Meeting Daniel on the Streets of London (9.12.2017)


Barclays Bank is part of the capitalist system that destroyed the world-wide economy between 2007-2010 – and which from 2010-2017 has been used to justify the Tory (and LibDems) ‘Austerity’ policy. This ‘Austerity” policy has been a whole-sale attack upon the British working class and ‘Socialised’ institutions built-up over decades by British tax-payers. This has seen the privatisation of the National Health Service (NHS), and the dismantling of the British Welfare State. Social Services have been cut, and over-all it is believed that 120,000 British people have starved to death, frozen to death, or died of medical negligence.


Daniel – Former British Soldier Abandoned By His Country

Of this amount, at least 10,000 disabled people within UK society have died between 2010-2017. In fact, so callous have the Tories (and LibDems) been, that in 2016, the UK was found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity following an indepth investigation by the United Nations (UN) – prompting the resignation of Ian Duncan Smith – the arch-Tory responsible for all the Welfare Reforms. The greedy banks that caused all this suffering have not been punished (other than in Iceland), but have rather been rewarded by having their loses met with taxpayer’s money – which has been re-directed away from the NHS and the Welfare State. This ‘Austerity’ policy has virtually finished-off ‘Social Housing’, and the implementation of the hideous ‘Universal Credit’ has led to an upsurge in food banks and those living homeless on the streets. In London, the Tories had ordered the police to continuously ‘move on’ the homeless out of the sight of tourists and the well to do, but there are so many homeless now, that the London police have given-up this policy. There is simply nowhere to move these unfortunate people to.


In Greek Street, opposite a Christian building once used to administer alms to the poor, (but which now has a sign stating ‘no help for the destitute’), homeless can be found spread around doorways, side streets and anywhere they are shielded (at least in-part) from the freezing weather. Daniel’s set-up of a tent and hand-written signs caught my eye – that and the fact that in minus 2 temperature he was stood on the concrete pavement not wearing any shoes or socks. Considering his situation I found him to be a gentleman. He was polite, caring and concerned about us – when we were busy muttering platitudes. I asked about his socks and he explained that he had given his socks to another homeless person who was colder than he was.


He asked me whether we were Socialists or Communists – and we said ‘yes’ to both. He then explained that homeless people in that area were trying to help one another and the ‘homed’ community by ‘sharing’ everything they had with one another. He then gave Mei-An (our eldest daughter) a lolli-pop and Kai-Lin (our youngest daughter) a packet of biscuits. This man with nothing on his feet, a former soldier in the British Army and a person betrayed by the country he has served and had risked his life for, actually asked if we ‘were’ cold.




Invalidation of the Worker – Part II (4.12.2017)


My original article entitled The Invalidation of the Worker – A Study of Disability in Capitalist Society was published in October, 2013. It is logical to assume that as ‘Austerity’ has continued unabated, thousands of disabled who were alive to read it then, are nolonger with us now. The proliferation of articles that over-simplify and misrepresent ‘disability’ are common place within bourgeois society. Most miss the vital point of economic exclusion, and focus instead upon misguided notions of bourgeois individuality – making such puerile statements as ‘if only disabled people were viewed as individuals and not their disabilities’, or ‘disabled people should not be viewed as dysfunctional able-bodied’, and so on and so forth. It is not that there is no truth to statements such as these, but that this kind of narrative is entirely bourgeois in nature, and as such, does not address the central reality of economic exclusion. Why should a person with a disability be categorised as ‘disabled’, when ‘able-bodied’ people are only referred to in that manner, within a temporary discourse which distinguishes the non-disabled from the disabled (privileging the former and disempowering the latter). In reality this situation is a matter of Marxist-Leninist critique, and involves the exclusion of the disabled community not only from bourgeois society, but also from proletariat society. This discrimination manifests as economic and cultural impoverishment due to a permanent exclusion from the work-force. This has to be remedied as part of an ongoing Revolutionary struggle that rejects Trotskyism and fascism, and aims at the accomplishment of the ‘right to work’ in a suitable toiling environment. This means that the ‘right to work’ should be divorced from the immediate principle of blatant profit generation, and be redefined as an agency of psychological and physical self-development which is also a ‘Human Right’. All discrimination currently deployed by an indifferent bourgeois society should be immediately outlawed, and ‘new’ social, economic, political and cultural structures designed and put in place. Traditional unions should implement anti-discriminatory policies to tackle negative attitudes toward the disabled workers, held within the minds of their able-bodied membership. Finally, tha small number of disabled people who do work must be understood to be ‘privileged’ and something of a bourgeois ‘fetish’ that has no bearing on the experience of the majority of disabled people.

Any assessment of disability is incomplete, if it does not acknowledgement the total and permanent exclusion of people with disabilities from the job market, and therefore from the equal and fair ‘right’ to gain ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’ through participation in the process of earning a living and financially caring for themselves and a family, etc. The situation surrounding disability is made so opaque within the economies of the developed West, that whatever enquiry is made into the matter, it is invariably made by the able-bodied, and riddled with the very discriminative thinking that causes the problem in the first place. Many able-bodied people are so illiterate when it comes to discussing disability that they are not even aware that a problem exists, or hold prejudicial viewpoints to explain why disabled people are lacking in their particular work environments. This type of discrimination cuts through all classes and ethnic groupings, and possesses the potential to ‘unite’ disabled people of both genders, from incredibly varied backgrounds, but the problem exists of disabled people being condemned to a state of isolated individualism, where society forces them to sit outside of mainstream life, viewing themselves as somehow deficient and unworthy of inclusion. Another issue is that the term ‘disability’ includes a vast array of psychological and physical problems, that can stem from severe cognitive and behavioural issues, to an individual having poor eye-sight, or deafness in one ear, for example.

Unionization is lacking amongst disabled people in general (due to the hyper-individualism they are forced to endure), and because amongst certain strands of the disabled intelligentsia (evident online) there exists those who reject any notion of leftwing politics, and espouse a rightwing political rhetoric. This rhetoric, aligning itself with the far-right, explains the tens of thousands of disability deaths relating to the Tory (and LibDems) ‘Austerity’ measures since 2010, as arising from the presence of ‘migrants’ in the UK. This distorted and fascistic thinking imagines that benefits and medical services have been withdrawn from the disability community and re-diverted to migrant communities, and suggests that disabled people should ‘unite’ with the far-right and participate in attacks upon these migrant communities. The fact that the political far-right routinely targets the disabled community appears to be lost on these kind of mistaken individuals. Since I wrote ‘Invalidation of the Workers’ in 2013, the UK has been found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (2016) by the United Nations for the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people (due to the sudden withdrawal of benefits, social services and medical treatment). The UN Report noted that the behaviour of the British press was reminiscent to that of the Hitlerite media operating in 1930’s Berlin, for its vicious rhetorical attack upon the disabled community, and for its unquestioning support of destructive Tory and LibDems policy. In a recent report, Oxford University has linked ‘Austerity’ to the deaths of 30,000 people in the UK, whilst an article in the rightwing Metro newspaper suggests the real figure is nearer 200,000.

Disabled people are in reality a ‘collective’ that has been disempowered and disenfranchised for centuries. Although they are made to exist excluded from the work-force and in a fabricated state of psychological and physical isolation, they cannot be ‘forced’ into a work-place that does not exist to accept them, as the work-place of the able-bodied is default set to treat the disabled worker as a liability to the firm, and a potential loss in earning power and profitability. It is this type of fascistic thinking that interprets a disabled human-being inhabiting a wheel-chair as being a ‘fire hazard’ and an ‘offense’ under Health and Safety legislation. This is in the same category of institutional discrimination that includes anti-discrimination legislation that is ‘voluntary’ to uphold. People with disabilities require ‘civil rights’ legislation – the kind promised by Tony Blair in 1997 prior to his reneging – and instead beginning the modern era of political attacks upon the disability community. It is only through a substantial change in the law that the permanent barriers to people with disabilities entering the work-force will be removed. Simply stopping benefits does not solve the problem, but it does lead to immense levels of poverty, starvation and suicide.

Free Catalonia – Down with Fascist Spain and the EU


The mainstream media in Europe nolonger objectively reports the news, but in fact ‘fabricates’ a preferred version of events that invariably supports an a priori rightwing atatus quo. This is nothing but an institutionalised ‘spin‘ upon current events that strives to present a racist, homophonic, mysogynistic, fascistic and inherently anti-working class agenda as being its exact opposite. The Tory and LibDem murdering of the disabled and the poor in the UK through ‘Austerity’ is packaged as ‘freedom’, whilst Europe’s support for neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is presented as ‘self-determinattion’. Another issue that is more or less not allowed to be broadcast is the true extent of anti-EU demonstrations and violence throughout Europe, and the extent of working class hatred for the EU that exists at the grass-roots level. This is a pan-European working class discontent that the bourgeoius powers that be do not want advertised or encouraged through media coverage. This is because the EU is an ‘anti-Socialist’ expermient that emerged out of US anti-Soviet (Cold War) ideology, the sole purpose of which is nothing less than the eradication of working class consciousness througout the European Union (EU). This why opposing the EU is a working class duty that must be pursued until the fascistic EU is brought-down through people power. The good people of Catalonia have been protesting against the EU recently, only to be treated with a fascist discontent by the pro-EU (bourgeois) Spanish Authorities. When Firemen formed a protective ring around ordinary Catalinian people trying to democratically ‘vote’ to leave Spain and the EU – the Spanish police firstly attacked the Firemen before the attacking ordinary Catalonian men, women and children. George Orwell – as a well-known Torotskyite – would surely have approved of this treatment, as during the Spanish Civil War, he joined a Trotskyite militia whose sole purpose was to assist the fascists (under Franco) to defeat the Marxist-Leninist International Brigades supported by the Soviet Union. Away with the fascist EU, fascist Spain, fascist Orwell and fascist Trotsky!

How the DWP Behaves Like the Medieval Church


Excellent and well-structured discussion full of proletarian insight, observations and suggestions. When the Labour Party initiated the modern Welfare State in 1948, the fore-runner of the contemporary DWP (DHSS) administered the re-distribution of wealth through welfare payments, but did so with an antagonistic attitude toward welfare claimants. Certain myths were retained that welfare payments were getting ‘something for nothing’ (when in fact such payments had been paid for through taxation by the recipients), and that those having to live on welfare payments were ‘lazy’ – as if welfare gave these victims of capitalism a ‘privileged’ life-style. In those days, people with disabilities were so disempowered and excluded from the workforce and mainstream society, that the British State thought it appropriate to provide welfare without ever considering legislation to prevent this systemic discrimination. Although the Tories (and LibDems) were found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016 by the UN – (for the deaths of around 10,000 disabled people between 2010-2015 due to sudden welfare cuts) – the Tories continue to persecute disabled people with welfare, social service and NHS cuts – whilst taking no legal action to facilitate the integration of disabled people into the workforce and mainstream society (through positive discrimination). As a consequence, discrimination remains rife. Of course, this does not even scratch the surface of the suffering experienced by the British working class as a whole since 2010 through the initiation of ‘Austerity’. Finally, the DWP behaves very much like the Christian Church it replaced as the administrator of welfare. All recipients of welfare are considered morally deficient, and are treated with an ecclesiastical contempt and mistrust. The DWP, operating as it does through its oppressive procedures, gives the impression that it is distributing Christian charity provided by the ‘blessed’ and ‘faithful’ middle class – rather than its true function of re-distributing tax back to the people who originally paid it.

Tory Violation of Good Friday Agreement: Paul Scully MP Denies DUP a Christian Terrorist Group! (Email 16.8.2017)


From: SCULLY, Paul <>
To: Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD <>
Subject: Tory Violation of the Good Friday Agreement
Date: Wednesday, August 16, 2017 14:04

Dear Adrian

Thank you for your email. I don’t accept the premise that it violates the Good Friday Agreement, nor that the DUP are a terrorist organisation as you imply. The Conservative Party, through which the confidence and supply agreement has been made has never been neutral on the matter of the Union. The party’s full name is the Conservative & Unionist Party. The Labour Party clearly thought the same when holding pre-coalition talks with the DUP in 2010 and 2015. However the government remains neutral in its dealings with Stormont, thus complying with the Good Friday Agreement.

Thank you once again for taking the time to get in touch.

Best wishes

Paul Scully MP

Member of Parliament for Sutton & Cheam


Sent: 29 July 2017 11:28
To: SCULLY, Paul <>
Subject: Tory Violation of Good Friday Agreement


Dear Mr Paul Scully MP

I would be very interested in reading your viewpoint regarding the possibility that the Tory ‘coalition’ with the Christian terrorist DUP is illegal because it violates the ‘impartiality’ clause of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’.

Thank you for your time in this mater.

Yours sincerely

Adrian Chan-Wyles

How Labour’s (2017) General Election Defeat Continues to Haunt the Ordinary British People


The rightwing Tories represent the corporate establishment – that is middle and upper class cultural and business interests. This includes the non-payment of personal and corporate tax, and the rejection of any form of re-distributing wealth amongst the Working Class. in-short – the Tories represent a complete and total rejection of any form of Socialism and empowerment of the ordinary workers within a capitalist society. The Labour Party has not advocated Class Revolution since the early years of its inception (in the late 19th century), and even then such calls were half-hearted. When Socialist Members of the Labour Party renamed themselves ‘Communists’ around 1921 (in solidarity with Lenin’s Russian Revolution), they were expelled from the Labour Party – never to be re-admitted. This is why Labour’s call for Socialism remains thoroughly bourgeois in nature, and amounts to a collaboration with the forces of capitalism – rather than its over-throw. Even with this substantial compromise, however, the Conservative Party will not even consider what amounts to a ‘minor’ and downward re-distribution of wealth that would leave the capitalist system intact, and class privilege firmly in place. To this end the Tories are busy carrying-out two broad policies to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming a ‘Socialist’ Prime Minister: 1) mimicking certain peripheral Labourite policies (in an attempt to take votes away from Labour), and b) continuing unabated (and in an accelerated fashion) to ‘privatise’ the NHS and dismantle the Welfare State (inaccordance with EU legislation). As these services are cut, the tax-burden is not reduced, but continues to increase and be gathered by a bourgeois government that is re-distributing wealth in an ‘upward’ direction (through tax-cuts) – making the wealthier even richer in a manner that is quite pointless to the health of the British nation. In the meantime, the Tory government is using this ‘stolen’ wealth (paid for by the Working Class), to rage imperialist wars in support of US neo-colonial foreign policies (generally in securing oil supplies and revenue). What a despicable political party these Tories represent – which will not even allow a highly compromised version of Labourite Socialism to make life at least ‘tolerable’ for the majority of ordinary people in the UK – whilst the rich continue to live their lives of debauchery and excess.

Update: Tory MP Paul Scully (Sutton & Cheam) States ‘NO’ money Given to DUP! (22.7.2017)


Following Paul Scully’s recent lack of answers to my emailed questions the Tories donating over a £1 billion to the Christian terrorist group DUP – I replied pointing-out that I had reported him to Theresa May’s Office for his lack of parliamentary duty, evasion of questions, and unprofessional attitude. He then provided the following reply stating that Northern Ireland is one of the poorest areas of the UK – and that the Tories have not given any money to the DUP! This is obviously delusional, as the Tories have impoverished the UK through ‘Austerity’ since 2010, to levels of deprivation unknown since the Victorian era! He did not vote to end the 1% pay-cap on public sector workers because such a move would have apparently brought-down the Tory government and let Jeremy Corbyn in!

to Adrian Chan-Wyles PhDS



18:27 (51 minutes a

From: SCULLY, Paul <>
To: Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD <>
Subject:Re: Urgent – Tory-DUP Alliance: 
Date: Saturday, July 22, 2017 18:27

Thanks Adrian

I was responding to your original email. However in turn:

  1. It’s not a coalition as I mentioned in my previous email
  2. The government has given no money to the DUP. Money has gone to the NHS, schools and infrastructure in Northern Ireland to the benefit of all who live there in one of the poorest parts of the UK
  3.  The amendment to the Queen’s speech was worded specifically to embarrass the government but would have had no immediate benefit for those in the public sector. Amending the Queen’s speech effectively ‘no confidences’ the government and so risks bringing it down. This would have led to Jeremy Corbyn spending a few weeks failing to gain sufficient support to forma government and then another general election before a budget which may have then brought about a response to the various pay review boards. The government have stated that they will look at the review boards in turn.
Best wishes

Paul Scully MP (Sutton & Cheam) Fails to Answer my Questions but Blames Labour for Tory-DUP Alliance! (22.7.2017)


Paul Scully MP represents a particularly callous incarnation of the Tory Party – one that was found ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ by the UN in 2016 – for the deaths of between 10,000-80,000 people with disabilities since the 2010 and the instigation of identically led ‘Austerity’ (which is simply an attack on Socialism). Recently, I emailed Mr Paul Scully about his voting habits – particularly where he voted to keep the 1% pay-cap for public sector workers. This should not be surprising, as this the Tory MP who refused to support me in condemning a far-right march in Scotland, and who is personally over-seeing the ‘privatisation of our local St Helier Hospital. As usual, Mr Paul Scully does not reply promptly, and there is always a risk that he will not respond at all (as has been my experience dealing with him in e past). After re-sending my below email no less than three times as the weeks rolled by, I complained directly to Theresa May this morning, and in a matter of two or three hours – Mr Paul Scully issued a miraculous reply (also included below). However, as usual Mr Paul Scully MP has failed to answer my questions.

My Original email:

Subject: Your Support of the Emergency & Public Service Pay Caps & Cuts
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 18:48:42 +0100
Dear Mr Paul Scully MP for Sutton and Cheam
As one of many of your constituents that is concerned with your voting habits in Parliament, I would be very grateful if you could provide a written answer to this email within a reasonable time, (as is your Parliamentary duty), to the following question(s).
1) Please explain why Theresa May – the Tory Prime Minister – has gifted over £1bn of British tax-payer’s money to the Christian terrorist group of Northern Ireland – the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) – which the Conservative Party has entered into ‘Coalition’ with.
2) In the light of the Tory financial support for this Northern Irish terrorist group, please explain why you voted for the continuation of the ‘Austerity’ measures that support the Emergency & Public Service Pay Caps & Cuts.
In this time of the Austerity-led Grenfell disaster – I am sure you will appreciate the ‘alarm’ and ‘concern’ that Tory Party policies are causing throughout the UK (and Ireland), within the minds of all right-minded people.
Thank you for your time in this matter.
Yours sincerely
Adrian Chan-Wyles
Mr Paul Scully MP – Response:



From: SCULLY, Paul <>
To: Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD
Subject: Re: Urgent – Tory-DUP Alliance:  Saturday, July 22, 2017 17:05

Dear Adrian

Thank you for your email. I’m sorry for the delay in my response.

The agreement with the DUP is not a coalition but one of ‘confidence and supply’. The DUP play no role in government and have no ministerial positions in contrast with the Liberal Democrats in the 2010-2015 coalition. Rather the agreement is limited to them voting with the government on the Queen’s speech and the Budget; the failure to get either through would effectively bring the government down.

The Labour Party were happy enough to have early coalition talks with the DUP in both 2010 and 2015. Sinn Fein were agreeable to sharing power with the DUP in Stormont for 10 years. Having the DUP in mainstream politics is not new. They bear little resemblance to the party that Ian Paisley founded in 1971.

I don’t share the views of the DUP on abortion or LGBT rights but these are devolved powers and so rights within the rest of the British Isles will not change as a result of the agreement. One positive benefit through a deft move by the Labour MP, Stella Creasy, was the change to ensure that women travelling to the UK from Northern Ireland for abortion services will no longer have to pay.

Thank you once again for taking the time to get in touch.

Best wishes


A Glimpse of the Murderous Nature of Capitalism!


Western wikipedia, of course, publishes ‘fake’ history about the Soviet Union that has no bearing to recorded history – but remains absolutely ‘silent’ about the very real and obvious crimes and excesses committed by the economic system we are all brain-washed to follow – called ‘capitalism’. Even though capitalism privileges the few over the many – the many unquestionably accept the lie that the many are privileged over the few, when everyday facts are clear, and speak for themselves. The crimes of capitalism are so immense and wide-ranging that I can only point-out a few aspects here. According to Russian demographic records – 5.8 million Russian people died between 1991-1999 – the first decade of capitalism in modern Russia. Of course, the biased Western media remains silent on this atrocity because ‘greed’ is more powerful than ‘caring’. I have also read that according to stats from the US – 7 million people have died since 2010 in the US due to the economic collapse and the US government’s response of ‘cutting’ budgets to relieve the tax burden on the rich. Of course, in the UK since 2010 (and the imposition of Tory and LibDem ‘Austerity’), the total numbers of poor and vulnerable people who have died remains unrecorded as a distinct category – but the UN Report of 2016 (that found the UK government ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ for its despicable treatment of British Disabled people) – suggests a number between 10,000 and 80,000 – with the DWP releasing the death figures piece-meal so as to downplay the disastrous effects of this murderous policy and avoid rioting on British streets!

BRITISH WORKING CLASS SOLIDARITY: Why the Grenfell Survivors Should Refuse Theresa May’s Luxury Flats!


Theresa May’s Tory government is continuing to privatise the NHS and Welfare State and is desperate to keep Jeremy Corbyn’s Socialism out of power! Theresa May apologised in Parliament today for a failure by the State (both nationally and locally) with regards to the Grenfell tragedy – saying that the survivors will now be re-housed in a ‘local’ luxury block of flats (that are awaiting purchase by millionaires) – but she has not apologised for those British Working Class who have suffered and died since 2010 due to Tory (and LibDem) Austerity – or stated that she will replace or re-build the NHS and Welfare State! The Tories (and the big businesses they represent) are terrified of the British Working Class that is demanding Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister and a switch back to Socialism as national policy. Yes – the survivors of Grenfell get offered luxury flats (good for them!) but the rest of the country continues to suffer in squalor and poverty with no access to healthcare or benefits! The Tories are privileging a very few members of the British Working Class – whilst continuing to impoverish the vast majority forever – with education being next for the Tory austerity-chop! Theresa May must resign and ‘Austerity’ must immediately stop and be reversed! The British Working Class must stand together and not be drawn into factionalism by the Tories offering glittering baubles for the few at the detriment (and expense) of the many (after-all, more luxury flats can be built for the privileged, but an NHS or Welfare State are not that easy to replace!. In reality, the Grenfell survivors should act in solidarity with the broader British Working Class and ‘refuse’ the luxury flats – and instead demand the END to AUSTERITY, the RESIGNATION of Theresa May, and the inauguration of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. This how true SOLIDARITY works, and how PEOPLE POWER can bring down unpopular and unwanted governments!

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