The Stupidity of Modern Russia! (6.3.2023)

Proletariat ‘Internationalism’ Is The Only Way Ahead For The Working-Class!

Auhor’s Note: Between 1917-1991, sexual crime in the USSR naturally diminished as education increased and poverty was alleviated. Between 1941-1945, the troops of Nazi Germany (and her allies) committed widespread sexual crimes involved kidnap, torture, rape and murder. These Hitleresque sexual crimes were perpetuated against the bodies of Soviet men, women and children. In the decades after 1945 (and the defeat of Hitler) – sexual crime committed within the USSR was of a very low level of occurrence. Following the abandonment of ‘Socialism’ during 1991, however, and the resurrection of the homophobic Russian Orthodox Church, the Socialist respect for fellow human beings was replaced by a sustained wave of Bourgeois decadence typical of the behaviour of that class. The sudden dismantling of the Soviet Welfare State in 1991 – led to Russian women (and girls) having all the laws protecting their equality ‘removed’ – plunging them into abject poverty. This prepared the ground in Russia for the spread of ‘pornography’ where Western sexual traders in human flesh offered these women money if they sold their bodies whilst performing sex acts in front of the camera. Even left-leaning Western newspapers (such as the Guardian and Obsever) interpreted this spread of pornography into the former Communist Bloc and the USSR as a ‘progressive’ development offering Russian women genuine ‘choice’ and ‘freedom of action’! This is the sickness that defines the Bourgeois mind – the very bourgeois mind which now controls modern Ukraine and Russia! (6.3.2023)

We Must Look Beyond ‘Race’!

What I find interesting about modern Russia is the general stupidity of the people. They reduce the US-controlled (Western) Bourgeoisie to a kind of ‘Pantomime West’ – which advocates homosexuality, transgenderism and paedophilia – oblivious to the fact that paedophilia is outlawed by stronger laws than those which currently exist in Russia, and that gays and trans people suffer widespread legal, social and cultural persecution on a scale that far out-strips Slavic homophobia! Whilst a pointless war plays itself out in East Ukraine – the Bourgeois West has already won as it has penetrated the Russian mind (and continues to do so) with its post-1991 (anti-Soviet) concepts and rhetoric!

Marxist-Leninism is the Way1

The Soviet Russia that some of us loved has now been replaced by a capitalist Russia that everyone hates! Russians who advocate war in Ukraine are following the Western script apparently unaware that by betraying and demonising their 1917 Revolution – are allowing the very (reactionary) forces into modern Ukraine that permitted the US to construct a Neo-Nazi State during 2014! In effect the modern Russians are fighting themselves and making a mockery of their own Soviet history! The West has already won and the average Russian is too stupid to even see it. The Russians are fighting what the West injected into the post-Soviet space after 1991. Unless capitalism is overthrown – the Western Bourgeoisie will win again and it will make no difference whether that victory is called ‘Russian’, ‘Ukrainian’ or ‘US’!

Education Is the Way ‘Liberation’!

This is how (and why) modern Slavs are now propagating the notion that the West is spreading all kinds of sexual ‘perversions’ into Russia – this is a ‘fake’ degeneracy that even the Kremlin is peddling – despite the the fact that the Russian Bourgeoisie is quite happily perpetuating is own homegrown decadence! Even the Ukrainian Neo-Nazism the US has encouraged throughout Eastern Europe is ‘fake’ in as much as Adolf Hitler has already declared the Slavic race to be both ‘inferior’ and ‘degenerate’! Slavs, by Neo-Nazi ideological definition cannot be ‘Nazis’ because they are racially ‘unfit’! This is what happens when US anti-intellectualism is allowed to spread beyond the borders that generated it, and the Russian Bourgeoisie plays its part by accommodating and reacting to this nonsense!

The Hammer and Sickle Respresents Working-Class Freedom!

The sheer ignorance and stupidity of the modern Russian mind is already a perfect counter part to its US progenitor – and is paving the way for a complete Western victory behind the scenes that has nothing to do with moving troops around on a map or spending countless lives and resources advancing two inches in this direction – or a few centimetres in that direction! The only winners in all this will be the Catholic and Orthodox Churches – which are supporting and encouraging their respective sides through the agency of religious ignorance (an element of this political theatre that President Putin is more than happy to take full advantage of). The Western Bourgeoisie does not support gayness or transgenderism any more than Bourgeois Russia does – but degenerate individuals of this class (from which ever part of the world they happen to inhabit – US or Russian) certainly participate in the illegal activity of paedophilia! The Bourgeoisie will be hypocritical to the very end!

United We Stand!