Time for a ‘New’ Israel (in Ukraine)!

238770_600 (1)
Zionist ‘Maidan’ Neo-Nazi Flag

It is astonishing to see the modern State of (Zionist) Israel supporting the US, UK and EU generated neo-Nazi (Maidan) regime currently operating out of Kiev (Western Ukraine). This demonstrates that despite the Nazi German Holocaust of WWII (and the fact that Jewish people were one of the key victim groups of that genocide), the modern State of Israel – being capitalist – is willing to compromise the history of its own people, and materially support a regime that follows the Hitlerite ideology in the contemporary world. On the other hand, the United Nations (UN) in 1975, after an in-depth investigation, declared that ‘Zionism’ is essentially a form of ‘White supremacy’ ideology historically developed by (secular) middle class German Jews in the late 19th century. As the modern State of Israel is founded upon a version of peculiarly Jewish fascism, this explains why the non-White Palestinians are being brutalised by this regime, and presented to the world as ‘sub-human’ people ‘unworthy of life’.

This is precisely where the Jewish fascism of Zionism shares a common ideological ground with Hitlerism and the neo-Nazi movement in general. As many members of the Jewish community around the world ‘reject’ the very notion of a ‘State of Israel’, ‘Zionism’ and the ‘persecution’ of the Palestinians, it logically follows that a) understanding these issues, and b) giving voice to these issues are not ‘anti-Semitic’ activities, but rather a legitimate act of anti-fascism that not only protects the Palestinian victims of Zionism, but also supports the genuine community of international Jewry in its righteous battle against the rightwing excesses of the modern Israeli State. In other words, Communists and Socialists are correctly protecting the Jewish diaspora from the fascism of Zionism, when the Palestinian people are defended from Israeli attempts at committing genocide and ethnic cleansing against them.

We must never give-in to fascism regardless of who is practising it and operating the machine guns, watch-towers or detention centres. Any of us can be a victim of fascism (and neo-Nazism). Hitler’s regime murdered ordinary Germans who simply expressed a dislike about racism and genocide. People born Jewish but brought up as Zionists, are racists and fascists. This observation has nothing to do with their ‘Jewishness’, and everything to do with historical developments and conditioning. I have met ethnic Jews who express a heartfelt and sincere gratitude for our efforts against Zionism – as this is an international effort! The workers of Israel must over-throw their own ‘Zionist’ government and create a new and bright future through the development of a ‘new’ Israel!


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