Ukraine: Grave of Red Army Cavalryman Desecrated! (11.6.2022)

And then yesterday (following the announcement of the Death Sentences for the foreign members of the Hitlerite Azov Battalion) Zelensky ordered his Neo-Nazi thugs to dug up the grave of this Red ArmyThr  Hero and desecrate his remains as a matter of revenge! The message is clear – how dare the Russians stand up to Western imperislism in the past and in the present!

Moscow: British Mercenaries Could Face Death Penalty – Pushilin said! (6.6.2022)

“If we talk about today, this is not quite a tribunal yet, this is a trial against foreign Neo-Nazi mercenaries, in this case, the British, who committed a fairly serious list of crimes. And today, during the first meeting, everything was announced and presented. Those articles which are presented to them, capital punishment is not ruled out here,” he said on the air of Rossiya 24.

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