Invalidation of the Worker – Part II (4.12.2017)


My original article entitled The Invalidation of the Worker – A Study of Disability in Capitalist Society was published in October, 2013. It is logical to assume that as ‘Austerity’ has continued unabated, thousands of disabled who were alive to read it then, are nolonger with us now. The proliferation of articles that over-simplify and misrepresent ‘disability’ are common place within bourgeois society. Most miss the vital point of economic exclusion, and focus instead upon misguided notions of bourgeois individuality – making such puerile statements as ‘if only disabled people were viewed as individuals and not their disabilities’, or ‘disabled people should not be viewed as dysfunctional able-bodied’, and so on and so forth. It is not that there is no truth to statements such as these, but that this kind of narrative is entirely bourgeois in nature, and as such, does not address the central reality of economic exclusion. Why should a person with a disability be categorised as ‘disabled’, when ‘able-bodied’ people are only referred to in that manner, within a temporary discourse which distinguishes the non-disabled from the disabled (privileging the former and disempowering the latter). In reality this situation is a matter of Marxist-Leninist critique, and involves the exclusion of the disabled community not only from bourgeois society, but also from proletariat society. This discrimination manifests as economic and cultural impoverishment due to a permanent exclusion from the work-force. This has to be remedied as part of an ongoing Revolutionary struggle that rejects Trotskyism and fascism, and aims at the accomplishment of the ‘right to work’ in a suitable toiling environment. This means that the ‘right to work’ should be divorced from the immediate principle of blatant profit generation, and be redefined as an agency of psychological and physical self-development which is also a ‘Human Right’. All discrimination currently deployed by an indifferent bourgeois society should be immediately outlawed, and ‘new’ social, economic, political and cultural structures designed and put in place. Traditional unions should implement anti-discriminatory policies to tackle negative attitudes toward the disabled workers, held within the minds of their able-bodied membership. Finally, tha small number of disabled people who do work must be understood to be ‘privileged’ and something of a bourgeois ‘fetish’ that has no bearing on the experience of the majority of disabled people.

Any assessment of disability is incomplete, if it does not acknowledgement the total and permanent exclusion of people with disabilities from the job market, and therefore from the equal and fair ‘right’ to gain ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’ through participation in the process of earning a living and financially caring for themselves and a family, etc. The situation surrounding disability is made so opaque within the economies of the developed West, that whatever enquiry is made into the matter, it is invariably made by the able-bodied, and riddled with the very discriminative thinking that causes the problem in the first place. Many able-bodied people are so illiterate when it comes to discussing disability that they are not even aware that a problem exists, or hold prejudicial viewpoints to explain why disabled people are lacking in their particular work environments. This type of discrimination cuts through all classes and ethnic groupings, and possesses the potential to ‘unite’ disabled people of both genders, from incredibly varied backgrounds, but the problem exists of disabled people being condemned to a state of isolated individualism, where society forces them to sit outside of mainstream life, viewing themselves as somehow deficient and unworthy of inclusion. Another issue is that the term ‘disability’ includes a vast array of psychological and physical problems, that can stem from severe cognitive and behavioural issues, to an individual having poor eye-sight, or deafness in one ear, for example.

Unionization is lacking amongst disabled people in general (due to the hyper-individualism they are forced to endure), and because amongst certain strands of the disabled intelligentsia (evident online) there exists those who reject any notion of leftwing politics, and espouse a rightwing political rhetoric. This rhetoric, aligning itself with the far-right, explains the tens of thousands of disability deaths relating to the Tory (and LibDems) ‘Austerity’ measures since 2010, as arising from the presence of ‘migrants’ in the UK. This distorted and fascistic thinking imagines that benefits and medical services have been withdrawn from the disability community and re-diverted to migrant communities, and suggests that disabled people should ‘unite’ with the far-right and participate in attacks upon these migrant communities. The fact that the political far-right routinely targets the disabled community appears to be lost on these kind of mistaken individuals. Since I wrote ‘Invalidation of the Workers’ in 2013, the UK has been found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (2016) by the United Nations for the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people (due to the sudden withdrawal of benefits, social services and medical treatment). The UN Report noted that the behaviour of the British press was reminiscent to that of the Hitlerite media operating in 1930’s Berlin, for its vicious rhetorical attack upon the disabled community, and for its unquestioning support of destructive Tory and LibDems policy. In a recent report, Oxford University has linked ‘Austerity’ to the deaths of 30,000 people in the UK, whilst an article in the rightwing Metro newspaper suggests the real figure is nearer 200,000.

Disabled people are in reality a ‘collective’ that has been disempowered and disenfranchised for centuries. Although they are made to exist excluded from the work-force and in a fabricated state of psychological and physical isolation, they cannot be ‘forced’ into a work-place that does not exist to accept them, as the work-place of the able-bodied is default set to treat the disabled worker as a liability to the firm, and a potential loss in earning power and profitability. It is this type of fascistic thinking that interprets a disabled human-being inhabiting a wheel-chair as being a ‘fire hazard’ and an ‘offense’ under Health and Safety legislation. This is in the same category of institutional discrimination that includes anti-discrimination legislation that is ‘voluntary’ to uphold. People with disabilities require ‘civil rights’ legislation – the kind promised by Tony Blair in 1997 prior to his reneging – and instead beginning the modern era of political attacks upon the disability community. It is only through a substantial change in the law that the permanent barriers to people with disabilities entering the work-force will be removed. Simply stopping benefits does not solve the problem, but it does lead to immense levels of poverty, starvation and suicide.

How the DWP Behaves Like the Medieval Church


Excellent and well-structured discussion full of proletarian insight, observations and suggestions. When the Labour Party initiated the modern Welfare State in 1948, the fore-runner of the contemporary DWP (DHSS) administered the re-distribution of wealth through welfare payments, but did so with an antagonistic attitude toward welfare claimants. Certain myths were retained that welfare payments were getting ‘something for nothing’ (when in fact such payments had been paid for through taxation by the recipients), and that those having to live on welfare payments were ‘lazy’ – as if welfare gave these victims of capitalism a ‘privileged’ life-style. In those days, people with disabilities were so disempowered and excluded from the workforce and mainstream society, that the British State thought it appropriate to provide welfare without ever considering legislation to prevent this systemic discrimination. Although the Tories (and LibDems) were found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016 by the UN – (for the deaths of around 10,000 disabled people between 2010-2015 due to sudden welfare cuts) – the Tories continue to persecute disabled people with welfare, social service and NHS cuts – whilst taking no legal action to facilitate the integration of disabled people into the workforce and mainstream society (through positive discrimination). As a consequence, discrimination remains rife. Of course, this does not even scratch the surface of the suffering experienced by the British working class as a whole since 2010 through the initiation of ‘Austerity’. Finally, the DWP behaves very much like the Christian Church it replaced as the administrator of welfare. All recipients of welfare are considered morally deficient, and are treated with an ecclesiastical contempt and mistrust. The DWP, operating as it does through its oppressive procedures, gives the impression that it is distributing Christian charity provided by the ‘blessed’ and ‘faithful’ middle class – rather than its true function of re-distributing tax back to the people who originally paid it.

May Fiddles Whilst the NHS Burns!


Having family members and friends that work in the NHS – I can tell you that no matter how bad you think things are – they are far worse! Any member of NHS that voices concern about privatised or cut services is immediately suspended (without pay), and then ‘sacked’ for telling the truth. People are dying because of NHS privatisation and the slow transition to ‘private’ healthcare. Entire swathes of the population are not receiving adequate or required medical diagnosis and/or treatment, and the infant mortality rate for the UK – one of the richest countries in the world – is steadily increasing. As the government cuts the NHS wage budget, hospitals across the UK are having to cut staff that have trained and practised for years (a process called ‘de-skilling’ by the private health firms) – and due to the lack of funds – are not able to employ new staff. Furthermore, universities are training less NHS staff because the government has cut the NHS education budget. The meagre bursaries for Midwives have been cut, meaning that only White, middle women (with independent means) can afford to train as a Midwife – but even then, private health firms are encouraging ‘new’ Midwives to work within private health sector upon graduation, and avoid the NHS. Since the Con-Dem Coalition in 2012 effectively abolished the NHS, it is nolonger illegal to withhold treatment from a patient, and nolonger considered ‘manslaughter’, should a patient die from neglect. (one famous case involved a man who telephoned the police from his hospital bed in St George’s Hospital, Tooting, stating that he was not being treated correctly – the police refused to act and this man died shortly after, from malnutrition and thirst.) The British people are being conned by Theresa May and her crackpot Tories – who have increased the speed with which hospitals, healthcare centres, and emergency units are being closed down (and the premises sold-off to private developers – usually to build luxury flats). This is a national tragedy of epic proportions made worse by a politically illiterate and apathetic voting population. This entire process is aided and abetted by local GPs who are colluding with this entire process simply to line their own pockets. GPs are withholding treatment, refusing to allow their patients to see Consultants, referring NHS patients to private hospitals (for a commission), and proscribing second or third rate (and often out of date or obsolete) drugs – with the inference that if the patient wants good quality healthcare – then they should pay for private treatment. The irony is that the British tax-payer has already paid many times over for the best quality healthcare to be delivered ‘free at the point of use’ – leaving the question which asks what is this Tory government doing with all this tax revenue? The only hope for the British NHS is the election of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister!


The Green Party: Bourgeois Horticulture as National Policy


It is laughable how anyone still thinks the Green Party is of any use whatsoever for providing justice for the poor, vulnerable, disabled and ordinary workers. By and large, the Green Party is a bourgeois institution thoroughly in the very same hypocritical middle class values that underlies Toryism. Wherever Green Councillors have been elected in the UK they have generally sided with the Tories and LibDems, and implemented the most vicious ‘austerity’ cuts across local services. In the Torbay area – the Green Party had a truce with racist UKIP in the summer of 2015, during an anti-austerity march in the area – a policy initiated by the national leader of the Green Party – Natalie Bennett – following her failure to secure anymore Parliamentary seats at the last UK General Election (2015).

Greens Could Work with UKIP

In the US there is always the pretence of ‘democracy’ and ‘choice’ in their national elections, but this is a sham.  What it boils down to is the historical racism and anti-working class policies of the Democrats, or the existential racism and anti-working class policies of the Republicans – nothing more.  The US Green Party is trying to package itself as somekind of legitimate alternative, but in reality this is just another ‘White’ bourgeois political party with an interest in horticulture, and preserving the Eurocentric status quo.

May Mimicking Major at Lords!


Pakistan’s Batsman-Wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed scored 105

After a day of house-cleaning and shifting heavy objects from one place to another,I sat down in front of the TV to watch something relaxing.  Channel 5 – a station I seldom watch – was showing the highlights of the 2nd One Day Internationals between England and Pakistan, and I had the good fortune to witness Pakistan’s Batsman-Wicket-keeper Sarfraz Ahmed hit a magnificent century!  However, what I was not prepared for was the disturbing sight of Geoffrey Boycott filmed at a distance (in an obviously ‘contrived’ TV shoot) laughing and joking with the current unelected Tory prime minister of the UK – Theresa May.  It is appalling to consider that as people continue to die of starvation, lack of benefits, and lack of NHS care due entirely to the ideologically-led Tory cuts, a ‘prime minister’ would have the bad taste to be seen in public at a Lords cricket match – laughing and joking a if nothing bad was happening to the British people!  This reminds me of that other ‘unelected’ Tory prime minister – John Major – who was also glad to be seen to attend cricket matches whilst the UK wheeled from a decade of Tory economic mismanagement.  John Major (who was born in St Helier Hospital now ear-marked to be ‘closed’ by the Tories) won the 1992 general election simply because Labour under Neil Kinnock was not able to capitalise upon the chaos.  Labour was far more united and cohesive then, than it is today, with rightwing Blairites attempting to rip-out its Socialist heart, and finish the job Tony Blair started.  Today, ‘current’ Labour is in disarray, and yet again failing to make hay whilst the sun shines.  the Tories are ideologically dead in the water, and are simply continuing the destructive ‘austerity’ policies set in place by the Tory David Cameron, and the LibDem Nick Clegg.  The Tory government has been found guilty of Crimes Against Humanities by the United Nations for the manner in which it initiated wide-spread cuts in benefits, and how this policy led to the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people.  Furthermore, to placate the racist UKIP and its far-rightwing membership, Cameron promised an EU Referendum at the 2015 general election – which his ‘stay’ vote eventually lost.  The Tories have nothing to offer than destructive policies for the majority of British people, and pointless tax-cuts for the rest. The Tories may well think that due to Labour’s own in-fighting, Theresa May will win the next election by ‘default’, and to do this, they are copying John Major’s style of an apparently relaxed exterior, whilst the Tory government carries-out the ruthless class-led politics of further enriching the middle classes at the perpetual expense of the workers, behind the scenes.  Needless to say, as I couldn’t stomach Geoffrey Boycott making a fool of himself infront of millions – I switched the channel over.

NHS Privatisation Packaged as ‘Choice’

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In Sutton, it is not uncommon at the Robinhood Lane NHS surgery, for doctors to ‘refer’ a certain type of patient to ‘private’ hospitals in the area to receive ‘private’ treatment at the NHS expense.  This diverts legitimate NHS patients ‘away’ from NHS hospitals, Clinics and Outpatients facilities that would usually deal with these medical issues (free at the point of use), if they were not being stripped of resources during the final phases of an NHS privatisation drive – established in law in 2012 by the Tory and LibDem Parties during their time of Coalition government (2010-2015).  This process of referring NHS patients to ‘private’ healthcare facilities assists the ‘closing down’ of the NHS, as it gives the false impression that NHS provision is not required across the nation, and that everyone either ‘prefers’ or can ‘afford’ private medical cover (which in many cases has been proven deficient or sub-standard – leaving the NHS to clear-up the subsequent mess).  The fact that NHS patients are diverted out of the NHS system in this manner is being ‘packaged’ across the UK as ‘choice’ within the NHS, when in fact it is the exact opposite – NHS patients have ‘NO’ choice if they care about their own health, over than to abandon the NHS due to a lack of NHS resources.  Furthermore, evidence suggests that NHS doctors are only referring those NHS patients who are ‘young’ and in ‘full-time’ employment to ‘free’ private care, sentencing those who do not fall into these categories to a slow decline in their health and diminishing of life expectancy.

Are the Rightwing Blairites Setting a Trap for Socialism?



The British Labour Party abandoned Socialism and the working class in the 1990’s when it elected the rightwing Tony Blair as its leader – who instigated a vicious rightwing tirade against the people who elected him into a landslide victory in the 1997 General Election. Leading up to the election, Tony Blair utilised the agency of ‘spin’ to give the false impression that he was a ‘modern’ Socialist who had the nation’s best interests at heart – when in fact he was a neo-conservative whose privileged historical background had links to the true leftwing Labour Party. He was brought up in the terrible era of Margaret Thatcher‘s rightwing draconian policies that destroyed nationalised industries, cut welfare, and began the process of privatising the NHS. Millions were unemployed and starving under her tyrannical leadership of the country, but Tony Blair did not see things this way. Indeed, when looking back at her life, Margaret Thatcher stated that her greatest accomplishment was not the crushing of the Unions, or the dismantling of British Socialism, but rather the creation of Tony Blair. Tony Blair not only reveres Thatcher – but is on record as describing her notoriously racist conservative colleague Enoch Powell as a ‘great person’. This is the Tony Blair that propelled himself to power in the Labour Party after the death of the popular Labour Leader – John Smith in 1994 – the last truly Socialist Labour Leader until recent events.

It is difficult to conceive how a British Labour Party ruled the UK from 1997 – 2013, and not reverse any Thatcherite policy. In fact, Blair and his Labour cronies continued the conservative policy of cutting welfare, social services, and the NHS – everything the great Socialist Labour Party had brought into being following their 1945 General Election victory – a victory premised upon the moral right to assist the returning working class men (and their families) after their service in the British military during WWII. The Labour Party today is a party of big businesses and corporations. It is a carbon-copy of the Conservative Party that sells its policies to the highest bidder. Big business is essentially a middle class affair, whereby these greedy individuals are always looking for better ways to cheat their work forces, and cheaper ways of employing them. It can be seen just how far the Labour Party has gone ‘through the looking glass’ by the fact that it considers the bourgeois Richard Branson a supporter! No, the working class no longer have any direct say in how the upper echelons of the Labour Party operate, and no input toward Labour Party policy, because if it did, the anti-Union laws would be repealed, and sound working class policies would be enacted, such comprehensive welfare, free education, free social housing, and the maximisation of the NHS and the banning of all private health and other disruptive private enterprise. This would naturally follow after the nationalisation of all the county’s utilities and services.

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Labour Party Leader in the wake of the Conservative and Libdems policy of ‘Austerity’, which has been nothing more than an excuse to enrich the middle class at the expense of the working class. The question is ‘why?’ has the Labour Blairite neo-conservative over-lords (who are in the pockets of big business) allowed this to happen? I suspect that a trap has been set by the Blairites to finish off Socialism within the Labour Party once and for all. The thinking is probably something like this; allow a token Socialist to take control of the Labour Party – but in such a manner that does not allow its big business infrastructure to be compromised through Socialistic reform – let him announce a Socialist Agenda, and then watch him lose the next General Election. Once the election is lost, the Blairites can announce to the British people that Socialism is well and truly dead and that the Labour Party must now pursue the more level-headed, middle of the way (i.e. ‘middle class’) direction – in other words ‘Blairite Red Toryism’.

A colleague of mine worked for the now defunked Audit Commission as a Benefits Inspector. Her job was to investigate Local Councils and check whether they were applying government policy correctly. In 2009, along with many other Audit Commission employees, my colleague attended a meeting in London with a New Labour government minister. He stated that it was the intention of New Labour to dismantle the Welfare State and get people back into work – this included the previously exempt category of ‘Disabled’. He continued that if everyone in the UK was in work, then they could afford private healthcare cover – and so New Labour was going to privatise the National Health Service (NHS). All of this was going to be done over the next 15 years, and in the end, the only people who would receive even a meagre Benefit hand-out, would be the multiply handicapped or terminally ill. He further stated that the Disabled will no longer be protected under UK Law as a separate category to able-bodied Benefit recipients, and will be subjected to harsh Benefit applications, assessments, and punitive actions. This minister stated that the New Labour Party wanted to use the Audit Commission as a central means to implement all these cuts and reforms. Although Labour lost the 2010 General Election, it is interesting to see how the Conservatives and Libdems have pursued exactly this New Labour policy in more or less the same allotted time span. Of course, this raises questions about who exactly controls the UK government, and whether our national assumption that our governmental structure is truly ‘democratic’ is correct. From where I am standing, it certainly looks like an over-arching power is running things behind the scenes and that voting every 5 years is nothing but a sham.

The reason why Jeremy Corbyn may well lose the next General Election has nothing to do with Socialism being dead or outdated. Currently in the UK, only 1 in 5 of the total number of people who could vote, are actually registering to vote. This means that our General Elections are decided by a tiny minority of just around 20% – as was the last one. The other 80% comprise the bulk of the disillusioned working class who live on housing estates, and who suffer all the consequences of the cuts. As they are not registered to vote, they are excluded from the very process that is inflicting pain, suffering, and death upon them. They feel so alienated from the political process – which they perceive as ‘middle class’ and therefore nothing to do with them – that they refuse to engage in it due to its discriminatory nature at the point of contact. This being the case, and bearing in-mind that the New Labour Party has abandoned the working class – the Blairites are thinking that if they just leave Corbyn to his own devices, working class apathy will do the rest. This is because the 20% who do register to vote are either middle class people protecting their conservative values, or upper working class people who mistakenly perceive themselves as ‘conservative’ and vote accordingly. The point is that Corbyn is not going to secure a majority in the House of Commons on a Socialist ticket by relying on the usual 20% of the electorate who have already shown their true colours by returning a far-right Tory government to power after its policies murdered around 10,000 Disabled people during its last stint in office. For Jeremy Corbyn to win the next UK General Election, the Labour Party has to abandon big business politics, and initiate a campaign to get the other 80% of potential voters to a) register to vote, and b) actually vote Labour. If this is not done, Corbyn will lose the next General Election, and the cause of Socialism in the Labour Party (and the UK) will be virtually finished for good. This will condemn the originally leftwing Labour Movement to being a slightly more moderate version of the rightwing Tory Party.

Red Flag over Torbay – When the Dust Settles


‘If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrifices for the benefit of all; then we shall experience no petty, limited, selfish joy, but our happiness will belong to millions, our deeds will live on quietly but perpetually at work, and over our ashes will be shed the hot tears of noble people.’

Karl Marx: Letter to His Father (1837)

This article is dedicated to the good people of Torbay who planned, organised, and made possible the Anti-Austerity March that happened on Saturday the 18th of July, 2015. It has been estimated that around 200 – 300 took part in the march, but at times the numbers seemed larger than this. The march began at 11am in Brixham harbour and when my family arrived at around 10:15am – there was only two other people. We waited unsure about what was going to happen, but slowly the numbers began to build. Around 95 set off on the 6 mile hike to Preston Green (in Paignton) along suburban and country roads shouting anti-austerity slogans, beating drums, blowing whistles and waving flags. Locals stood in quiet amazement wondering what was going on – as cars went by often tooting their horns in support. Considering the weight of rightwing oppression that hangs over the area, the abuse was minimal and usually limited to obscenities shouted through open car windows, and occasionally negative comments from pedestrians. It seemed odd that the local Devon and Cornwall police – although sanctioning the march – did not see fit to provide officers to escort the group, close roads, and direct traffic. The presence of police, if nothing else, generally deters hostile reactions from locals who might otherwise take exception to protests that question their cherished rightwing attitudes and opinions. A fellow marcher stated to me that this situation might have been due to the latest rounds of cut-backs applied to the police by the government. In other words, the local police simply lacked the resources.

The weather was hot and humid – around 25 degrees and hotter at times (although not long after the march had ended, Torquay experienced a down-pour) – but every man, woman, child and accompanying dog managed to traverse the long and winding roads, pathways, meadows and steep inclines, etc. It was amazing to see all these different and dedicated people carrying this feet of endurance, motivated as they were by the compassion they felt for the plight of their fellow human beings. One often chanted slogan was ‘Austerity Kills!’ and it certainly does. Since 2010 and the LibDem – Tory Coalition (and the subsequent re-election of the Tories this year), through the sudden and dramatic abolishing of benefits, social services, and the National Health Service (NHS), it is estimated that round 10,000 people with disabilities have died, and many, many more vulnerable people in other categories such as the elderly, the young, the ill, and the injured, etc. The final death-toll for this far-rightwing ideological insanity could be well in the 100,000’s! While hundreds of thousands have marched through the major city centres of the UK, in the notoriously conservative shire things are very different. In these rightwing enclaves, a minority of conservatives hold the majority of the wealth and local commercial and political power, whilst the majority of the people area (i.e. the workers), have to exist on meagre State benefits, remain in low-paid work, be subjected to undiagnosed or untreated illnesses, have their children taken into care by corrupt social workers, and have little or no formal education. All whilst being confronted by an aggressive and uncaring Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which has a tried and tested policy of demeaning people to control them. Of course, this is nothing new and Torbay is not unique – but it is a far-cry from the more progressive centres of human interaction in the UK. The minority of middle and upper class in the UK controls the majority that comprise the working class. The working class make everything, develop everything, enable everything, and produce everything – and yet they own nothing but their labour which they must sell to the lowest bidder. Workers are nothing but paid slaves that produce the luxuries that the middle class (and their allies) demand for little or no reward.

The masses of people who live on housing estates of Torbay are hidden away from the view of the tourists on the seafront, and live in abject poverty. As they have no voice – they appear not to exist. This non-existence is designed to keep a stock of potential workers handy should the need arise – whilst simultaneously preventing them from gaining an education and accessing adequate employment and political power. Although there are obviously more workers in Torbay than the bourgeoisie (i.e. middle class), they appear not to exist because they lack any means to access the bourgeois system. Protests such as marches, are designed to make what was previously invisible and out of sight, become visible and in plain view. The dialectical forces of history create new opportunities for change – but generally speaking – change is prevented by an oppressive system which uses law and law enforcement to prevent any challenges to its hegemony. Historical materialism – as formulated Marx – states that everything that exists in the present is the product of causes and effects from the past, and that as such, existential events can be analysed and understood in their historical origin, and guided by current thoughts and trends of action. A revolution is the turning of oppressive conditions into mutually beneficial circumstances despite the oppressive presence of the State and all its apparent power. Political hegemony always projects absolute power even when a regime (or class) is morally bankrupt. Sometimes at the right point in history, entire monoliths of oppression can fall. What has fallen in Torbay (through the Anti-Austerity march) is the decades old assumption by the authorities, that the local people they think they control will remain ‘quiet’ whilst being systemically abused by an uncaring system.

After arriving in Preston Green, there were a number of speeches given by the various organisers and charities backing the protest, the piper that had accompanied the marchers into Paignton, led them back onto the road leading into Torquay proper (a route just over two miles). The piper turned-back at the Paignton-Torquay demarcation sign. When the marchers where tired as they entered Paignton – this lone piper lifted their spirits with ‘Scotland the Brave’, and when they left, he gave them strength to finish the 8.29 mile route! The march ended at Speakers’ Corner – where many people spoke about why they thought they were marching, explained the bad experiences they are experiencing under austerity, and to thank everyone involved in the planning and execution of the event. Torquay may be the only rightwing borough in the UK (that has a Tory MP), that has dared to stand-up to Tory austerity. However, the eventual end of austerity will not mark the end of capitalism, class oppression, racism, discrimination, injustice, or inequality. Austerity is merely a symptom of class oppression and sustained class privilege – it does not come out of thin air and has a definite and discernible root in traceable historical events. Simply fighting austerity because it is ‘nasty’ is not enough. Defeating austerity now – but not uprooting the capitalism that has created it – simply condemns future generations to suffer under its dubious auspices. It is a bourgeois-left error that turns austerity into a ‘single issue’ divorced from the capitalist system that creates it, and the injustices that sustain it As fascism is simply enhanced (and unbridled) capitalism – fascism has no answer to austerity. Indeed, fascists use the fact that there is little apparent resources to attack those competing to receive them. This is after the fascists have deliberately withheld money, food, work, and medical supplies from the masses – actions that create the artificial conditions for austerity in the first place. Capitalism is the real cause of austerity and the creator of all social injustice – and fascism is nothing but its lapdog. The Torbay March was only really about the bourgeois concern that perhaps ‘austerity’ has gone too far – and not about the working class concern that capitalism is fundamentally unjust. Of course, although this maybe the over-arching justification for the March by its middle class organisers – many of the ordinary individuals who marched, did so with their own agendas and political motives in mind. We carried the Red Flag of International Working Class (and Communist Movement), whilst the Green Party carried their banners, as did the Unions and numerous individuals – each making important statements about the sufferings of others. The local TV cut-out all images of our Red Flag – but ironically the BBC did focus on my partner (Gee) as she crossed the road pushing our daughter – there was an anti-cuts placard on the pushchair. The racist Herald Express (a local newspaper owned by the Daily Mail) did a ‘hate piece’ on the Red Flag and encouraged all the local racists and UKIP supporters to post obscene and generally unsavoury comments about our presence. This is to be expected as one way the bourgeois authorities control Torbay (and elsewhere), is through the encouragement of the principle of divide and conquer. If we are all busy fighting one another about the colour of the outer layer of our body, then they think we will never pause for thought and perceive that it is in fact the classes above us that are causing all our suffering and grief! This is all aided and abetted by the local church which, incidentally, did not support or take part in the protest. We flew the Red Flag over Torbay and gave the workers hope – this was our achievement as a family on the day.

Brixham – Torbay Anti-Austerity (8.29 mile) Walk – 18.7.15


During the 2015 General Election in the UK – the Stagecoach Bus Company had their drivers carry adverts for the racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) on their buses in the Torbay area (and elsewhere in the UK). Not only this, but many local companies (including hotel chains) in the area, openly advertised the far-right UKIP – despite the fact that these very same companies make hundreds of thousands of pounds from foreign tourist every year. Another example of how the far-right mentally controls Torbay is seen in the regular occurrence of disabled people barred from cafes and restaurants in the area because they are in a wheelchair, have a facial disfigurement or learning difficulties, etc. This bastion of far-right, racist and fascist attitudes is compounded by an air of unchallenged Eurocentricism, a local press (Herald Express) that is run by the racist Daily Mail, and a local police force that is known for its apathy when asked to deal with crimes of discrimination. In this regard, the psychological attitude of this rightwing enclave in South Devon lags far behind the more progressive and advanced city areas of the UK. Torbay is institutionally racist, and controlled by a minority of conservatively minded people who have moved into the area to ‘retire’ – bringing their money and bigoted viewpoints with them. Many of these ‘white’ people state that they come to Torbay to ‘escape’ the multiculturalism of the cities! This attitude was challenged today as many of the 200 or so that gathered in Brixham, did so because they were motivated by a general dislike for these discriminative attitudes and the austerity measures initiated by the ConDem Coalition in 2010 – and continued by the newly elected Tory Administration earlier this year. This is in recognition that the rise of fascism is inherently linked with the sudden and dramatic increase in poverty bought about by ‘austerity’. These people were brave because they gathered together in a backdrop of an establishment that continues to be highly aggressive to any form of Leftwingism or notions of the redistribution of wealth. Money that belongs to the wealth of the nation – that is to the majority Working Class – has been stolen from the masses and given into the hands of the greedy bankers, the uncaring middle class, and an arrogant upper class that is waiting for the ban on fox-hunting to be lifted by their Tory chums. What happened in Torquay today was unique and revolutionary! Although the hundreds that gathered my not have seen eye to eye on every facet of political ideology, there was a general consensus that what is going on in the UK is morally and politically wrong. Why should the Working Class be punished for the mistakes made by the greedy bankers? There are Tory enclaves all over the UK – signified by a minority of small-minded and petty people that keep the majority Working Class in their respective areas both culturally and economically impoverished. In this general state of exploitation and oppression, many through a lack of basic education, turn to the far-right, become embroiled in pointless crime, and descend into highly negative modes of existence. This is the final crushing of the Workers – as every avenue of hope is taken from them. The Leftwing Movement must fight the rightwing, that is for sure, but it must also try and rescue the workers who have already gone under, and who have sunk into the mire of despair. A Worker that is rescued from this mire regains self-respect and will undoubtedly reject the far-right and any form of conservatism as being incompatible to his or her class interests. We marched not for the racist bigots who control Torbay – they already have their rights and privileges – but for the ordinary and oppressed who usually have no say.  Please see the ‘Update’ at the end:




















UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to the organiser of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  20.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father has been deeply disappointed and sadden by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ (behaviour typical of Trotskyites) –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star.

General Elecion 2015: My Response to the Duplicitous Liberal Democrats!


Incredibly, and despite their appalling record in government, the duplicitous Liberal Democrats emailed me the following message below, to which I have replied:

Dear Caroline Pidgeon

Thank you for your email.

Please be advised that I, (like many millions of other right-minded people still living in the UK), am of the opinion that the Liberal Democrats are directly responsible for the dismantling of the Welfare State, and the privatisation of the NHS by blatantly abandoning LibDem principles, and in so doing, betraying LibDems voters, simply to facilitate the fascist policies of a far-rightwing Tory administration. This was done simply because the LibDems wanted to be part of the Tory government apparatus, despite the fact that Nick Clegg only ever played second fiddle to David Cameron. The Liberal Democrats have blood on their hands through the vicious benefits cuts they supported and condoned, which have led to the death of at least 10,000 Disabled People in the UK, and the terrible impoverishment of millions of others. Of course, as the NHS has been sold off to the American profiteers, UK citizens nolonger have the facilities to ensure their lifelong health and safety.

I am glad that the LibDems were wiped out at the polls and have become little more than a bigoted minority party that will hopefully soon disappear from the political map of the UK. I would advise you that the last thing London needs is Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly – indeed, we – the right-minded people of the UK – must fight hard to prevent this. Why? Because a weak Liberal Democrat Party is good for the health of the nation, as they should never again be allowed anywhere near political office. A vote against the LibDems is a vote for life!

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Yours sincerely

Dr Adrian Chan-Wyles

Sutton – South London


( 11.5.15 – 1803)

Join the fightback for liberal values

Dear Adrian,

Last Thursday was the most difficult of nights. Not just for the Liberal Democrats, but also for all of us who believe that hope is much more powerful than fear.

Last Thursday the politics of fear beat the politics of hope, and that hurts.

The Liberal Democrats are down, but we’re not out. We’re starting our fightback today and I’m asking you to be part of it.

Adrian, since polls closed over 5000 people have joined the Liberal Democrats because they believe that there is a better way. Will you join them?

Adrian nothing could show just how much Britain needs a strong, liberal party than Theresa May’s announcement that she will immediately be introducing the snoopers charter, giving the state unprecedented power to monitor your personal communications.

Those of us who believe in the values of liberty, community and individual freedom must stand together. Please join us today and be part of our future.

Thank You


Caroline Pidgeon

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly

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