China Produces the World’s First Bio-Degradable Shoes! (19.8.2022)

China Produces the World’s First Bio-Degradable Shoes!

Socialist China is committed to protecting the environment and everything in it! After-all, humanity cannot live properly if the physical (evolutionary) environment is destroyed in the process of developing modern society! In fact, protecting the environment is a key element of all Marx and Engels ideology! The human brain and body has evolved within a particular (material) environment – and as the human brain and body has developed in ability – the human capacity to change and transform the (material) environment (through their labour) has developed to the highest extent of human science, industry and culture! The human mind equals one type of ‘self-aware’ body (emanating from the brain), the physical body is the environment the ‘mind’ (brain) inhabits, and this body exists in a ‘third-body’ – which is the (material) physical environment! Through industry humanity has produced a tremendous amount of wastage – most of which is poisonous or damaging to the environment, the living creatures inhabiting the environment, and detrimental to human health and longevity! One element of the improvement of the life circumstances for the people of China since 1949 is the ‘right’ for all men, women and children to possess (and wear) proper footwear! The problem is that millions of shoes are discarded all over the world everyday that are potentially damaging to the environment and this has motivated the academic and scientific community in China to develop a good quality and hardwearing shoe that is bio-degradable when placed in ‘composting’ conditions. Do you want to read more? Please click on the link HERE: