Why Did Jennifer Pan’s Parents Leave Vietnam in 1979?

Jennifer Pan’s Parents: Father Pan Hanhui (潘汉辉) & Mother Liang Bixia (梁碧霞)

Author’s Note: Having trudged my way through Jeremy Grimaldi’s book entitled ‘A Daughter’s Deception – the Jennifer Pan Story’ – I was astonished at the normalisation of various anti-Asian racist narratives, troupes and stereotypes. This book is a demonstration of Eurocentric ignorance coupled with a Judeo-Christian self-righteousness! This assessment has nothing to with whether the ‘Guilty’ verdicts were correct or not (although given the ‘frequency’ of required racism to make everything ‘stick’, I have my doubts) – but is an observational fact. The author could not ascertain whether Jennifer’s parents were ethnic Vietnamese or ethnic Chinese (living in Vietnam) – but I was able to find out this information following a five-minute search on the Chinese-language search-engine ‘Baidu’ – and I have no intention of making money out of this tragedy (as Grimaldi has done and keeps doing). In an ‘impact statement’ issued by Han Pan (Jennifer’s father), his (deceased) wife – Bik Han – wanted to return to ‘Socialist’ Vietnam now that the children were grown-up and that they had made their money! Indeed, both Pans originally left Vietnam in 1979 due to the border war between Vietnam and China – which caused intense ethnic strife throughout the region. Despite this reality, Grimaldi follows the usual US Cold War disinformation and portrays the Pans as ‘running away’ from the Socialist Revolution and Victory over US Imperialism! The problem is that North Vietnam became ‘free’ of direct Western dominance in 1954, and South Vietnam was ‘freed’ in 1975! Mr and Mrs Pan did not leave Vietnam until 1979! Grimaldi even hired a psychologist toward the end of the book (who never met Jennifer or any of her family or co-accused), to give the false impression the family was ‘running away’ from Socialist Vietnam even though this version of made-up history has no basis in fact! My point is that if this central aspect is thoroughly ‘wrong’ in the plot – what else in the Jennifer Pan case is not correct? ACW (13.5.2021) 

Jennifer Pan’s parents migrated to the West in 1979 supposedly as ‘political’ refugees. This has never sat well with me. Not that her parents did this specifically – but rather that the West encouraged a deluge of poverty-stricken Vietnamese people out of their own country that had just lost around three-million men, women and children fighting foreign invaders for decades! The Japanese, French and Americans were not concerned with the welfare of the Vietnamese people they routinely, raped, tortured and murdered! The same US pilots that flew fleeing Vietnamese to waiting ships – were the same pilots that dropped tonnes of the chemical weapons known as napalm and Agent Orange on the Vietnamese people, ensuring genetic deformation for generations, and vast tracts of land that cannot be lived upon or farmed! It was the imperialist presence in Vietnam that ensured the ordinary people lived in conditions of abject poverty, and stayed that way! This reduced the Vietnamese people to the status of ‘slaves’ and ‘playthings’ in the thoroughly racist environment of Western dominance! 

This being the case, why would Vietnamese people willingly relocate to the heart of the lion’s den of exploitation and second-class citizenship? The simple answer is that the vast majority of those who left Vietnam were traitors to the Vietnamese Communist Party and openly collaborated with the Japanese, French and US Forces, as well as sided with the Catholic Church which the US was brutally importing into Vietnam. The Americans believed that Christian missionary worked was an important precursor to a non-European population being prepared to support predatory capitalism as they are systematically ‘stripped’ of their indigenous culture. As the ethnic Vietnamese people used to inhabit Southern China, and given that the country they migrated to – Vietnam – was also considered part of China, Vietnamese ethnic culture is a blend of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism, with Christianity being a historical irrelevance. Within China the ‘Viet’ people are more properly called the ‘Yieh’ and as they lived in the South of China the designation ‘Nan’ (South) was added. Over-time, this morphed only slightly into ‘Vietnam’ following the French imperialist presence which wiped-out the Vietnamese use of written Chinese ideograms and replaced this with the Western, French alphabet.  

In reality, the vast majority of Vietnam’s victorious population were happy to see those traitors who had collaborated with the Americans leave! After-all, this was only a small percentage of the Vietnamese population always made to look bigger than it was by the Western media. Vietnam inflicted military defeats upon the Japanese, the French and the US (and her allies)! These are magnificent achievements achieved through Vietnamese society being organised and guided through Marxist-Leninist ideology! I am aware that the Vietnamese Communist Party switched its allegiance to USSR and away from China in 1975, and that the Vietnamese Army invaded China’s ally of Kampuchea in 1979 (unbelievably at the behest of the US and USSR – both of which were pursuing anti-China agendas). This led to the brief border war between China and Vietnam in 1979 and the Vietnamese occupation of Kampuchea for ten years (1979-1989) – where the foundations were laid by the Vietnamese for the ‘fake’ massacre and genocide supposedly committed by the Khmer Rouge! Of course, my praise for the Vietnamese Communist Party continues up until 1975 – after which things get a little ideologically mirky. However, Jennifer Pan’s family left Vietnam in 1979 at the time of the China-Vietnam border war and the Vietnamese invasion of Kampuchea. It is curious that they never left in 1975 when the American Embassy in Saigon was over-run. 

The biographies in the West covering the Jennifer Pan crime-setting, trial and sentencing are all inevitably ‘Eurocentric’ in origin. Jennifer Pan is undoubtedly the victim of Western racism in my view. This assessment has nothing to do with any concept of ‘guilt’ – although I believe yet again Jennifer Pan was subject to a Eurocentrism that assumed her ‘guilt’ and her ‘evilness’ through a veneer of bourgeois outrage! Of course, I do not condone the murder of her mother and attempted murder of her father – just as I do not condone the three-million Vietnamese men, women and children killed by the US during their invasion of Vietnam! I do, however, recognise Eurocentric racism when I see. One explanation for Jennifer Pan’s family leaving Vietnam in 1979 might be the product of anti-Chinese feeling throughout the country due to the Vietnamese Communist Party changing its affiliation and support from Communist China to the USSR! This change was compounded by the China and Vietnam going to war in 1979 – leading to all kinds of ethnic strife between the two peoples.  

As a consequence of a lack of understanding of China and Vietnam – Western authors are not even sure whether Jennifer Pan’s family are ethnic Vietnamese – or ethnic Chinese living in Vietnam. As the surname ‘Pan’ (潘) is well-known in China – I suspect the latter is the case – although it does exist in Vietnam as ‘Phan’. Furthermore, Bik Pan (Pan Bik) – Jennifer’s deceased mother – is said to have spoken both the Vietnamese and Cantonese languages. Her father – Han Pan (Pan Han) is often only described in Court as speaking through a ‘Vietnamese’ translation. It would be ironic in the extreme if Han Pan is ethnic Vietnamese and Bik Pan was ethnic Chinese (living in Vietnam)! All this matters as it was alleged in the trial that Mr and Mrs Pan had ‘forbidden’ Jennifer Pan from pursuing an intimate relationship with Daniel Wong on the grounds that he ‘was only half-Chinese’ (his mother being of Filipino ethnicity)! If Jennifer’s father is ethnic Vietnamese – what would it matter if Daniel Wong’s father was ethnic Chinese? After-all, he had married outside of his Vietnamese ethnicity and invited an ethnic Chinese woman into his family. Why did the Canadian media run with this racist narrative without ever questioning its validity? The Canadian police built their entire case around some kind of ‘revenge’ story as a motive behind Jennifer Pan hiring ‘killers’ to dispose of her parents! It is probably the case that Ha Pan was forced to leave Vietnam because of the ethnic strife aimed at his Chinese wife! On the other hand, within the Chinese-language media, Mr & Mrs Pan both possess traditional Chinese names – Pan Hanhui (潘汉辉) Liang Bixia (梁碧霞) (as does Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend – Daniel Wong [黄志光 – Huang Zhiguang] – although Jennifer’s name is never written in Chinese characters). None of this back-story was ever brought-up in the trial because it would have undermined the police version of events and given credence to Jennifer Pan’s defence.  

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