessing these realms ‘here and now’, is through taking the life of a Falun Gong cult practitioner, or the life of a non-believer, in the hope that their ‘spirit’ will travel to these realms and become successful. When asked what benefit such an illegal action would have for him on this plane, when he knew ‘murder’ is against the law in China, Fu Yishan replied that the law of China did not matter, because Li Hongzhi is a divine person, and that he had assured him that by ‘killing’ his family, Fu Yishan would receive a great boost in material wealth on this plane (which he must give to Li Hongzhi when it arrives)!

Original Chinese Language Article:




Mike Tyson on Poverty and Injustice

Capitalism exploits us all to various degrees, and in various ways. Many people live like Mike Tyson used to live – and still do – there has been no transformative miracle for them. However, even when successful as a world class boxer, people continued to exploit him – simply because that is the nature of brutal capitalism. Don King took Mike Tyson’s money – but never once earned that money by taking any of the punches in the ring. Mike Tyson is now still a very public figure – even in victory and in defeat. These videos express a deep and honest reality about the human condition.

The Sangha Kommune (僧伽公社) Defined


Ch’an Master Caotang siad:

There is nothing special to leadership – essentially it is a matter of controlling the evils of biased information and autocracy. Do not just go by whatever is said to you first – then the obsequities of petty people seeking favour will not be able to confuse you.

After all, the feelings of a group of people are not one, and objective reason is hard to see. You should investigate something to see its benefit or harm, examine whether it is appropriate and suitable or not; then after that you may carry it out.

True Record of Sushan (Song Dynasty)

The Chinese Buddhist monastic community is referred to as a ‘Sangha’ (Sanskrit for ‘spiritual community’), whereby men and women form a voluntary association premised upon following a strict set of rules known as the ‘Vinaya Discipline’. Within this community, there is ‘equality’ between all members, with the leaders being those who have followed these rules for the longest times. This is because such people are thought to have more experience at adhering to the Vinaya Discipline (which includes celibacy and vegetarianism), and are therefore able to effectively advise all others through the difficult times they my face in their practice. As those with little experience have less to share, they are not considered leaders whilst more experienced practitioners live in the vicinity. Of course, this is a relative matter depending upon the size of population of a community, and the length of time it has existed, and the quality of the masters (male or female) that have led it. Those who cannot keep the Vinaya Discipline (of over 200 rules) generally choose to leave on their own accord, with those who confess breaking the major rules being asked to leave and expelled from the monastic community (due to the bad example they set). However, the term ‘Sangha’ is often more loosely applied to the devout or dedicated lay community, the members of which follow at least 5, 8 or 10 vows as a life routine, and who regularly visit the local temple and volunteer their time in worthwhile social or charitable activities. In this manner, the monastic Sangha teach and guide the lay Sangha, and the lay Sangha applies the Buddha’s teachings of compassion, loving kindness and wise action to the outside the temple, and thereby expand the Buddha-Dharma beyond the temple. As the Buddha originally taught that there is no ‘difference’ in enlightened essence between the monastic and lay community, the monastics do not consider themselves ‘superior’ and the lay community does not consider itself ‘inferior’ to one another. The principle of ‘Sangha, therefore, denotes a sacred space defined and maintained through the principles of psychological and physical self-discipline and learning, premised upon a general attitude of mutual respect. The Sangha, in both essence and function, is a model for a ‘commune’ operating through the vigorous principles of  equality’, ‘discipline’ and ‘wisdom’. These are the principles embodied within this blog – regardless of the scope of its subject matter.


The term ‘Kommune’ is taken from the German word for ‘Commune’, and is directly related to the principles of Scientific Socialism, as formulated by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Indeed, within German language editions of the works of Marx and Engels, the term ‘Kommune’ is often encountered. This type of ‘Kommune’ is also a voluntary association, albeit distinctly ‘modern’ in origination, and designed to serve the Revolutionary needs of the Proletariat – or the mass of peasants forced to work in the industrialised factories produced by the oppressive capitalist system. Working 12 to 16 hours a day, strictly by the clock, whilst being dictated to by brutal managers and the movement and operation of monotonous machines, these peasants were transformed into self-disciplined and highly exploited automatons of industry, waiting for the right historical epoch to free themselves from their endless toil for little reward. Just as the collective mind is ‘dulled’ by endless hours of repetitive toil, it is ‘freed’, ‘activated’ and ‘expanded’ when encountering the strictures of Scientific Socialism, and a non-resisting ‘false consciousness’ is replace by a resisting ‘true consciousness’. Generally, when the mind is freed from the straitjacket of oppression, the body soon follows, even though it is equally true that if the body is freed by a Revolution caused by others, then the mind soon follows! In these post-modem times, proletariat ‘true consciousness’ is much more amorphous in manifestation, particularly as factory work becomes ever less prevalent in the West. Although the modes of capitalist exploitation change with the epoch, the nature of capitalist exploitation (and class distinction) remains exactly the same. Striving for the establishment of a ‘Kommunistic’ society remains the duty of all right-minded working class people across the globe, with the Marxist principle of ‘Internationalism’ replacing nationalism and racism, etc. The point is that the ‘true consciousness’ of the working class is premised entirely upon non-hatred for one another, as this hatred has been imported into the working class by the very capitalists that exploit them! By rejecting capitalism, the working class is rejecting the greed, hatred and delusion that underlies all capitalist thought and action. This working class mission is no less ‘sacred’ than its Buddhist counter-part, and shares exactly the same essence. The author of this blog strives to agitate for the peaceful achievement of both inner and outer Revolution amongst by any means necessary (to quote Malcolm X).


Having defined two interpretations of ‘Kommune’, it is important to also emphasis the pivotal notion of ‘education’ and the training of the human mind to discern a relevant ‘truth’ in any given situation or circumstance. Learning in a classroom, through a book, encounter groups, political meetings, protest marches, meditation sessions, or the internet, are all crucial aspects of ‘refining’ the memory and ‘honing’ the intellect. The thought processes (and emotionality) must be ‘calmed’ for the sake of ‘wise’ action and non-action when young, so that avoidable errors and mistakes are reduced to the minimum, and progressive activity increased to the maximum (to selflessly benefit humanity).  This is not always easy, and the ability to recognise non-efficient thought-patterns and behaviours should also be cultivated as a means toward achieving self-forgiveness, and the forgiveness of others. The important point is that the mind should be kept in a positive frame of operation, so that the body can be used for various types of ‘enlightened’ political, cultural and social action. The physical body must be clearly (and cleanly) directed by the mind (the seat of volition), and kept physically fit through appropriate activities. This psycho-physical training sets the stage for the refined individual to understand the frequency and quality of inner and outer energy, and immediately understand the best action (if any) to take, or instantly ‘know’ when others are ‘lying’, or presenting ‘untruth’ as ‘truth’. This ability can be further used to generate ‘correct’ work that counters the lies of a society motivated entirely by greed, racism and an indifference to the suffering of humanity and other life forms. Therefore, this ‘Sangha Kommune’ blog is a work in progress that covers a bewildering array of topics, opinions, and research data. By taking a step back away from its content – the general reader will begin to understand the underlying (and motivating) paradigm. This is essentially a ‘Kommunist’ zone where all beings are automatically ‘freed’ at the point of contact. The need for money is already ‘transcended’, and the energy frequency of the Sangha Kommune should be used by all to achieve a state of permanent ‘freedom’ in all circumstances. This is a space of permanent Cyber Kommunism, and ongoing Revolutionary activity in the form of ‘exposing’ and ‘dissolving’ the bourgeois system and its redundant mode of capitalist organisation.


Ch’an Wuzu said:

The Ch’an community is a place for the moulding of Sages and ordinary people, and for nurturing and developing potential ability. It is a source of teaching,. Even though many people are living together, gathering in kind, they are guided and made equal. Each has a transmission from the teacher.

Now in many places they do not strive to maintain the standards of the Sages of the past. Biased feelings of like and dislike are many, with people bending others to what they personally think is right. How should later students take an example?

Records of Equanimity (Song Dynasty)

Seeing Through Alan Watts


It is perhaps the most ironic of facts, that if the theosophy of Alan Watts is pursued to its ultimate rational conclusion, it does not matter whether you listen to him or not. Of course, this former public schoolboy from Britain – transplanted into the US – lectured for money, whilst advising those who paid to see him, not to worry about money. Obviously those without money could not pay to hear him lecture. The point is that alternative spirituality has always been a cash-cow in the West where people with no social consciousness whatsoever, are perfectly willing to part with their money in pursuit of religious imaginations and theistic myths. Alan Watts was well educated and well-spoken. He was in every way the perfect incarnation of the British middle class that had spawned him. As is usual for that class, the economic freedom that it experiences as enhanced leisure, is mistaken as universal spiritual freedom, and presented as such, but where does this ‘freedom’ originate? The bourgeoisie itself would have you believe that it is ‘god given’, and therefore ‘natural’, but this is part of the dishonesty that defines middle class existence. The leisure time and opulent lifestyle that the middle class enjoys originates solely through the toil of the working class. Through the efforts of the working class all of society’s needs are met. All the technological goods, food, clothing and medicines, etc, are produced through the labour of the workers, who are never paid the true value of the work they perform. If the workers send 12 hours producing in a factory per day, the management pays the minimum to survive for perhaps 6 of those hours – and spreads the money over the full 12 hours (Marx termed this base exploitation the generation of ‘surplus value’). This exploitative situation exists because the workers do not own the means of production, or the product produced – all they own is their physical labour which they have no choice but to sell to the lowest bidder. The middle class own the means of production (and the products manufactured) and ensure that the workforce generates the maximum output for the least pay. The workers earn the leisure time within society that the middle class steal for their own enjoyment. The middle class organise the workers, but do no physical labour themselves. They steal the wealth created by the workers, and use it to sustain their own lavish lifestyles. This freedom enjoyed by the middle class is a socio-economic category that has nothing to do with ‘god’, or any other imagined ‘spiritual’ existence. The workers are paid the least to eke-out a basic living, whilst the middle class take the maximum to embellish further their already privileged lifestyles. Once this understanding is established, it becomes obvious that all these middle class ‘gurus’ are doing nothing but moving random ideas around in their heads, in an expressed manner that brings a certain kind of re-assurance to other members of their own class. Working class people have their existences taken-up with the practicalities of material life and how to survive it (such is the poverty enforced upon the proletariat by the bourgeoisie). The middle class, however, whilst inhabiting the inverted mind-set that it undoubtedly does, believe that all the (stolen) freedom they enjoy could be enjoyed by the workers, if only the workers were not so lazy, ignorant, or prone to vice. The reality is that no matter what vices infect the existence of the workers, they have been planted there by the middle class that exploits them. The workers, through their hard work, generate the conditions of high cultural leisure that their middle class exploiters enjoy. If the workers were paid what they were worth, and shared in the leisure their labour generates, then the bourgeoisie would lose its lavish lifestyle. The only times in history when this has occurred is during Socialist upheavals and Communist Revolutions. Perhaps this is why Alan Watts refers to Adolf Hitler as a ‘force of nature’ (like an earthquake), rather than telling the truth of the matter, namely that fascism is capitalism in decline, and that Hitler’s crimes were allowed to happen by the very capitalist economic system that the middle class had already created. In exactly the same socio-economic ‘space’ that Alan Watts peddles his pseudo-intellectualism, Adolf Hitler contrived his pogroms and Concentration Camps.

Progressive Cuba Embarrasses the Capitalist West


No matter what version of liberal democracy that exists within the capitalist countries, it is generally agreed (even by bourgeois academics) that as a system, it is notoriously unrepresentative of the masses of people that are forced to exist within its exploitative grasp. Liberal democracy exists to keep the capitalist system in place, and the bourgeois class permanently in power.  Every four or five years the masses are given the fabricated ‘choice’ of deciding who will ‘administer’ the oppressive capitalist system they exist within.  Of course, the capitalists package this ‘wage-slavery’ as the apex of ‘freedom’, and assume in that flawed judgement, that liberal democracy (as the product of capitalist greed), is superior than existing in a non-capitalist society that has freed itself from the greed and corruption of the bourgeoisie.  Within a capitalist society, the masses are ‘free’ to be exploited by the bourgeoisie, whereas in a Socialist society (such as Cuba), the masses, having taken power by over-throwing the capitalists, are entirely and truly ‘free’ to pursue the path of ‘real’ human freedom. Freedom in this context, that is the context of Marxian ‘Scientific Socialism’, involves a progressive society that has over-thrown and dislodged the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie class.  Such an achievement is an end to the routine functioning of exploitative capitalism, and the implementation of a Socialist system dictated by ‘science’, which is designed to positively move forward the entirety of society irrespective of social class.  Just as capitalism is premised entirely upon greed and indifference to the suffering of humanity, Socialism is the abolition of the routine ‘greed’ that fuels the capitalist system at source.  When capitalism recedes into the past, so does the bourgeois class. Any form of attempting to ‘turn back’ this progression, and re-set society to an earlier, and evolutionary ‘backward’ capitalist society (such as happened in modern Russia), is interpreted as ‘reactionary’ and ‘counter-revolutionary’.  Fidel Castro – together with around 80 other brave individuals – landed in an old boat (that was falling apart), on the coast of Cuba in on December 2nd, 1956 – and despite terrible causalities, suffering and disease, managed to fight his way in-land, and initiate a Marxist revolution, successfully over-throwing the US-backed rightwing government of the hated Batista regime.  This act of Revolution abolished US hegemony on the island, eradicated capitalism and set in motion one of the most progressive Socialist regimes the world has ever known.  The Cuban Revolution has survived a continuous US policy of oppression, terrorism, embargo and attack, and even survived the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union.  Barak Obama has probably been one of the worst Presidents the US has ever known.  Despite being of African-American origin, he has personally backed the re-Nazification of the Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries), which has seen (amongst many other atrocities) the destroying of Soviet War Memorials, and their replacement with statues of Adolf Hitler.  In 2015, Obama voted ‘against’ a UN Resolution condemning the ‘glorification’ of Nazism and neo-Nazism at a time when ‘White’ US police officers were operating a vendetta against unarmed Black men, murdering record numbers (often on camera), to level seldom seen in ‘racist’ US history.  To see this condoning of ‘racism’ by a US ‘Black’ President is truly appalling, and says something about the duplicity and corruption that is the US capitalist system.  This rather illogical system has seen Obama condemn Communist Cuba over assumed (and ‘imagined’) ‘Human Rights’ violation – at a time when the US runs a torture camp on Cuba!  Not only this, but the US was revealed by ‘wikileaks’ to have fabricated (together with the BBC) the 1989 ‘Tiananmen Incident’ in China, in a failed attempt to bring down that other ‘Communist’ regime.  The capitalist UK is no better – with the United Nations (UN) finding that country ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016, for the deaths of between 10,000 and 80,000 disabled people since the Tory and LibDem government’s implementation of wide-spread welfare and medical cuts since 2010.  Communist Cuba has done none of these things because it exists ‘outside’ of the capitalist system, and is not limited to the hypocrisy of its exploitative nature.  Fidel Castro, as an act of will, took matters into his own hands and took-on, and eventually over-threw the US capitalist presence in his country – Cuba.  Cuba is today one of the most progressive and advanced countries on the planet, with its people being the freest and most advanced in education, employment and medical care.  Long Live the Cuban Revolution!

Seeing Beyond Bourgeois Nationalism


Nationalism separates human-beings into the false mythic categories of nation states.  This illusion is set in place through the use of deliberately conflating differences in language and culture with perceived differences in physical appearance.  Once physical differences are inalienably linked with culture, the ground-work for racism is established.  Instead of acknowledging that distinct human populations are the product of diverse manifestations of adaptability within different climatic and geographical conditions, the myth is perpetuated that the ‘differences’ are in fact directly related to skin-colour.  Human groupings are then encouraged by an exploitative socio-economic system to perpetually conflict with one another to see which racial grouping is ‘superior’.  Of course, the real point of this is to prevent human groupings from coming together and over-throwing the exploitative socio-economic system that exploits them in this way.  The psychology of perpetual conflict prevents the human mind from ‘seeing’ beyond its limited conditioning and gaining insight into the true conditions surrounding its existence.  If this true knowledge is gained, then the old socio-economic model would be abandoned for one more in keeping with the actual needs of human existence.

Economics and the Exploration of Other Realities


If individuals and social classes are materially, culturally and educationally impoverished, then their existence is dominated by the continuous requirement to fight for survival on a daily basis. This requirement is a facet of the economic system these beings exist within, and is viewed by those who possess the political power as being a perfectly normal and natural process – a destructive process that sees the majority of the people trapped in such a system, essentially existing to enrich and serve the minority that control society. Having to exist in such a manner that involves conflicting with one another (and with society) on a daily basis to acquire enough resources just to continue to survive, means that the human mind is prevented from developing beyond the grinding material conditions that define its physical existence. Desperation and brutality against others is the product of not having enough resources readily available, so that those suffering deprivation are controlled by those who possess social and political power to exist and behave in a manner that makes them easy to exploit. A man or woman will work 12 hours for £50 if such an exploitative situation represents the difference between starving to death and continuing to exist. Therefore we know that a privileged minority in modern Western, capitalist societies control the majority though the deliberate and cynical limitation and granting of resources.

This being the case, it is obvious that the majority of people existing within capitalist societies are generally in a psychological and physical state of disadvantage. This suggests that they are so heavily locked-in to the socio-economic situation of their existence, that their minds are unable to disengage from it, and see beyond it. This is a logical assessment of the psycho-physical reality of the workers. They are not trained to use their minds in a manner that allows them to be ‘free’ of the daily battle for survival. This is because they are never in a situation where they are ‘free’ from the daily grind, unlike their middle class counter-parts. The workers are trained from birth to possess a limited ability (through a deficient education system) that ensures that their attention is taken with basic greed and superficial observation. They are taught that they must not be united with their fellow workers, but treat them as competing enemies that they must fight. When workers are distracted by fighting one another (like rats trapped in a barrel) they do not develop the insight to understand that their real enemy is in fact that the middle class which maps out their exploitative future from birth, and that ensures the workers never escape the trap of poverty they are made to exist within.

The middle class, on the other hand, experience from birth a totally different and very positive socio-economic situation. Whilst being brought-up to think that they are superior in every way due to their possession of political and economic power and resources in society, their education provides them with every cognitive advantage. As they already possess ample resources (which they gain from exploiting the workers) they do not, as a rule, need to fight for their existence on a daily basis. This difference automatically ‘frees’ the middle class person to explore literature and philosophy, to travel and explore the world, and generally experience a far more diverse and rich experience of the psychological and physical world they inhabit. They are falsely taught that the working class are poor because they are psychologically and physically inferior – this serves to explain and justify their impoverished existence, and suggests that there is no point trying to help them, etc. Whilst implicitly and explicitly creating the conditions to exploit, oppress and impoverish the working class, the middle class is never taught that it is all their fault and within their power to change things. It is the middle class ideology of conservativism that holds all this together, and as many middle class people are quite happy and content with their artificial but otherwise positive existence, many do not see the need to either change themselves in any way, or work toward transforming society.

Capitalist society assumes a priori that nothing should change, but every so often, philosophers, poets and spiritual travellers do emerge. Generally speaking they are all usually of a middle class background simply because it is the exposure to the middle class education system that has provided them with the psychological attributes required to see beyond the limitations of their existential situation. Working class people, as their psychological conditioning is deliberately engineered to be self-limiting, generally do not possess the ability to see beyond their circumstance, and so have no reason or ability to do so. It is not that working class people are actually ‘inferior’, but that the exploitation applied against them ensures that most think and behave in a dysfunctional manner. This can be changed through self-education, but it is difficult for workers to break free from the sheer oppressive psychological and physical weight of the life they are forced to live. Workers should educate themselves and try to break free of the oppressive state they exist within, but middle class people possess a definite advantage as they are already conditioned to be ‘free’ in the world they inhabit. Occasionally, some middle class people break free of their cultural programming and open their minds to other realities. This is a product of their privileged socio-economic circumstances, but it does also demonstrate that there exists other ways of viewing the world that are not limited to the blinkering effects associated with capitalism. It is the system of economics that we inhabit that acts as an intermediary between individuals living within a society and the many levels of reality that science and philosophy state exist beyond our obsession with the outer layer of material reality. If the human mind can be freed (through the correct application of an appropriate education system) from the limitations of historical conditioning, then it is possible for individuals to develop a realisation that permanently perceives a multi-dimensional reality. However, it must be noted that inequality and poverty within a society prevents the human mind from functioning in an optimised evolutionary manner. This means that capitalism is not only a stupid system used to control humanity through greed, but it also keeps humanity in a state of arrested evolutionary development.

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