Children of Men (2006) Film – ‘Revolutionary’ Stills! (9.3.2023)

Wherever the Working-Class Exists – The Hammer & Sickle Will Appear!

Author’s Note: The ‘Hammer & Sickle’ ‘picture derives from a ‘deleted’ scene found on one of the older blu-ray versions of this ‘Children of Men’ Movie. Although I have not had time to check – I am told that on the same scene in the ‘released’ film – the ‘Hammer & Sickle’ is removed! The exact same wall (together with ALL its peculiarly ‘British’ Revolutionary graffiti – and actors meandering around) is present – but the area above the two human heads is now ‘blank’! If I have time, I will confirm this and perhaps add a photograph of the same wall minus the ‘Hammer & Sickle’! Perhaps this omission is the ‘spirit’ of PD James making itself felt after-all – or the Bourgeois State is so afraid of our working-class symbols that they must be ‘removed’ from public display at all costs! After-all, Neo-Nazi Ukraine – along with the many other US-backed Hitlerite States throughout Eastern Europe – has ‘banned’ the Red Flag and the ‘Hammer & Sickle’, wrongly equating these Proletariat objects with ‘Russia’!

PD James wrote her 1992 book ‘Children of Men” as a warning against the Socialism that defined the pre-1979 British ‘National Health Service’ (NHS) – spreading to take-over the UK! PD James was a White, middle-class woman from an impoverished (but historically ‘privileged’) family who went to University before securing very high-up Civil Service posts. She worked in the NHS and the Judicial System before ‘retiring in 1979 – the year the fascistic Margaret Thatcher was elected into Office. PD James was a right-wing Tory who thought a Soviet-style State would eventually prevail in the UK – using the Trotskyite and US anti-intellectual troupe that ‘Stalin’ was ‘Hitler’! She established her writing style very much in the distorted tradition of George Orwell – the British Imperialist Police Officer who liked to ‘beat’ the local Burmese for disobeying their British overlords! The Director of the 2006 adaptation of ‘Children of Men’ (Alfonso Cuarón), however, ‘refused’ to toe-the-line – and excluded PD James from any input during the making of his film – and the re-writing process. Alfonso Cuarón rejected the inverted thinking of PD James as being typical of her class – and instead placed the UK as being under a ‘fascist’ Dictatorship fuelled by the very far-right political establishment PD James so adored! In this article I include a small number of ‘stills’ from the film to inspire the masses!

Lenin is Immortal!
The Time is Coming!