Terri Hoffman – Who Gives a ‘F’ck’? (4.3.2023) 

America is the Land of Capitalist ‘Cults’!

I do not condone any form of cult-like criminality – and that includes the force-feeding of ‘established’ religious propaganda into the young minds of our vulnerable children! In around thirty-years, I have seen the UK move away from a progressive ‘secularism’ toward a right-wing (far-right) dystopia – similar to the awful sight of being forced to watch the treacherous Trotskyite George Orwell having s’x with a pig (or perhaps the other way around) – and be ‘colonised’ by US anti-intellectualism! The latter has seeped into our living rooms (and our brains) through the US-controlled internet! No effort is required to become ‘stupid’ – other than simply give-up the hard-earned facility of ‘freedom of thought’! Wikipedia is the ‘new’ Bible of knowledge as this ‘free’ encyclopaedia (I use the term loosely) is designed to pump-out whatever inverted (racist) ‘orthodoxy’ the US government decides is true! Who would think that the US Constitution states that Church and State (and Classroom and Church) shall be forever ‘separate’ and ‘distinct’ – without one influencing the other? (I can hear all those Americans who ‘secretly’ read my blog scurrying-off to ‘look-up’ this shocking statement).  

Another fact these types of people might find interesting is the separation of Church and State was exactly the same law in the USSR has been the blueprint for every genuine Marxist-Leninist State before and since! (More scurrying). Indeed, such an attitude can be found not only in the 1776 ‘Bourgeois’ American Revolution, the French Revolution of 1789 – but also the wonderful (but short-lived) Workers’ State as represented by the ‘Paris Commune’ of 1871! This just goes to show how ‘left-wing’ and progressive the original ‘freedom’ of America was (with all its flaws) and how ‘reactionary’ it has become in the centuries afterwards! Today, those standing for public office use religion as a measuring stick denoting their ‘worth’ and ‘fitness’ to hold such an appointment! A country like the US, which separates Church from State, uses the agency of ‘religion’ to manipulate and direct public opinion. Of course, the ‘religion’ being spoken about here is that dominated in the so-called Old Countries of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, Germany, Holland, Spain and Italy, etc, namely ‘Protestant’ and ‘Catholic’ Christianity! Anyone who exercises their Constitutional Right of moving away from the established religion in the ‘secular’ State of America – is judged as ‘deviating’ from the party-line and declared a ‘cult-leader’!  

At this point I must reiterate that I know nothing about Terri Hoffman (I was only told about her today), and despite being considered a ‘Master’ of Chinese Buddhism (yes, it is true) – I am ‘irreligious’ and generally oppose any form of inverted theology. (Scurrying). Having spent an hour researching I see that once again Wikipedia is the central source for the information-disinformation regarding ‘Terri Hoffman’. As an academic living in the UK, I can state that Wikipedia is generally NOT regarded as a reliable reference for legitimate or reliable research – and yet hundreds of YouTube Users are simply covering this story by ‘reading’ Wikipedia aloud – and presenting this idiocy as ‘research’! Really? (A special mention must be made of ‘Crybaby’ and his magnificent take on this – I doff my hat sir)! What I cannot understand is why the US Establishment has decided to ‘demonise’ Terri Hoffman. Regardless of what the stupidity of Wikipedia says – she ‘killed’ no one. Indeed, on the contrary, this lady seems to have been a consummate ‘capitalist’ and it looks like she would sell her grandmother for a fiver! If it was not nailed-down – this lady would ‘spiritualise’ it and sell it! As mentally unstable people are drawn to religion, it is not surprising that some of them ‘die’ either mysteriously or by their own hand. In this regard, whilst the morons who run Wikipedia eulogise Madam Blavatsky (the founder of the Eurocentric and ‘racist’ Theosophy) – they demonise Terri Hoffman – who appears to be doing something very similar only a hundred years later and probably with far more honestly! 

It looks to me that Terri Hoffman devised a form of ‘live’ gaming well befor the advent of the internet – and ruthlessly ‘sold’ this to her followers – who were forced to ‘sell’ these products onward, outside of their immediate circle. As ‘capitalism’ is NOT a crime in the US, I do not see what all the fuss is about. This is a country whose government routinely propagates ‘racist’ lies about China, North Korea and Cuba, etc, and the Police Force of which routinely murders Black people in situations where White people are arrested and taken into custody without injury or even violence! Stupidity and lack of ‘free thinking’ are the defining points of modern America – and Terri Hoffman personifies both of these attributes! Within a ruthless (predatory) capitalist society like the US – possessing an ample supply of money is one way of ensuring the building of a barrier between an individual and the realities of material existence! In other words, money gives an individual ‘choices’ through which ‘relief’ from the reality of everyday life can be ‘relieved’. This includes buying a big house in a good area, ample supplies of good food, good medical care and endless opportunities for leisure! Terri Hoffman achieved all this and was found NOT Guilty of murdering anyone after a four-year investigation! I would have thought the US government would have applauded her capitalistic abilities, particularly as they utilised many different aspects of the ‘inverted’ attributes that comprise religion – including the ‘racist’ misrepresentation of Asian religion!