Neo-Nazi Ukraine: Synagogue Established for Israeli Volunteers (2016)


(Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: The following is an article supporting the armed uprising of the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in Western Ukraine. Although obviously US, UK and EU inspired propaganda, the information it contains support the idea that Israel is encouraging Jewish people to travel to Kiev and join the (anti-Russian) neo-Nazi battalions being armed and trained in that area. The militia discussed in the following article is part of the Maidan Ukrainian Volunteer Army currently Commanded by far-right Ukrainian politician Dimitry Yarosh. What this shocking article confirms is that Israeli Jews have been fighting for Maidan right from the beginning of President Obama’s meddling in the region in 2014. We also learn that other than Israeli Zionists, no legitimate Rabbi will associate him or herself with the Maidan neo-Nazis due to the small problem of history and the large problem of the Nazi German Holocaust during WWII. It is more or less an open secret that Israel is encouraging its citizens to travel to Kiev and join the neo-Nazi forces there, in support for US imperialist policy in the area. Another valid point to consider is that these people pictured here, may well not be ethnic Jews, but rather supporters of Zionism, with no real understanding of Judaism.  If they are Jews, then it is ironic that they would oppose Russia (the Soviet people of which suffered so greatly on their behalf), and embrace the neo-Nazi ideology that massacred their ancestors. ACW (26.8.2018)


News from Kharkiv:

On the basis of a Jewish Company being formed in the Ukrainian Volunteer Army (UDA), an improvised synagogue was opened on September 16th, 2016 – the UDA fighter, blogger and journalist Elena Belozerskaya (Елена Белозерская) has reported.

“Not everyone knows that as part of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army (under the leadership of Dmitry Yarosh) there is a unit for Muslim fighters, and also, recently, the Jewish Company has appeared. Its Commander, Maxim, has been with us since the first battles of 2014. This is a real combat unit, at the moment most of its fighters are at the forefront of sector “M”, ”

The author wrote on Facebook and posted a video showing candle lighting and prayer on Saturday night.

The Commander of the Jewish Company, Maxim, said that the idea to create a Jewish Company arose last year. Its fighters have been fighting since May 2014, and before the establishment of the Company, were already fighting in different divisions.


“Chaplains of different Christian faiths come to our sister and brother-soldiers. But with the Jewish chaplains – the is a problem. We are not all religious people, not everyone knows what and how it should be, but there is a desire, there is a desire for God. There is a desire to study the Torah, because in war we are always closer to God. Here we have a small vacancy. If there is some bold rabbi who wants to carry our this service, then they will be welcome. We have prepared the synagogue for him.”

Stated the Company Commander.

Russian Language Source Article:


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