MI Kalinin Explains ‘People’s Democracy’ in the USSR! (1944)

MI Kalinin: A Great Soviet Educator!

At a time when the capitalist West is acting at its most hypocritical, anti-intellectual and country to the strictures of its own legal system, it is constructive (from an ongoing educational point of view), to remind ourselves just how ‘inferior’ the Western model of governance is compared to the Soviet System (which lives on, in one form or another in Cuba, China, Vietnam, Laos and North Korea, etc), a Western ‘liberal’ system, incidentally, that even modern Russia is employing (and has been since 1991)! Just as the private companies ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram’ are ‘amending’ their ‘Terms of Service‘ to allow its membership to ‘call’ for ‘acts of violence’ amongst its membership – to be aimed at Russian civilians and ‘Russian soldiers’ it is important to maintain the thinking-level and not fall into the pit of obvious racism that, for instance, ethnic Chinese people have been living with in the West since 1949! The US, UK and EU governments routinely issue licenses for Falun Gong Cult street performances whereby Falun Gong Cult victims are empowered to broadcast all kinds of lies about China whilst calling for its ‘violent’ over-throw by anyone who will listen! Although termed ‘terrorism’ when any non-White group does this against the West – apparently it constitutes the highest form of ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom of speech’ when deliberately directed at a perceived enemy of the West! Of course, although this supposed conflict seems to take the form of ‘West’ against ‘East’ – exactly where Western racism can optimally function and do its most damage – in reality it is the ‘bourgeois’ (middle) classes acting against the best interests of the ‘working’ class and does not move much beyond this.

A Pamphlet Written as WWI was Coming to an End!

The situation with Russian is slightly different in that the Russian bourgeoisie (which has had power since 1991), is not acting in solidarity with the US bourgeoisie and its satellites of the UK and EU! The Russian bourgeoisie is acting in an independent manner which threatens the dominant position of the US! Russia is doing this by confronting Western encouraged ‘Neo-Nazism’, but this is only because this ‘Neo-Nazism’ has been deliberately designed as a vehicle to expand NATO to the borders of geographical Russia! Although the USSR led the workers against fascism in the 1930s and 1940s, modern Russia is a very different place. What the West has lost, or rather deliberately hindered and obscured, is the ability for each individual to ‘think for themselves’! In the meantime, the US – who has been the architect behind the ‘Neo-Nazism’ in the Ukraine – is now busy ‘denying’ what it has been doing, whilst Russia is busy continuously presenting ‘evidence’ to prove its assertions (and re-actions) to be ‘correct’!

With Local Variations – ALL Socialist Countries Operate a ‘Base-Up’ Approach to Democracy!

An interesting question is to what extent the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk are Socialist? I have personally been involved with the Communist Party of each State – translating original Russian-language articles into English for them (and occasionally carrying their national flags through London). There is definitely a ‘reconnect’ with the USSR – with the Communist Party of Russia ‘helping’ these two States (and ‘Odessa’ for as long as the Neo-Nazis allowed it to exist), as well as ‘Italy’ providing aid behind the scenes (along with China and a number of other individuals and groups – much of it ‘unofficial’). Modern (bourgeois) Russia seems to have aligned itself with the working-class interests of ‘Socialist’ Donbass – but of course – geopolitics is a complex issue with spheres within spheres of influence all operating simultaneously!

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