Invalidation of the Worker – Part II (4.12.2017)


My original article entitled The Invalidation of the Worker – A Study of Disability in Capitalist Society was published in October, 2013. It is logical to assume that as ‘Austerity’ has continued unabated, thousands of disabled who were alive to read it then, are nolonger with us now. The proliferation of articles that over-simplify and misrepresent ‘disability’ are common place within bourgeois society. Most miss the vital point of economic exclusion, and focus instead upon misguided notions of bourgeois individuality – making such puerile statements as ‘if only disabled people were viewed as individuals and not their disabilities’, or ‘disabled people should not be viewed as dysfunctional able-bodied’, and so on and so forth. It is not that there is no truth to statements such as these, but that this kind of narrative is entirely bourgeois in nature, and as such, does not address the central reality of economic exclusion. Why should a person with a disability be categorised as ‘disabled’, when ‘able-bodied’ people are only referred to in that manner, within a temporary discourse which distinguishes the non-disabled from the disabled (privileging the former and disempowering the latter). In reality this situation is a matter of Marxist-Leninist critique, and involves the exclusion of the disabled community not only from bourgeois society, but also from proletariat society. This discrimination manifests as economic and cultural impoverishment due to a permanent exclusion from the work-force. This has to be remedied as part of an ongoing Revolutionary struggle that rejects Trotskyism and fascism, and aims at the accomplishment of the ‘right to work’ in a suitable toiling environment. This means that the ‘right to work’ should be divorced from the immediate principle of blatant profit generation, and be redefined as an agency of psychological and physical self-development which is also a ‘Human Right’. All discrimination currently deployed by an indifferent bourgeois society should be immediately outlawed, and ‘new’ social, economic, political and cultural structures designed and put in place. Traditional unions should implement anti-discriminatory policies to tackle negative attitudes toward the disabled workers, held within the minds of their able-bodied membership. Finally, tha small number of disabled people who do work must be understood to be ‘privileged’ and something of a bourgeois ‘fetish’ that has no bearing on the experience of the majority of disabled people.

Any assessment of disability is incomplete, if it does not acknowledgement the total and permanent exclusion of people with disabilities from the job market, and therefore from the equal and fair ‘right’ to gain ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’ through participation in the process of earning a living and financially caring for themselves and a family, etc. The situation surrounding disability is made so opaque within the economies of the developed West, that whatever enquiry is made into the matter, it is invariably made by the able-bodied, and riddled with the very discriminative thinking that causes the problem in the first place. Many able-bodied people are so illiterate when it comes to discussing disability that they are not even aware that a problem exists, or hold prejudicial viewpoints to explain why disabled people are lacking in their particular work environments. This type of discrimination cuts through all classes and ethnic groupings, and possesses the potential to ‘unite’ disabled people of both genders, from incredibly varied backgrounds, but the problem exists of disabled people being condemned to a state of isolated individualism, where society forces them to sit outside of mainstream life, viewing themselves as somehow deficient and unworthy of inclusion. Another issue is that the term ‘disability’ includes a vast array of psychological and physical problems, that can stem from severe cognitive and behavioural issues, to an individual having poor eye-sight, or deafness in one ear, for example.

Unionization is lacking amongst disabled people in general (due to the hyper-individualism they are forced to endure), and because amongst certain strands of the disabled intelligentsia (evident online) there exists those who reject any notion of leftwing politics, and espouse a rightwing political rhetoric. This rhetoric, aligning itself with the far-right, explains the tens of thousands of disability deaths relating to the Tory (and LibDems) ‘Austerity’ measures since 2010, as arising from the presence of ‘migrants’ in the UK. This distorted and fascistic thinking imagines that benefits and medical services have been withdrawn from the disability community and re-diverted to migrant communities, and suggests that disabled people should ‘unite’ with the far-right and participate in attacks upon these migrant communities. The fact that the political far-right routinely targets the disabled community appears to be lost on these kind of mistaken individuals. Since I wrote ‘Invalidation of the Workers’ in 2013, the UK has been found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity (2016) by the United Nations for the deaths of at least 10,000 disabled people (due to the sudden withdrawal of benefits, social services and medical treatment). The UN Report noted that the behaviour of the British press was reminiscent to that of the Hitlerite media operating in 1930’s Berlin, for its vicious rhetorical attack upon the disabled community, and for its unquestioning support of destructive Tory and LibDems policy. In a recent report, Oxford University has linked ‘Austerity’ to the deaths of 30,000 people in the UK, whilst an article in the rightwing Metro newspaper suggests the real figure is nearer 200,000.

Disabled people are in reality a ‘collective’ that has been disempowered and disenfranchised for centuries. Although they are made to exist excluded from the work-force and in a fabricated state of psychological and physical isolation, they cannot be ‘forced’ into a work-place that does not exist to accept them, as the work-place of the able-bodied is default set to treat the disabled worker as a liability to the firm, and a potential loss in earning power and profitability. It is this type of fascistic thinking that interprets a disabled human-being inhabiting a wheel-chair as being a ‘fire hazard’ and an ‘offense’ under Health and Safety legislation. This is in the same category of institutional discrimination that includes anti-discrimination legislation that is ‘voluntary’ to uphold. People with disabilities require ‘civil rights’ legislation – the kind promised by Tony Blair in 1997 prior to his reneging – and instead beginning the modern era of political attacks upon the disability community. It is only through a substantial change in the law that the permanent barriers to people with disabilities entering the work-force will be removed. Simply stopping benefits does not solve the problem, but it does lead to immense levels of poverty, starvation and suicide.

Alexander Pichushkin – Russia’s First ‘Capitalist’ Mass Murderer


Russian language sources report that Alexander Pichushkin (Алекса́ндр Пичу́шкин) was born in the Soviet Union in 1974. His killing spree began with a single murder in 1992 – and then he did not commit another murder until 2001. The bulk of his victims (at least 48 killed and 3 wounded) happened between 2001 and 2006, Alexander Pichushkin claims that he murdered at least 63 people – but the Russian Authorities have not been able to confirm the details of these extra 10 victims. Alexander Pichushkin was most active between 2005 and 2006, where he is said to have been trying to kill one person for every square on a chessboard (this is also the time when he stopped deliberately ‘hiding’ the bodies of his victims). He would lure his victims into Bitsevsky Park – situated southwest of Moscow – and smash-in the back of their skulls with a hammer. He would then place a broken vodka bottle in the wound. Between 2001 and 2005 the local sewage works reported a constant stream of dead bodies being found in the water – some 29 in number. However, at the time the police did not suspect a serial killer. It must also be noted that there has never been found any evidence to support Alexander Pichushkin’s claim that he killed a fellow student (via strangulation) in 1992, before throwing his body down a well.

As usual, the English language wikipedia page presents a mixture of fact and fiction about this case. Completely excluded from the narrative is the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the complete chaos and suffering that followed in the sudden abolition of the Welfare State and free medical provision (Russian statistics suggests that 5.9 million extra people died in Russia due to these ‘cuts’ between 1991 and 1999). Alexander Pichushkin is supposed to have committed his first murder in the first year of capitalist Russia i.e. 1992). However, his crime spree only really gathered steam in the early to mid 2000’s. As a child, Alexander Pichushkin fell off a swing when he was a young child, with the swing then striking him across the fore-head. He was a quiet child who liked to play chess, but after spending time in hospital due to his head injury, it was found that he could not talk properly and distinguish correctly between ‘sh’ and ‘c’, and had trouble reading these letters. Contrary to the English wikipedia claim that he was ‘bullied’ by other children at school – there is no evidence to support this view within Russian language sources. The Soviet Education System pursued an effective policy of ‘no bullying’, and respect for other human-beings. Alexander Pichushkin  was taken out of mainstream education to receive tailored educational treatment at a special school in the USSR. This move was successful, and Alexander Pichushkin eventually attended vocational college where he trained as a carpenter. It was only after the caring system of Soviet Socialism was replaced with uncaring predatory capitalism that Alexander Pichushkin began to kill. Indeed, many of his victims were the poor and homeless – people the modern ‘capitalist’ police in Russia term ‘anti-social’ – as if these individuals are to blame for the poverty they exist within, rather than the capitalist system that has failed them. Alexander Pichushkin thought that these people had no right exist – and in the adopting of this attitude – he appears to have internalized the outer brutality of the capitalist system.

Russian Language Article:Пичушкин,_Александр_Юрьевич

English Language Article:

UN Anti-Racism Day – Refugees Welcome 19.3.2016


My family got-up early on Saturday morning and prepared ourselves for a day of leftwing political campaigning on the streets of wonderful London!  I suspect the current far-rightwing Tory government of the UK – that has murdered tens of thousands of its most vulnerable citizens since 2010 (aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats) – would rather the UK did not celebrate an ‘anti-racist’ day initiated by the United Nations, particularly as it clashes with the UK position of supporting neo-Nazism in the Ukraine and other Eastern European States.  Boris Johnson – the current Tory Mayor of London made sure that many of the Tube lines were down for ‘planned’ engineering works, an that only one half of the roads were closed to traffic in Central London.  d Racism is but one symptom of the general hatred that inspires fascism and which leads into all other modes of discrimination. As matters transpired, tens of thousands of right minded and decent people made the journey to London – overcoming many difficulties to do so.  There was a Rally at the start in Portland Place before the march began, featuring rousing speeches from students, MP’s, disabled 0rganisations, civil rights campaigners, nurses, and many others.  Although scheduled to start at 12 noon – the march did move-off until 1:15pm.  By this time many elderly and disabled had been stood in one place for over two hours – but did not leave.  They put the broader principle of ‘equality’ before personal discomfort and we admired them greatly.  Various Communist and Socialist representatives appeared to gather together just behind the banners of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PSC) and this included the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) and the Communist Party of Great Britain (ML).  There was probably around 20 Red Flags of various descriptions all featuring the Hammer & Sickle motif of the International Workers.  We proudly carried an old flag from the Soviet Union to keep the spirit of Marxist-Leninism alive in the bourgeois, capitalist West, and our daughter – Mei-An – proudly carried a smaller Red Flag on a much shorter pole suitable for a determined 3 year old who managed to walk much of the route unaided.  The march ended in Trafalgar Square where there was a concluding rally with many important speakers talking about horrific racism in the UK – particularly those killed in Police or Prison custody since 2010 and the election of this Tory Junta!  Onward to Revolution!



































How Midwives Survived Religious Persecution


During the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries the Catholic and Protestant Churches unleashed a wave of Misogyny (that is an irrational fear of women and all things effeminate) that saw an estimated 200,000 people drown, hanged, tortured to death and burnt at the stake for alleged Witchcraft.  Research has shown that the majority of these deaths involved women (many suffering from Disabilities), as well as a smaller number of men (accused of wizardry) and children accused of assisting in black magic rituals.  The UK ‘officially’ executed around 1000 victims for witchcraft – but many more were killed by sadistic mobs who took the law into their own hands (encouraged by local priests).  What many may not realise is that one of the crimes listed as witchcraft was ‘vile midwifery’ – a crime that demanded the death penalty.  Any woman who was found to possess knowledge of pregnancy, labour, childbirth and post-natal recovery were deemed in league with the devil and sentenced to be burnt at the stake.  This wiped-out centuries of folk-lore that dated before Christian times, and left pregnant women without any help.  As a result, midwifery went underground and has survived into the modern day as the Midwife Professional.  The Christian church tried to stamp-out Midwifery by replacing these local non-Christian women (who were well-known and respected within their local communities) by indifferent Christian nuns.  This is why I think Midwives are true heroes who have suffered historically to preserve and apply their expertise – and who are today being attacked yet again by an uncaring far-right Government in the UK.

UKIP Supporting Livermead Cliff Hotel Still Doing Business with Foreigners!


It is said that 24 hours is a long time in politics (and it is), but apparently 3 months obviously is not for the manager of the Livermead Cliff Hotel.  This manager in fact owns a number of hotels in the Torbay area (collectively, and rather pompously known as ‘Best Western’), which the lady used to advertise the politically far-right and racist supporting United Kingdom Independence Party (UKPI).  Of course, tells us something of the lack of moral integrity of this person, and the fact that racism as an ideology is so strong that those who adhere to its fallacious and moronic strictures, would rather pursue destructive economic strategies (by excluding foreign tourists and economic migrants from the UK), whilst simultaneously claiming to be running a business that caters almost exclusively to ‘foreign’ clientele – but then racism has never been known for its logic and reason!

Racist UKIP at Livermead Hotel

Racist UKIP at Livermead Hotel

During run-up to the UK General Election on May 8th earlier this year, the manager of the Livermead Cliff Hotel in Torquay made a fatal decision.  Her decision was to put her business reputation on the line, and allow the racist UKIP to host a conference at the Livermead Cliff Hotel.  Not only this, but the hotel itself openly advertised the event for all to see as they drove or walked past the hotel on a busy main-road.  Indeed, it was a particularly sinister decision on the manager’s part to place the sign for the Hitler-supporting UKIP in front of the Disabled Access ramp – effectively blocking its use!  At hustings and news conferences prior to May the 8th,UKIP candidates routinely quoted passages out of Adolf Hitler’s anti-Sematic, anti-Disabled, and anti-Gay book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’.  When racists take action life this, it is seldom logical or reasonable, but premised and motivated entirely upon the ‘hatred’ of ‘difference’.  Often it is found that Christian fundamentalism lies at the heart of this prejudice (such as that found in the odious so-called ‘Britain First’ delinquency movement).  From a purely objective and psychological perspective, the manager’s decision to ‘block access’ to the Disabled with a UKIP sign speaks volumes!

German Tourist at Livermead

German Tourist at Livermead

Three months since the General Election – what is the situation today?  Well, the hotel whose manager supports the far-right and anti-migrant UKIP is still quite happy to take money from unsuspecting ‘foreign’ tourists who are coached into the area.  These tourists (from all over Europe and the world), bring their hard-earned money into Torbay and unknowingly give it to a hotel manager who then uses it to fund a far-right and racist political party.  The campaign we started in Torbay revealing what the duplicitous Livermead Hotel was doing during the run-up to the General Election, has been very successful considering the general apathy toward, and open support for the far-right that exists in the area.  Many businesses cancelled their accounts with the hotel, and many more individuals stated that they would never stay there again.  Good for them!  The immorality and illogicality of racism must never be allowed to gain the upper-hand and must be checked at every point.


Racist UKIP Invited to Torbay Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Mr Nick Slater Thanking Me for Travelling from London to Join the March

Mr Nick Slater Thanking Me for Travelling from London to Join the March

It is common knowledge from newspaper reports that the Green Party has what can only be described as somekind of mistaken ‘ideological’ truce with the well-known and racist United Kingdom Independent Party (UKIP). I have been informed by a local former Green Party member that a UKIP represented was invited (obviously without my knowledge) to participate in the recent anti-austerity ‘walk’ (the description ‘march’ was apparently dropped early on in the planning as the Green Party considered its use too leftwing). The organiser of the ‘walk’ –Mr Nick Slater – was a Liberal Democrat who then joined the Torbay Green Party – before then joining the Socialist Party and the Trade Union Socialist Coalition (TUSC), following his apparent attendance at the London demo on the 20.6.15. I have contacted the Socialist Party and TUSC to gain their positon on the fact that a protest they officially backed – had a policy of courting the Torbay far-right – early indications suggest that both vehemently deny any connection with UKIP and are astonished that such a policy could be pursued by any members of their organisations. As I write, I am told that an investigation of the protest, its organisation, and its organisers is currently underway, and that I will be informed of the results. In the meantime, I have been informed that resignations are being discussed.

Just prior to the 2015 General Election in Torbay, the Livermead Cliff Hotel and Stagecoach buses in the area actively carried advertisement for UKIP. The Livermead Cliff even hosted a conference for these racists, whilst Stagecoach drivers were forced to drive buses eulogising UKIP’s racist EU policies. This was as well as Torbay Council sponsoring UKIP billboards around the town and along the main roads. My family started two petitions – one against the Livermead Cliff – and the other against the Stagecoach management – both calling for boycotts of businesses that routinely take money from a multicultural clientele, whilst simultaneous using that money to fund a racist political organisation. Nick Slater did not acknowledge our anti-UKIP campaign, and did not sign either of the two petitions. In June of this year, my father (Moses Waveman) was taken for a Father’s Day meal in the Babbacombe area of Torquay and was refused entry by two cafes because he was in a wheelchair. We launched an awareness campaign about disability discrimination in the area, and yet again Mr Nick Slater refused to acknowledge what had happened to my father, or support the disability awareness campaign. These important social issues were ignored by Mr Nick Slater – at exactly the sametime as he was trying to illicit my father’s support for the Anti-Austerity march.

During the march, the 200 to 300 hundred people who participated were excellent! After the initial shock of having to march with a UKIP fascist (who was continuously photographing and filming my partner and three old daughter and uploading the images to the Net) we marched with vigour and determination – putting the plight of those suffering under austerity before our own temporary inconvenience. At the beginning of the protest I asked Nick Slater if UKIP had been invited and his answer was ‘It would have been unfair and intolerant not to have invited him.” This is straight out of the book of the distorted logic of the Green Party. This inverted (and unSocialist) mind-set states that it is the victims of racism, fascism and intolerance that are the problem, because they keep complaining about the racists and the fascists that are doing them harm. This complaining is deemed ‘intolerant’ and is in fact the far-right tactic of blaming the victim for the discrimination they suffer. This is a point of ideology that the Green Party and UKIP currently share, as this newspaper article clearly highlights:

Greens ‘Could Work with UKIP’

Nick Slater and his Green Party friends are of the opinion that UKIP is not a racist and fascist political organisation. Their perspective is that UKIP is a misunderstood nationalist movement that is trying to do good by its country – and that ‘foreigners’ and British born Chinese people (such as my family) are the ‘enemy within’. It is ironic to consider that ‘we’ marched as a family for the rights and freedoms of the very people who then unleashed a racist tirade against us. If anyone doubts the criminality of the UKIP movement, here is a brief list of key stories involving its illegality (bear in mind that Nick Slater, his family, his friends, his Green Party associates, and his colleagues are backing these people over my family):

Ukip condemned by cross-party group for running ‘racist’ campaign

Ex-Ukip MEP Ashley Mote sentenced to five years in jail for expenses fraud

Ex-UKIP man and marine Ian Couch spared jail after pig’s head insult to Cambridge mosque

UKIP councillor receives suspended prison sentence for arson offence

Former UKIP Chairman, Peter Entwistle, JailedFor Child Offences

Former Bury UKIP chairman jailed for child porn offences – Bury Times

Former UKIP parliamentary candidate jailed for animal cruelty offences

UKIP candidate Julian Penna sentenced for punching woman at Hull club

I informed Mr Slater that the UKIP participant was photographing and filming – but took no action. Given the circumstances, I did not want any violence on the protest and so I tried to get between my family and the UKIP participant to spoil his ability to get a clear shot. This person left us briefly alone only when the TV cameras showed-up. As we are obviously Socialists – the BBC kept well away from us – but they did approach Mr Slater – indeed there is a video on Youtube of Mr Slater being interviewed by the local BBC Spotlight programme and right next to him – clearly in-shot – is the UKIP participant. Below are a number of photographs I took of the UKIP participant harassing my partner and three year old daughter, and a brief selection of the racist comments that Nick Slater, his family, friends and Green Party colleagues uploaded onto his personal Facebook page attacking my family – whilst defending the presence of the UKIP participant. Mr Nick Slater has imitated this hate campaign merely because my father – Moses Waveman – withdrew his support for the march only when he discovered that a UKIP supporter was present, and that his daughter-in-law and three year old granddaughter was being photographed by him:

UKIP Member from Newton Abbot Officially Invited on the March – Uploading an Image of My Partner and Daughter to the Net

UKIP Member from Newton Abbot Officially Invited on the March – Uploading an Image of My Partner and Daughter to the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter - Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter – Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter - Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My Partner and Daughter – Uploading the Image on the Net

‘Are we able to track him down? the UKIP man Must say I feel a little uneasy he has had his photo used and been written about on a public forum without a chance to defend himself…’

Jem Dodd – Green Party Member – Torbay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page)

The young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rightsThe young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rightsThe young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rights

‘The young chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rights.The young Chinese couple with baby, carrying the red flag, also caused some controversy…ridiculous…Their rights.’ (Edited Version)

‘Why should we listen to that Chinese family? Their presence on the March was controversial to say the least. It’s like their rights are more important than our rights. This sort of thing should be kept out of Torbay!’ (Original Version)

Virginia Keyes – Green Party Member – Torquay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page

‘Good point Jem.’

(Nick Slater – Organizer – Torbay Anti-Austerity Walk)

‘So the man who posts on a website called ‘An Exploration of Budhism, Philosophy & Leftwing Political Analysis’, believes the man who has worked tirelessly for months to organise a peaceful protest walk should’ve used whatever force necessary to remove the UKIP representative. But because he didn’t resort to such action, and remained calm (keeping within the tone of the day), he is therefore, “obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as “Socialist” .’ Congratulations Adrian, you’ve gained the attention you clearly crave and have forced people to discuss you.

While he means well, and has become a well known face in Torbay’s community, Moses Wave Man’s primary daily activity is sitting on a roadside and waving at cars. So given that the Dalai Lama’s job is safe, for now, Nick doesn’t need to take political, religious or social advice from him or his ignorant son.’

(Natalie Croxon – Green Party Member – Torquay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page)

‘Thanks Nat! So well Said by my Sister! X’

(Nick Slater – Organizer – Torbay Anti-Austerity Walk)

‘Roaring over here! Glad the Dali Lama can sleep at night. To be honest Nathalie I was wondering what his credentials were and what it was that made him so wise & respected. That’s not to say I mean him any disrespect but just that if he wasn’t affiliated with the politics of his son he would more than likely be dismissed as a “crazy old man” As it is he’s like the Torbay mascot, which is great I just don’t know what it contributes to the community when I can tell you at least ten things that Nick has. (& others of course but since it was directly addressed to him..)  To surmise; amazing!’

Jem Dodd – Green Party Member – Torbay (Posted to Nick Slater’s Facebook Page)

I think that these comments are naïve, ignorant, immature, and typical of a group of insular people who are very much out of their depth both politically and morally, and definitely out of touch with a vibrant and tolerant UK that exists outside of Torbay.  Change will come to Torbay and we very much respect the majority of the 300 or so people who walked the 8.29 miles from Brixham to Torbay.  My disagreements with Mr Nick Slater and the small group around him are purely political and never personal.  I feel no need to verbally attack him or his family – the actions of whom very much speak for themselves.  In the meantime I will let the reader decide for his or her self.  In the meantime, as I write from London, many around me are bemused by the situation – as they are well aware that outlying places like Torquay are institutionally racist, conservative, and petty minded.  They do not know why I bother with this nonsense when there are more pressing things to worry about in the real world.  Be that as it may, I know from personal experience that many good people live there and I think the heart and soul of Torquay is worth fighting for!  Is it to be ‘racism’ or ‘tolerance’?

The Disturbing Case of UKIP on the Torbay Anti-Austerity March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March

UKIP Infiltrator on Torbay March

UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter - and Uploading the Image on the Net

UKIP Member Photographing My 3 Year Old Daughter – and Uploading the Image on the Net

“You Left-wing scum are all the same, wanting to hand our birthright to Romanian gypsies who beat their wives and children into begging and stealing money they can gamble with, Muslim nutters who want to kill us and put us all under medieval Sharia law, the same Africans who sold their Afro-Caribbean brothers into a slavery that Britain was the first to abolish.”

Paul Wiffen (Former UKIP London Region Chairman)

My family travelled from London to be on the historical Torbay 3 Towns Anti-Austerity Walk. We are very active in Leftwing politics in the London area – and as part of our family lives in Torquay, we wanted to show solidarity in the opposition to the vicious cuts inflicted upon the UK populace, by the Liberal Democratic and Conservative Parties – the latter of which was re-elected in the 2015 General Election. This is despite the fact that at least 10,000 people with disabilities have died as a direct result of Benefits cuts – a shocking statistic that is only part of the social and cultural damage achieved by the far-right and its ruthless ‘austerity’ measures. The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is a fascist political entity that has its headquarters in Newton Abbot, Devon – exactly the same headquarters, by the way, as the now struggling British National Party (BNP). Both these far-right neo-Nazi movements are are staffed by members who multi-task at running the English Defence League (EDL), and the Christian based Britain First. Although these type of far-right fringe parties only have a membership in the low hundreds – their general fascist message is given a respectability it does not disserve, through the unquestioning media support it receives from the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Channel Five and Sky, etc. This type of coverage legitimises attitudes such as racism, misogyny, homophobia, domestic violence, sexual abuse, animal abuse, anti-disability, and the anti-democratic viewpoints espoused by Adolf Hitler in his infamous book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’. Indeed, during the hustings for the 2015 General Election in the UK – many UKIP parliamentary candidates were seen openly quoting passages from this epicentre of Nazi ideology, with little critical comment from the news networks (who showed the quotes in full), or from observing by-standers. This behaviour is from exactly the same UK news networks that refused to cover the Trade Union Socialist Coalition, the Socialist Party, or the Communist Party of Britain, all of which stood parliamentary candidates across the UK.

I was dismayed to see a UKIP representative on the Torbay march. I was even more disappointed that he was not asked to leave, or that other people on the march (all predominately ‘white’) were either indifferent to his malignant presence, or worse still actually engaged him in jolly banter as he filmed and photographed other members of the group to upload on the numerous neo-Nazi websites administered by UKIP. This included photos and footage of my wife (who is British born Chinese), and my young daughter. We felt threatened by the presence of a neo-Nazi – and by the reaction of those around us who were indifferent to our plight – whilst protesting ‘anti-austerity’! We marched the entire 8.6 miles and this individual kept trying to walk between myself and my partner – probably to illicit a response – but we are too disciplined to react to this provocation. When we carry the Red Flag, we carry it for the International Working Class and not for ourselves. As we moved from Preston Green, this UKIP individual was seen talking a by-stander. This by-stander nodded and walked over to me in an aggressive manner and said: ‘If you don’t want austerity – you pay for it!’ We suspect this was another UKIP person trying, but spectacularly failing to be ‘intellectual’! I ignored him and marched on. When I attended the Gay Pride March in London a few weeks ago – UKIP tried to infiltrate – but the police took them away. Let’s not forget that Adolf Hitler’s Nazism (which UKIP supports) murdered hundreds of thousands of gay people in the gas chambers. Just as they hate the disabled, they also hate anything that deviates from their notion of ‘white’ supremacy. After falling abysmally to get anywhere in the 2015 General Election, UKIP is now trying to infiltrate leftwing politics in an attempt to hijack the agendas of tolerance and understanding. UKIP – the party of intolerance – accuses any group that rightfully ‘bans’ them as being ‘intolerant’! It is my understanding that this is the tactic they used to gain entry to the Torbay march. I think the fascist UKIP should not have been permitted to march – particularly as there is so much racism in the Torbay area. The scope of their lies and deception can be seen in the fact that everytime a driver beeped his or her car-horn in support of our Red Flag – the UKIP infiltrator would wave and shout ‘thank you – another vote for UKIP’! We listened to all the speakers along the way, and – not one of the otherwise excellent speakers commented on the connection between the enforced poverty of austerity, and the inherent link to the rise in the UK of the far-right. It is a well-known fact that racism and indolence increases with desperation poverty, and that these conditions prove fertile ground for the recruiting of desperate people into far-right political movements. Unfortunately, by allowing the corrupting influence of UKIP to be present at this historic event, organisers of the Torbay march missed a prime opportunity to stand up against racism in British society, and make a firm stand against fascism.  On the other hand, the very fact that a leftwing march happened at all in the naturally rightwing Torbay – and that it had the power to attract the odious UKIP – demonstrates just how extraordinary this event was!

UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to one of the organisers of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  I reported to Mr Nick Slater whilst on the march that this UKIP person was photographing and filming my three year old daughter and partner (who is British born Chinese) and uploading these images onto net.  I am advised that this should be reported to the police, and cannot comment any further at this point.  20.7.15

Racist UKIP Invited to Torbay Anti-Austerity March 18.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father (Moses Wave Man) supports the good people of Torbay and applauds their anti-austerity march – but has been deeply disappointed and saddened by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family and the broader, right minded people of the Torbay community.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march (and where interviewed with on BBC Spotlight) – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ (such as the local Green Party members Jem Dodd, Virginia Keyes, Natalie Croxon and others) in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star:

UPDATE: These are the comments Nick Slater and his Green Party (UKIP supporting) friends have been making on Nick Slater’s Facebook page about our family – and my father Moses Waveman:  My father thought it best to place these messages on his Facebook page to expose the racism (against his daughter-in-Law and granddaughter) and the corruption in the minds and hearts of these individuals.  My father has been humbled by the thousands of messages of support and advises that although these people are mistaken and misled, they should be forgiven once the danger they pose has been fully understood:  25.7.15

Moses the Bay Waveman – No To Racism

Brixham – Torbay Anti-Austerity (8.29 mile) Walk – 18.7.15


During the 2015 General Election in the UK – the Stagecoach Bus Company had their drivers carry adverts for the racist United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) on their buses in the Torbay area (and elsewhere in the UK). Not only this, but many local companies (including hotel chains) in the area, openly advertised the far-right UKIP – despite the fact that these very same companies make hundreds of thousands of pounds from foreign tourist every year. Another example of how the far-right mentally controls Torbay is seen in the regular occurrence of disabled people barred from cafes and restaurants in the area because they are in a wheelchair, have a facial disfigurement or learning difficulties, etc. This bastion of far-right, racist and fascist attitudes is compounded by an air of unchallenged Eurocentricism, a local press (Herald Express) that is run by the racist Daily Mail, and a local police force that is known for its apathy when asked to deal with crimes of discrimination. In this regard, the psychological attitude of this rightwing enclave in South Devon lags far behind the more progressive and advanced city areas of the UK. Torbay is institutionally racist, and controlled by a minority of conservatively minded people who have moved into the area to ‘retire’ – bringing their money and bigoted viewpoints with them. Many of these ‘white’ people state that they come to Torbay to ‘escape’ the multiculturalism of the cities! This attitude was challenged today as many of the 200 or so that gathered in Brixham, did so because they were motivated by a general dislike for these discriminative attitudes and the austerity measures initiated by the ConDem Coalition in 2010 – and continued by the newly elected Tory Administration earlier this year. This is in recognition that the rise of fascism is inherently linked with the sudden and dramatic increase in poverty bought about by ‘austerity’. These people were brave because they gathered together in a backdrop of an establishment that continues to be highly aggressive to any form of Leftwingism or notions of the redistribution of wealth. Money that belongs to the wealth of the nation – that is to the majority Working Class – has been stolen from the masses and given into the hands of the greedy bankers, the uncaring middle class, and an arrogant upper class that is waiting for the ban on fox-hunting to be lifted by their Tory chums. What happened in Torquay today was unique and revolutionary! Although the hundreds that gathered my not have seen eye to eye on every facet of political ideology, there was a general consensus that what is going on in the UK is morally and politically wrong. Why should the Working Class be punished for the mistakes made by the greedy bankers? There are Tory enclaves all over the UK – signified by a minority of small-minded and petty people that keep the majority Working Class in their respective areas both culturally and economically impoverished. In this general state of exploitation and oppression, many through a lack of basic education, turn to the far-right, become embroiled in pointless crime, and descend into highly negative modes of existence. This is the final crushing of the Workers – as every avenue of hope is taken from them. The Leftwing Movement must fight the rightwing, that is for sure, but it must also try and rescue the workers who have already gone under, and who have sunk into the mire of despair. A Worker that is rescued from this mire regains self-respect and will undoubtedly reject the far-right and any form of conservatism as being incompatible to his or her class interests. We marched not for the racist bigots who control Torbay – they already have their rights and privileges – but for the ordinary and oppressed who usually have no say.  Please see the ‘Update’ at the end:




















UPDATE: This is the message of disgust we have sent to the organiser of the Torbay anti austerity march. This person actively allowed a UKIP member on the anti-austerity march – and then encouraged his rightwing friends in Torbay to insult my partner and daughter. The world of politics can be a dangerous place – particularly when white racists pretend to be revolutionary left-wingers! Torquay is a racist place and this racism must be fought. We marched with the Red Flag – we are proud of that!  20.7.15

Dear Mr Nick Slater

Please be advised that my father has been deeply disappointed and sadden by your support for the racist UKIP – as has the rest of our family.  This has been compounded by the rightwing post of support that you made about the UKIP representative you allowed on the march – and the racist comments this has attracted against my partner and daughter from your rightwing ‘friends’ in Torbay.  As you are obviously pursuing a rightwing political narrative crudely disguised as ‘Socialist’ (behaviour typical of Trotskyites) –  neither my father, nor our family can continue to support you.  I will, instead be writing a very different article for the national press.  We marched for the ordinary people of South Devon (and elsewhere) who live on housing estates and not country estates.  Who suffer oppression on a daily basis from the national government, DWP, local council, Social Services, corporations, the judiciary and indifferent law enforcement. I think the duplicitous attitude that prevailed throughout the march can be easily explained by this article from the Morning Star.

Anti-Austerity March – London – 20.6.15


This Saturday saw 250,000 working class people march through London in protest against the continuing Conservative Party’s ruthless and vicious policies of ‘Austerity’ which has included (but is not limited to) the privatisation of the National Health Service (NHS), the dismantling of the Welfare System, the selling-off of Social Housing Stock (i.e. ‘ no more Council Houses’), and the persecution of people with Disabilities.  It is the international bourgeois banking system that has caused all the economic problems the world is currently experiencing, and yet these very same greedy bankers have be rewarded with governmental financial bail-outs, whilst the poor, the vulnerable, and the ordinary have had to pay for it through the cancelling of welfare pay-outs, Social Services facilities, healthcare, free help for the Disabled, and government finance for community projects.  At the same time as the Tories have been slashing and burning the institutes of British Socialism, they have also been giving pointless tax-cuts to the rich in the UK!  It is estimated that around 10,000 Disabled people have died in the last 5 years as a direct result of the withdrawal of their benefit payments and medical treatment.  On top of this, the ordinary people in the UK – by far the majority – are experiencing their quality of life diminishing along with their life expectancy.  The minority rich are getting richer whilst the majority poor and ordinary are being slowly but deliberately deprived of dignity and life – tis is why we marched through London today with 250,000 other people!
























General Election 2015: The Struggle Continues

The struggle continues just as it did before. It repeats in cycles of highs and lows, and we as individuals and groups – what I call the resistance to the rightwing – must gather in our energy and regroup around common political values and spiritual ideals. There have been many victories for the Left in this General Election, but we could not oust the Tories from Number 10. The TUSC stood candidates all over the UK and as a fledgling party – gathered a respectable number of votes. This is the start of a political movement on the Left that seeks to fill the void created by the Labour Party’s permanent lurch to the right. The NHAP served as a shot across the bows of the Tory juggernaut as it appears to plough unconcerned through the choppy waters of austerity. The Greens did not increase their number of MP’s, but they did retain their Parliamentary seat in Brighton. The CPB stood 9 candidates in some of the most deprived areas of the UK hit the hardest by the Tory cuts, and reminded the rightwing establishment that the British workers maybe permanently excluded from the middle class dominated media and press, but that they certainly have not gone away, or ceased to exist. Perhaps the biggest victory is the utter destruction of the fascist UKIP at the polling booths despite widespread support by the BBC and the bus company Stagecoach (which carried UKIP advertising in the Southwest), and Councils such as that found in Torbay, who appear to think that the advertising of a fascist political party is a legitimate form of political behaviour in a civilised society. UKIP returned only 1 MP – a dissident Tory – when they were expecting around 40 seats! The duplicitous Liberal Democrats lost much of their traditional support simply because their support for a far-right Tory administration unleashed a devastation on ordinary British people, the likes of which had not been seen since that initiated by Margaret Thatcher in the 1980’s! The Labour Party under Tony Blair unleashed the latest rounds of Welfare abolition and NHS privatisation – and showed no intention to reverse any of the Tory cuts if they won the election. The British Left is beginning to wake-up to the fact that the Labour Party nolonger represents their bests interests, but is simply another middle class entity taking care of its own interests. The more the workers are made to unjustly suffer, the nearer the Revolution becomes! All that has happened is that the Labour Party has failed to take power and that the British political Left is learning to stand independently of it. The Left must now fight on to save Welfare and the NHS. Two days ago, the bourgeois were in power – two days later – the bourgeois are still in power! Proletariat – onward to Revolution!

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