Zionist Mind Warp! 

Zionists Cannot Understand the World Resistance to the Genocide of the Palestinians!

As the Palestinian body count mounts, the Israeli foreign minister announced (in front of the world press) that the Palestinians are entirely responsible for their own casualties, as Israeli spy drones have filmed members of Hamas gathering local people together and getting them to deliberately stand directly in the flight path of incoming missiles! Furthermore, as Hamas is a dangerous and ruthless ‘terrorist’ organisation – the Israeli government is ‘losing’ the media war! When asked to elaborate, he stated that the Palestinians simply will not compromise and get out of the way of Israeli military as it attempts to destroy their houses, schools, hospitals and mosques!

Zionists Accuse ‘Communist’ China for Teaching Martial Arts to Palestinians!

He went on to explain that this process of ‘clearing’ land of unwanted structures is essential to assist incoming Jewish settlers as they stake claims to any new land they wish to annex! The Palestinians are not doing themselves any favours by keeping up the pretence that they are the indigenous people and that this land is theirs. The Israeli answer is that the Torah is far older than the Qur’an and that all the Palestinians have to do is simply read the scripture to understand that this land has always belonged to the Jews!

China Has Always ‘Supported’ Palestine and Opposed Zionist Israel!

The Zionist position has always been that the Palestinians are the invaders of this land and have no right to be here. Through their stubbornness and lack of historical understanding, they are condemning their own people to death and destruction. The UN should relocate all the Palestinians from Israel and resettle them elsewhere. When this happens, Israel will be one of the most peaceful places on earth and the IDF will no longer have to routinely kill Palestinians in a bid to clear the land of their presence! 

Zionist Heroes Come in Kinds of Shapes and Sizes!

Israel has a special presence in the world because the Jewish people are the ‘chosen’ people of God! Only Jews are close to God with Christian and Muslims following false paths of worship! As God only supports the Jews – it does not matter who the IDF kill, torture or wound! Israel can do anything it wishes as the US supports everything the Zionist State does! Zionist militarism causes uncertainty, fear and an unsettled Middle East that prevents the Arab world from uniting and attacking Israel and putting an end to the injustice carried-out continuously against the Palestinian people! What you call ‘crime’ we call ‘God’s Will’! 

Zionists in Palestine ‘Supported’ Adolf Hitler’s ‘Nazism’!

Whilst the Zionists deploy heavily-armed modern soldiers, sophisticated artillery systems and the latest battlefield tanks – the Palestinians – that do not possess an army of their own, confront this formidable military force with relatively lightweight mortar rockets which rarely cause much material damage, and the throwing of stones. Occasionally, desperate Palestinian’s resort to using knives against the heavily-armed Israeli soldiers despite being immediately cut-down by automatic weapons fire! As Zionists are ‘White Supremacists’, the Palestinians are not viewed as human-beings, the Zionists have no moral problem sexually attacking, raping and abusing Palestinian women, teenagers and young girls! The world media knows that these crimes are ongoing, but is forbidden from reporting the truth due to the US support for Zionist Israel and its continuous terrorist activities! 

Israeli Men and Women Commit Anti-Palestinian Crimes Together!

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