Jacques Derrida: Spectres of Shit… (18.2.2023) 

Anything the Bourgeois-left endorses – ‘we’ (the henuine working-class) must reject. Jacques Derrida lived a privileged (White) Bourgeois existence in his beloved (capitalist) France! He never once criticised French imperialism – and never supported any non-White movement in opposition to it. As is typical with these types of academic character – their apparent ‘mysticism’ – attracts a cadre of adoring generations of doting students all interpreting his absolute conformity to French Bourgeois society as being its exact opposite. This religious-type of juvenile adoration stemmed from his continuous outpouring of incomprehensible drivel – packaged as a form of high wisdom. His hijacking of the interpretive technique as developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (viewed as ‘different’ and ‘unique’ to the understanding of Lenin, Stalin and the working-class) was heralded as an entirely ‘new’ form of ‘deconstruction’ – as it was so abstract that the Bourgeois System it was supposed to attack – never felt ‘threatened’ by its presence!  

Jacques Derrida walked around as if he was too intelligent for the material world he inhabited – when in fact he was an exact ‘mirroring’ of the French academic tradition that had spawned him. He acted like a Trotskyite who had somehow managed to have ‘detached’ himself from the historical basis of Trotskyism and had set out on his own to dominate the world! Just as Leon Trotsky supported the reality of Bourgeois society, Jacques Derrida became a glowing and shining example of what that system could produce – rather than an individual in opposition to it. The golden rule (and ‘myth’) the Bourgeois left continues to perpetuate is that Jacques Derrida was so intelligent that the ordinary working-class individual simply cannot comprehend or workout his meaning! Well, I would suggest reading Marx and Engels’ book ‘The German Ideology’ – and then read Derrida’s ‘Writing and Difference’ (Trotskyite ‘obscurism’) and his ‘Spectre of Marx’ (his attempt at supporting Marx whilst rejecting everyone who had ever followed his ideology – particularly those living in the USSR and China).  

Whereas Lenin, Stalin and Mao naturally flow from Marx and Engel – Derrida represents a ‘parallel’ and ‘capitalist’ friendly interpretation of Marx which seems to be countering the orgy of post-Soviet congratulation – but in reality, is supporting and expressing jubilation in the collapse of the USSR and the Western attempt to bring down Socialist China in 1989! Derrida remained absolutely ‘silent’ when the 2011 Wikileaks proved virtually all of his assertions about China wrong! Derrida started his career by emulating Marx in his ability to expose the ‘inverted’ nature of the Bourgeois System – but deviated from Marx by unnecessarily extending this process into a Judeo-Christian (secular) expression of ‘spirituality’ – with each word and sentence no longer being attached (or associated) with the material reality from which it had originally emerged. Revealing ‘hidden’ meanings is one thing (nothing ‘new’) – but superimposing the boundless (and ‘mystical’) ‘essence’ of the Bourgeoise White privilege that defined his life was something quite different. These French-style shenanigans would have made Trotsky ‘turn’ in his grave – if only the protruding pickaxe had not prevented his putrefying corpse from rotating!