Why the West is Wrong! Do Not Support Ukrainian Neo-Nazism! (25.4.2022)

Do Not Invite This Scum into Your Neighbourhoods!

The capitalist West is betraying its own people and its anti-fascist past! Much of this in the UK stems from New Labour and Tony Blair normalising racism and bringing racialist discourse in from the isolated fringes and into the mainstream! The Tories have always been racist – as have the Liberals (who can forget the hypocrisy of the Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe referring to Idi Amin as the ‘Black Hitler’) – but it was New Labour abandoning its traditional leftwing political position that used join with the Communist and Socialist left to keep racism condemned and exiled to the outer reaches of civilisation! New Labour facilitated the mainstreaming and strengthening of racism throughout British society and its own Party structures in a way that the Conservative right-wing could only dream of, and the far-right was incapable of doing! The icing on the fascistic cake for Blair was when he referred to the disgusting racist Enoch Powell as being a ‘great man’! Now, those of us who haven’t lost their mind, must unite together and support the Russian fight against Western-backed Ukrainian Neo-Nazism! The reactionary US, UK and EU countries are seeking to resurrect Hitler’s regime in Eastern Europe with Germany arming and funding these armed groups from the shadows! We must march into Battle under the shadow of the Red Flag – and regret nothing!

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