Communism and the Dialectical LGBTQNB+ Movement!

Many LGBTQNB+ movements are openly hostile to the political left and are quite happy to campaign for their rights within the capitalist system! In other words, such movements paradoxically seek ‘freedom’ within the socio-economic system that has trapped them in an existential world of illegality, sordidness and persecution! Nothing good can come from capitalism. This is why the LGBTQNB+ movement has to align itself firmly with the ideology of Marxist-Leninism and make an effort to intellectually ‘justify’ this position! The LGBTQNB+ community must put a stop to all reactionary manifestations that blindly follow the disinformation of the US Cold War project (now applied toward China, the DPRK, Laos and Vietnam, etc). Many of the early Bolsheviks surrounding Lenin were openly gay and when he abolished the blatantly ‘anti-Gay’ Czarist laws – he refused to re-instate them within a Socialist guise! Even Joseph Stalin refused to bring in anti-gay laws despite the West demonising his memory and spreading all kinds of false lies about him! The LGBTQNB+ Cause has a clear history and dialectical reality which must be explored, considered and analysed. Only then will what is existentially ‘correct’ from a Socialist point of view become apparent!