PLA: China’s Military Presence in Russia Routine (Ministry)!

The ‘Peaceful’ Countries of the World Share the Common Objective of Self-Defence!

The world is a rapidly changing place! Nothing stays the same – but certain nefarious forces are always at work in the background and in plain sight, always seeking to undermine stability, generate confusion and manufacture chaos amongst the peace-loving populations of the world! To live in peace, to live without the expectation of fear, these are (or should be) fundamental Human Rights – but so many people in the world today do not possess these fundamental rights! It is one of those great ironies which observes that some of those countries which attempt to rhetorically use the concept of ‘Human Rights’ as a bargaining chip during political negotiations – or as a justification to inflict military destruction on others – are amongst some of the greatest abusers of Human Rights the world has ever known! This is why those countries who oppose these nefarious forces are coming together (in a friendly manner) to participate in coordinated military games, competitions and other types of ‘collective’ peace-time deployments! If you are interested in defending the world against tyranny, and if you want to read more, then click the link HERE: