Amazon Selling Neo-Nazi Emblem Ukrainian Flag! (24.3.2022)

The emblem referred to as a ‘trident is in fact the ‘swooping eagle’ used by the Wehrmacht – or German Army – between 1935-1945 during the era of ‘Nazi’ power and the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler. The ‘swooping eagle’ denotes the Nazi ideology of the military being used to ‘terrorise’ an unsuspecting populace – as it can be ordered to ‘descend’ upon any unsuspecting individual or group at anytime and for any reason! In fact, under the Nazi (and ‘Neo-Nazi’) ideology NO discernible legal or lawful reason has to be given for this tyranny to be applied!

Racism and Tyranny in the Tory Flagship ‘Academy’ School System (2022) 

Whereas the Scandinavian model ‘redistributed’ already gathered revenue to committees of motivated parents (probably premised upon a similar convention seen in the USSR), the British system is designed to turn the school-children of the UK into means through which private ‘business’ companies (and not local parents per se – unless, of course, the ‘local parents’ happen to own or work in ‘local’ business) can generate ‘profit’ in any way they see fit, as defined through the ‘agreement’ they possess granted to them by the ‘Home Secretary.’  

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