China: Modern Satellite ‘Health’ Technology! (18.4.2022)

Imagine a Government (and a Scientific Community) That Cares About the Planet and All Life On It!

Socialist China is a modern country. More than this, however, Socialist China is leading the world in the development of modern, scientific technology that protects the planet and seeks to ensure the safety and survival of all species of life found upon and within it! This is a technology that begins and ends with the peaceful maintenance of the natural environment (ecology) and the monitoring of human health (and the well-being of other species)! As well as improving the economic ability of human beings to not only survive – but to also flourish – Socialist China is working to develop a science and technology that assists ordinary human beings in every conceivable manner! This is why, particularly in the post-Covid-19 environment, Socialist China is developing remote technology the function of which is to detect ‘at a distance’ (as ‘early’ as possible) any threats to environmental balance and the health of human populations. If Socialist China can lead the way in environmental and population health monitoring – then Socialist China can assist humanity by sharing this knowledge at the earliest possible opportunity, and fulfil its international responsibilities promptly and effectively! You can read more about this positive and exciting new development HERE: