The Tory Consolidation of Right-Wing Rhetoric as ‘Freedom of Speech!!

In 2016, the United Nations (UN) condemned the Tories and LibDems for an ‘Austerity’ policy (between 2010-2015) – which saw the sudden withdrawal of State Benefits, Social Services and NHS medical care – and the related deaths of over 120,000 vulnerable people and people with Disabilities! This number has continued to rise as has the number of people committing ‘suicide’ due to the inhumane manner they have been treated by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Despite continuous UN monitoring and criticism of the British Tory government(s), neither David Cameron, Theresa May or Boris Johnson (as ‘Prime Ministers’) has taken responsibility for their devastating policies, or addressed the UN protests! Despite hundreds of thousands marching through the different areas of the UK in all kinds of weather, the Tories refuse to acknowledge the death and destruction their right-wing policies have inflicted upon the British people! The Tories are aided and abated in this policy of ‘silence’ by a compliant British media which is behaving – according to a UN spokesperson – like the Berlin press of the 1930s (as Hitler rose to power)! 

A Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn pursued an obvious left-wing agenda and nearly ousted the Tories in 2017! However, the bourgeois establishment organised itself in 2019 and crushed the same Labour Party (which has seen its traditional Northern vote collapse). As Jeremy Corbyn announced his intention of recognising a Palestinian State (and holding Zionist Israel to account for its many War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity), Israel launched a highly effective offensive in the US (aided by the Tory Establishment) which successfully undermined the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Bribes were offered to Jewish Labour MPs to assist the Israeli State in destroying Labour’s ‘Socialist’ movement from within and guarantee an election defeat! This was achieved by the British media assisting the Zionist elements living both within and without Britain to associate any criticism of ‘Zionism’ and the ‘history’ of the Israeli State as constituting ‘anti-Semitism’. Although ludicrous and obviously false, the right-wing British media ran with it and firmly established the illusion that criticism of Israel’s murderous past was tantamount to ‘holocaust denial’ and ‘Jew-hating’, etc.  

In 1975, the UN voted to recognise ‘Zionism’ as a manifestation of ‘White Supremacy’ practiced by ‘White’, middle-class secular Jews originating in around the 1880s Germany! Israel has smarted from this ruling ever since due to its continuous (illegal) war-mongering and annexing of Palestinian land. Israel made its move by targeting Ken Livingstone who correctly pointed-out that White, racist Jews living in pre-WWII Palestine has very good relations with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. The Jewish terrorists that routinely murdered British soldiers before, during and just after WWII were not directly affected by the European Holocaust, and often resorted to terrorist tactics in Palestine very similar to those carried-out by the Nazi Germans and their allies. The now deceased British Comedian – Frank Carson – was a British Paratrooper deployed to Palestine in 1946 specifically to combat the Zionist-terrorist threat to peace and stability in the area. His unit was ambushed whilst on patrol and virtually wiped-out by Zionist-terrorists. Frank Carson was severely-hurt lying on his back, as he watched a Zionist-terrorist move from one wounded British soldier to the next – firing a single bullet into their heads. Frank Carson managed to lift up his rifle and ‘kill’ the Zionist-terrorist BEFORE he had time to murder him! He was then evacuated to the UK for hospital treatment and eventual discharge. 

The Tories and LibDems passed legislation in 2012 which removed many of the remaining barriers that prevented the NHS from being completely ‘privatised’. All facilities originally paid for through taxation (particularly those used by the Disabled), were sold-off to private firms who began charging Disabled people at the point of use at a time when State Benefits had been severely cut. The entire ethos of the NHS today is to ‘save money’ and ‘prevent’ individuals gaining access to ‘free’ and ‘relevant’ medical treatment. The point of this is to force seriously ill people to seek-out expensive private medical treatment and put themselves in terrible debt! All of this activity, the cutting of the Welfare State, the privatisation of the NHS, the attack on the Disabled population, the ignoring of UN criticism and the allowing of Israel to interfere in the UK democratic election system – all symbolise a dramatic lurch to the territory of the political ‘right’. This is the Tory ‘normalisation’ of fascist ideology in the UK that is very much in accordance of the US-inspired neo-Nazification of Eastern Europe (in a drive designed to strip Russia of all influence in the region). This approach is the default setting of the ‘European Union’ (EU) the many Constitutions of which call for all Member States to ‘privatise’ ALL Socialist enterprises and NEVER to revert to any Socialist planning in the future! Everything must represent the preferred ‘free market economics’ of the United States.  

Woke’ universities could be fined for ‘cancel culture’ under new free speech law

In June, 2019, the Theresa May government added the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), Stop the War, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Extinction Rebellion (XR) and Greenpeace – as ‘terrorist-threats’ – in a document entitled ‘Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP)’. This aligns very well with the new US-backed neo-Nazi governments throughout Eastern Europe ‘banning’ or ‘curtailing’ the Communist Party and making it illegal to display a Soviet-style Red Flag in public! A Tory government report was presented on 31 March 2021 by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities – stating that the UK does not possess any racist problems whatsoever – a report that was immediately condemned by the UN for upholding the ‘normalisation’ of ‘White Supremacy’ (an identical approach to Israeli Zionism and US free market economics).  

On May 15th, 2021, it was reported that Baroness Falkner of Margravine, chairwoman of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, stated that those people expressing anti-trans prejudice ‘have a right’ to hold such discriminatory viewpoints (and presumably ‘act on them’) – despite the UN making it clear that transphobia of any kind is a violation of ‘Human Rights’ legislation! Furthermore, on Wednesday (May 12th), the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill was introduced in Parliament for the first time. Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said that the new legislation will protect “the rights of students and academics”, as it will hold universities to account on the matter of freedom of speech. This is a Tory initiative that is designed to ‘allow’ right-wing and far-right political rhetoric to be ‘normalised’ in an intellectual setting, despite the Tory ‘banning’ of any ‘anti-capitalist’ history, ideology and debate in Britain’s schools (a policy that came into play during October, 2020), and previously placing the Communist Party on a ‘terrorist’ watchlist during June, 2019! The Tory agenda is clear. Despite the Covid19 Crisis, the Tories have been able to quietly introduce a ‘ban’ on left-wing activity here, and a ‘limitation’ on left-wing activity there – effectively ‘removing’ the political left from the democratic debate! With right-wing rhetoric ruling the roost (and supported by legislation) – there is no longer any reason for anyone in the UK to politically ‘protest’ – and so ‘new’ anti-protest laws have been passed granting ever more powers to the police designed to deprive each individual citizen in the UK of their political rights! The Tories have manoeuvred the UK into a fascist State using the Covid19 Crisis as a smokescreen! 

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