Panama: Kris Kremers & Lisanne Froon – ‘White’ Privilege – Even in Death! (3.5.2023) 

I do not necessarily believe that Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon were murdered by locals – at least not deliberately. As to whether they were the victims of criminal gangs is another matter – who knows? I suspect they became lost, disorientated and disorganised. This spiralling of events cost them their lives. As tragic as this undoubtedly was – people go missing and die all the time in Panama – people of all ethnic backgrounds and cultural affiliations. Why, then, are these two women treated as if they are something ‘special’? The fawning over Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon – as if they were both Super Models – is as laughable as it is disturbing. It is as if the White community is attempting to deify these two young women – who did nothing for humanity and achieved little with their lives. This harsh assessment is dialectically required not as an attack on Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon – but rather as a ‘corrective’ to the incessant muddle-headed approach this case attracts throughout social media. It is the presence of Eurocentric racism which pushes us into this cul-de-sac of reality – from which we must collectively escape. The Panamanian victims of (historical) Eurocentric racism did not murder these two young women.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign – Spring 2023! (20.4.2023)

It was John F Kennedy (the darling of the liberals) who not only nearly plunged the world into nuclear war with the USSR – but also initiated the illegal and racist ‘Blockade’ on the Socialist island nation of (Sovereign) Cuba! This drug-addict (and his wife) was deeply involved with Mafia criminality in the US – and was paying regularly to have sexual relations with Marilyn Monroe! Monroe has long been suspected of being a secret ‘Communist’ (due to her working-class background and the manner in which she positively treated the Mexicans who worked for her) – and this has raised issues of what it was that JFK actually believed – and the ideological direction he was leading America in! Contradictory – yes – but just two weeks prior his death – Kennedy gave a speech eulogising the ‘Unions’! I am told that the US Intelligence Services spied on Kennedy and audiotaped his sex sessions with Monroe. Whatever the case, Kennedy’s racist attitude toward the non-White Cuban State set the agenda for the manner in which the US has treated Cuba ever since! The world beyond US anti-intellectualism has united around supporting the Cuban State and in circumnavigating the illegal Blockade (which is designed to commit genocide against the Cuban people)! We, the ordinary people, will NOT give in to US racism and bullying on the International Stage! We will work around the US illegality – and we will prevail!

Jacques Derrida: Spectres of Shit… (18.2.2023) 

Whereas Lenin, Stalin and Mao naturally flow from Marx and Engel – Derrida represents a ‘parallel’ and ‘capitalist’ friendly interpretation of Marx which seems to be countering the orgy of post-Soviet congratulation – but in reality, is supporting and expressing jubilation in the collapse of the USSR and the Western attempt to bring down Socialist China in 1989! Derrida remained absolutely ‘silent’ when the 2011 Wikileaks proved virtually all of his assertions about China wrong! Derrida started his career by emulating Marx in his ability to expose the ‘inverted’ nature of the Bourgeois System – but deviated from Marx by unnecessarily extending this process into a Judeo-Christian (secular) expression of ‘spirituality’ – with each word and sentence no longer being attached (or associated) with the material reality from which it had originally emerged. Revealing ‘hidden’ meanings is one thing (nothing ‘new’) – but superimposing the boundless (and ‘mystical’) ‘essence’ of the Bourgeoise White privilege that defined his life was something quite different. These French-style shenanigans would have made Trotsky ‘turn’ in his grave – if only the protruding pickaxe had not prevented his putrefying corpse from rotating!

British Prime Minister Pursues BJP Line On Taiwan! (8.11.2022)

The one-China principle is the political foundation of the development of diplomatic ties between China and Britain, Zhao noted.

“We urge Britain to earnestly respect China’s sovereignty, adhere to the one-China principle, stop having any form of official interaction with Taiwan, and stop sending wrong signals to ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces,” the spokesperson said.

“The Taiwan authorities should also beware that any attempt to seek independence by colluding with external forces is doomed to fail,” Zhao added.

Non-Democratic Nature of US System Never More Apparent! (8.11.2022)

“One of the most consequential outcomes of this redistricting cycle has been the continuing decrease in the number of competitive congressional districts,” Michael Li and Chris Leaverton of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law pointed out.

“All told, there are now fewer competitive districts than at any point in the last 52 years,” they wrote in an analysis. “If the good news is that both parties emerged with reasonable opportunities in coming years to win control of a closely divided House, the bad news is that they will fight that battle on the narrowest of terrains under maps artificially engineered to reduce competition.”

“American democracy was never designed to be democratic,” wrote American critic and essayist Louis Menand in a piece published in The New Yorker earlier this year.

“The partisan redistricting tactics of cracking and packing aren’t merely flaws in the system — they are the system,” Menand continued, stressing that the American government has never been a government “by the people.”

Why I Have No Time (Or ‘Data’) for Shoshana Zuboff! (1.11.2022) 

We as ordinary workers (Proletariat) must interpret capitalism from one generation to the next, on our own (using Marx) whilst not being reliant upon the privileged bourgeoisie to tell us what to think or how to act! This explains why this book is a favourite of Barack Obama – America’s so-called first ‘Black’ President – a man who funded, armed the illegal overhrow of the (democratically elected) Ukrainian government in early 2014 – and supoorted (in its place) the ‘Neo-Nazi’ Euro-Maidan Junta! This Neo-Nazi Junta murdered 10-15 thousand Ukrainian and Russian people living in Donbass between 2014-2022 (according to UN figures) – using recruits from the worldwide ‘White Supremacy’ Movement with arms provided by the US, UK and EU! Obama’s Administration also voted against numerous UN attempts to criminalise the glorification of Neo-Nazism! Zuboff and Obama are hardly the role models the working-class should be listening to or following!

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